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Topic ClosedWorkplace Drama (long read)

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 11:42am
I read the entire thing in Loretta Devine's voice. 
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 11:58am
Originally posted by newdiva1 newdiva1 wrote:

Originally posted by EasterBell EasterBell wrote:

my cup ran over from this thread.. man, this was some good tea right here..LOL
girl right?  once I started reading I was like...
1835399 original

When she found out who told..... *Ric Flair* Whooooooooooooooo!
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 12:02pm
oh sh*t, back to page one

can op just consolidate in one post?

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 12:29pm
Damn, this ish just got crazier and crazier. I really hope HNC doesn't get touched because if these dumbasses
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 12:39pm
This was great if she is an author bravo but s/n we NEED the AA to be a crazy psycho jealous lover

Edited by herwoman - Sep 01 2013 at 12:58pm
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 12:51pm
sweet baby hesus, how did i miss this thread?! Shocked
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 2:44pm
Originally posted by afrokock afrokock wrote:

oh sh*t, back to page one

can op just consolidate in one post?


Gimmie a minute. In the meantime there's a summary at the top of pg 8.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 3:41pm
I'm happy that I finally read this thread.  This story was too damn juicy.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 4:14pm
Monster post for Afro. Don't stone me yall.


So, remember how in the the rant thread at the very beginning of the year, I told ya'll how a late night stop at Rite Aid on New Year's morning yielded explosive tea? My boss and my co-worker were in the prophylactic aisle preparing for a scandalous night but they were BOTH married to OTHER people. We spotted each other and sh*t got realb awkward at the checkout. She put a message out on FB saying "loose lips sink ships" and my bestie (her uncle is married to this heffa) asked me if I knew what she was talking about.

Well, I said nothing, because sh*t has a strong odor and it eventually reveals itself. I like drama, but I'm not messy or evil.

Fast forward to 10:05. We're getting ready to go into a staff meeting, and the boss' wife don showed up AT the conference room looking heated. Then she looks at the 'O bag co-worker and gives her the iciest, most b*tchiest, most "I'm gonna  YOUR WORLD UP" glare ever. And she says to him, "I need to speak with you NOW."

The staff meeting has been rescheduled and the office is BUZZING.

Old heffa looks scared as sh*t and I can tell she is trying to get a moment alone with me, but she gon learn today. Keep your paws off of other people's sh*t and honor your vows. I wanna ask my bestie what she knows, but I can't! D*mn

I hope his wife reads him for FILTH. Will be updating this thread*

P.S. Were you cray enough to run your mouth about what you saw?
All I can say is I work not too far from Center City.

I never ran my mouth to anyone. Like I said, I said nothing because it wasn't my place. I didn't even tell my friend even though she and my family go way back. I'm not that type of person. Whatever done in darkness will come to light. And if you were messy enough to get caught at a Rite Aid in this small a*s city where the possibility of running into someone you know is very high, then you are being sloppy all together. He was probably just careless.

And she ain't left that office yet from what people are saying on the other side (where his office is) and that voices ARE being raised. But that heffa's desk is across from my shoe box office and she looks like she don seen ETA: Bernadine in her computer screen with the lighter fluid.*

 *UPDATE:Please bear with me I don't want to keep updating for everything little thing and I still gotta get my work done bishes!

About ten minutes ago, she emails me and asks if we can speak. I reply, "Regarding...?'

She hasn't replied back. Her phone rang and she answered, then left. But her stuff is still there. Don't go yellow now bish. You should have seen the smirk she had on her face when we were at the Rite Aid that night. Like you know I'm cool with you peoples and you were on your DGAF mode. 

Meanwhile Blackberries are buzzing. His admin assistant is loyal as  because she's been there for years and thinks this prick is God. I bet you she KNOWS exactly what's going on. But she IS cool with his boss' assistant who has no *&%^$#@Es to give and she is running her MOUTH. And the HNIC of ALL of this sh*t is making his way down to the seventh floor. 

The words "potential suit" "legality," and "moral clause" are being thrown out there. 

People are already speculating it's an affair thing and are wondering who it could be. Is it inhouse or what? I have a few texts but I keep a low profile, so no one would think to buzz me for info. 

The wife HAS NOT left. 

For those on the Preparation: Keep My Job Mission, you best believe I screen capped that ish because she WAS coming at me. She posted that sh*t not long after we saw each other. And she was at MY Rite Aid (they thought they were being slick coming out to the Northeast, but you dumb *&%^$#@Es the majority of your staff is from the Northeast or Montgomery Country!) and I am friendly with staff. If they  with me, we can acquire footage. My phone records are clean, no incriminating emails or anything. His wife and I do not run in the same circles so I'd have no reason to talk to her.*

*Second Update:

The HINC is in this piece! He walked past my door and he is enraged. His jaw is locked. The wife is still there. There is talk of evidence; maybe she hired someone I don't know. But now everyone in the office DEFINITELY knows it's somewhere. Here. No one is leaving for lunch. Not one person has a made a move. 

Security has not been called. YET.

She emailed me back:

*I mean the utter NERVE. Can you believe that sh*t? And you're stupid. Why would you even email me something like this. DUMB B*TCH.

I'm debating on what I want to say and do and I'm definitely going to record it. 

12:10 : sh*t IS REAL. Heffa is at the desk and the wife is coming down! She is coming down. Everyone is standing around doing absolutely everything while doing nothing. I'm at the copier, the wife stops by her desk and says to her very calmly. "In my bed? Where my children live? You *&%^$#@Eed with the wrong b*tch" She said she will ruin BOTH of their lives. The heffa tried to say something and like a boss she held her hand up and told her to keep her filthy mouth shut. And she walked out with her head high. 

It is real on these corporate streets. It is real.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*Everyone KNOWS now. People got their mouths open wide.

She was packing up to go, but she's been called to the office. D*mn. D*mn. D*mn. Yeah. I think I'm taking my lunch right now.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*Ladies and gents, I had to step away from this drama to get some lunch early. I mean when, I left it seemed like people were still frozen. And then all hell broke loose. This is why I take sh*t home on the weekends and work. That way I can take long breaks. 

I don't want to give too much away because Philly is small, but where I work is somewhat diverse. I am lower-intermediate in my position. I don't have an assistant or anything but I report to Sloppy Cheater. I do get to travel for work every now and then like this summer, but I am not doing anything glamorous (wait until I become a paralegal though, I'm going HAM-in a very legal and professional fashion, of course). And that's all I'll say about that. 

I turned my phone on Airplane Mode during lunch. I didn't even look at my email. Because, at the end of the day, I have NOTHING to do with this. I am concerned for my friend's Uncle who has always been nice to me. He does not deserve this. And I feel a bad because I did know but have kept my mouth shut about it. But I also have kids to feed and I wasn't willing to get embroiled in some high school drama. 

She's still in the building meeting with HNIC from what I understand and there was an email asking that all personal communication on company servers cease and desist until further notice. 

My co-worker told me that HNIC, HR, and possibly legal are ripping them a new one. This man is so  stupid, especially since you were having an affair with an employee they are going to investigate every  expense with a fine tooth comb, If he was cooking books or being funny with the numbers to wine and dine her, all of it is going to get exposed. And for some married ass? 

And his wife is really pretty. She reminds me of Anika Noni Rose . I know she went to Rutgers but she was raised in West Philly. I'm pretty sure she's of Jamaican descent. Lord have mercy on his soul because them WP Jamaicans don't play, no matter how refined they come.

But they did try to tell Uncle, we'll call him Marquis, about that heffa. NONE of his family really liked her. She was a straight up money obsessed chick from the beginning, and he was dumb enough to get her pregnant. But he WORSHIPS this girl. Whatever she wants he provides. He has a job, is not bad looking, book smart, serious about his kids. He has no BMs or anything. Just a good dude. 

I remember when they were getting married and he told her that he wanted them to try to keep the guest list at 100 close friends and get married in his home church because the pastor was gifting them the ceremony and reception hall. And she was like no. She wanted to have her wedding at the Huntington Valley Country Club. And we were like are you  crazy? Who do you think you are? She backed off but she refused to have it at the church and so we had to go all the way to Exton to some manor house for the wedding and she invited like 300 people. And he is still paying for EVERYTHING.

SMH. I'm going to finish up some work and I will be back later. But you see now, why I stay celibate and focused on raising my babies. I have enough problems already. Don't need to add to the stress.*

*I think if there is intra-office office dating you have to sign forms with HR. 

I never open up personal communications EVER on work computers or servers. I have my little CLEAR mobile modem and bring my laptop with me and turn my wireless sh*t off when I'm doing my stuff and bullsh*tting around. I don't even use the wifi for my Nexus. My mail is forwarded to a Google account from work. 

She sent this from her personal email, but she most likely used their wifi because she's a stupid b*tch. I think she thought that he was gonna leave his wife for her and I think she almost wanted to get caught, but like an idiot did not anticipate the wrath of a woman scorned. You're messing with someone's life and household. Not everyone is a simp and will take it on the chin.

Here is what I am speculating (and I WILL get the details before the end of the day):

I believe the wife had been suspicious for some time and has been ironing her sh*t out, making sure her rainy day savings were on lock, that the secret account was accumulating sh*t daily. She most likely hired someone to investigate.

I believe that she might have been willing to sleep on some sh*t, but he did something offensive to her that was THE final straw and she just sat back biding her time. This woman has her own education and I don't think will have any problem finding a job. I'm pretty sure she worked at Lockheed Martin (will ask my cousin because he works there) before becoming a stay at home mom. 

I think whatever she was telling him in the office, that had the head honcho come up, whatever she has set in motion, it HAS to be big.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*But she's that type of b*tch. Her parents capped her head up with how beautiful she (and aesthetically speaking she is) is and that because of her looks and figure, everyone should just bow down to her. This past year, she has been walking around haughty as sh*t because she knows me well enough to know that I"m not the type of person to gossip like that. I told ya'll before I gossip on LSA so I don't have to IRL. I have no problem receiving info but am stingy with giving it. I just file it away just in case.

But she's the bad version of a Leo so what do you expect. Self-centered, rude, careless, and inconsiderate of others. Last year, one of our colleagues got sick and we took up a collection in the office for flowers and she didn't even bother to put in because that's "not my department". But when she's around certain men and her husband she is such a phony.

A few years ago, I would have read her for the filth she is after seeing that message because I am a Taurus who is very emotional and I react heatedly when I feel threatened. And I will end your life some way or some how and die trying. But I HAVE grown. Motherhood has changed a lot of that behavior because it's not just me anymore. I have to be careful that what I do doesn't reflect badly on my children. I believe that if you put negative energy out in the world, it will come back to you. I speak from experience because I"m no saint. And I knew this would backfire on her. Because's it all a game for her.

She didn't think about her family in all of this.*

*Okay. I'm splitting this up into what's confirmed, what hasn't been confirmed and what is semi-confirmed but needs more people SO FAR:


-The wife has known for the past year.

-The Final Straw: She was supposed to come with the kids to London for the last week we were there but he came up with an excuse for her NOT to come. Don't know what it was. She was seething (according to HNIC's assistant via her work bestie who is assistant to Sloppy Cheater who, of course, heard the voice-mail while screening his messages), but he always spends the last weekends in August at The Shore with his family so I guess she was like, FINE. Then, he claimed last weekend he would be delayed by a day because of work, and then decided not to come all together.

-Her investigator saw Heffachump's car outside their home in Yeadon the same weekend.

-She's been collecting pertinent information about SC's business dealings since the discovery.

-There were other women. 

-He's a gambler

-There is a morality clause

-There are EMAILS!

-He shared confidential information with Heffalump she wasn't qualified to know (THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE).

-He has not been allowed to leave his office and has been crying like a little b*tch

-He claimed the Heffachump was a just a skank and that he needed help. (Riiiight). 

-Denied putting the company in intentional danger.

-HNIC adores wife and knows her mother's people. (I told you this city is small, especially when it comes to black professionals).


-He's fired

-She's fired

-The wife had a camera in the bedroom (I believe it only because of the last confirmation bullet) and a few other places in the house and what she saw on those videos is what had her fly down there.

-Someone has alerted the girl he fired for her y and she is already looking into how to get his ass.

-HNIC called them "fundamentally retarded"

-There is tax shelter


-Talks of an abortion

-Heffachump was ready to stand by her man until he threw her under the bus. And then they started arguing and allegedly said, "You weren't saying any of this when my lips were wrapped around your penis."

-There will be a department meeting tomorrow at 9AM. An we're all being called out about what we may or may not know. I personally never saw anything inappropriate on the job so I'm safe.

-Sloppy Cheater's admin. asst. is crying like her child died.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*We can move everything under semi-confirmed tea to confirmed EXCEPT for the abortion. People are only saying this because she took a couple of days of from work a couple of months ago complaining of stomach pains but I think she does have issues with that so I'm not sure. 

Someone from HR heard it from her boss that was there and HNIC responded that this was a place of business not the mother corner of Hunting Park and the Boulie (Philly PEOPLE KNOW why that was some real a*s sh*t LOL) and that they both better shut the hell up because they've put a mark on every Negroid in this joint with their messy a*s behavior.

Silence ensued and he laid down how sh*t was gonna go. 

I'm betting their heads will roll by the end of the week with no severance package.

I have never in all my fifteen years of working, experienced anything like this. Not even when I was working at the Abington Y and the stories there would make your toes curl.

I'm on this commute home with some of my co-workers just listening to their little morsels of goodness.*

*All I know is this, and this is my final take on it for tonight, if they went through those servers and found her email to me, I most certainly will be questioned. 

She's a simp and a half if she did that on their computers. And you best believe I will tell them exactly what they want to know, if I feel I have to.. 

I wasn't  anybody.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*sh*t got even realer. I didn't even step in the tub to wash the grime of the day off when I got a message.

Just got a FB PM from my friend (the Heffachump's niece-in-law) that has a link to her aunt AIRING this chick out and ready to give her the business Richard Allen style.


The family knows. 

She had no choice but to break it to him tonight because she doesn't know what the wife is gonna do next and too many people know enough to tell him first.

This is a hot mess. And that b*tch better keep my name all the way out of her mouth. *

*What a bloody  mess. First, let me tell you what went down last night. And then we'll get to what looks like is going to be a day of pure hell. I have a fifteen minute window before they call me in and the I'm spending lunch in office telling you about the meeting.

I have decided not to tell my friend what I saw. If homegirl brings my name up in it, then we will deal but I played dumb. Not because I want to lie, but because sh*t is too raw right now. I feel like that's just adding to the drama and homegirl is not thinking about me and she ain't gonna mention it, so I feel like it's best to let that sh*t stay right were it was in 1/1/13. Now, work is a different story. 

So any way, Heffachump told Marquis who obviously went HAM. My friend said her aunt said that she has never seen him have this type of rage in all his life. They got very loud and since they live in his family home, a concerned neighbor heard the shouting and screaming and called one of his peoples that lives close by to come and check on the situation. I think it was a cousin that got there and tried to settle every thing down. But Uncle Marquis was NOT having it. Like, at all.

He told the cousin to call his sister and have her come get the kids for the night. He told Heffa to get the  out of his house and not take a damn thing with her but the clothes on her back and to leave the car because she wasn't driving anything he purchased to her next trick. LOL. I'm paraphrasing of course. The cousin said she was begging for forgiveness at first then she tried to catch an attitude because she wanted to take the kids with her and he said, she could try it but she will deal with the fact that it's not happening. And she walked out of there without her kids, pride, self-respect, car keys, and everythang. She went to the neighbors and asked to use their phone so her mom could come get her.

At this point the sister comes to get the kids. She doesn't know the full situation and the cousin-who didn't even know the whole sitch-filled her in and she sees the girl at the corner waiting for her mother. SHE went off on the chick letting her know that they KNEW was she about. She's gonna get it for what she did to her brother and out of respect for the kids she's gonna fall back but that sister I know is gonna get that girl. After consoling her brother who obviously "devasted" and just all *&%^$#@Eed up, she took the kids who were in their room at the time sleep. Then she went on Hef's FB page, and started just looking up her friends and PMing about what nasty low down b*tch she was and not to trust her around her men. She aired her out on both her own wall and Hef's wall and dared the child take it down. She DARED her to take down the truth about herself. Like, who does that? DEAD. LOL

Then my friend saw it and got involved. She told her aunt to chill because in blowing up Heffa's world she was also putting Marquis' business out there too and he's already struggling, which I thought was the right thing to do. There is a time and place for everything.

On the commute to work, of course five of my co-workers and I were huddled on the El (me listening more than speaking, as always) and one of the co-workers says that she and another girl suspected something was going on in London because they came out of the hotel restaurant together. They weren't booed up, but the body language and the way they were looking at each other was suspect.

The another co-worker said that he's a serious gambler because she has seen him in AC plenty of times and wasting stacks at the table so she's wondering where the money is coming from. The salary is lovely but it ain't THAT lovely. Which confirms the tea that he would tell his wife he was doing work weekends but would go to AC or Vegas and blow a wad of cash. His admin asst is disgusting because she's been covering for him ALL this time. She would book his tickets and everything. 

This man was good at his job. Not stellar, but good and had potential. He knows his sh*t to a certain extent, but his contract was up next year and HNIC invested a lot in this brother because our honcho is old school. He is always looking out for those of us who're qualified and willing to work hard. And he was gonna give this negro a promotion. We could all see that. 

But when we walked into the office this morning, he was already down there at Heffa's desk area talking with someone. His jaw is so stiff, his eyes so  black, we were afraid to come in. So we know that sh*t is serious. That this wife is about have this HOUSE cleaned. 

That's the thing about one scandal coming to light. It's going to expose many more. 

And I'm sipping on my D&D hot chocolate with extra whip cream, waiting. 

After they meet with me I'll tell you what's going down with that. They don't want to stop work flow we had one big meeting in the morning and then they are calling people in individually and there are about 30 people in this department (excluding executives)*

*There are ten black people in my department. Out of like, 30. So when we walked into the meeting this morning, I was like where is everyone else? HNIC was sitting there when we walked in and we're waiting for other people to show (minus the two idiots) but then HNIC after all of us Negrums were there, has one of us shut the door.

I guess the real staff meeting wasn't until 9:30.

HNIC preceded to get real with us. He started off with, "I shouldn't have to tell anyone of you born in this country that your sh*t is NEVER secure. When you  up, your pretty degrees are worth the price of a penny in a pile manure. I shouldn't have to tell you what your mamas and daddies have told you from the minute you understood what it meant to wear this skin."

I will never forget that sh*t for as long as I live. He said he was not here to gossip about the embarrassing display that went on and he wasn't blaming us, but he felt we needed a reality check about what we are and what our purpose is as blacks trying to climb a corporate ladder. He said this was our TRUE destiny. Our people were born to lead and not follow. 

He just went in. He told us to get out of our feelings about being individuals because no one gives a sh*t about that. As blacks, we are supposed to stick together and that when one of us *&%^$#@Es up we all are screwed and as much as he looks out for us he expects our behavior to be above reproach at all times. Whether it's fair or not, this is how it is.; we rise and fall together.

And after the rant, he told us to get our priorities straight and that whatever bullsh*t we have going on in our little community, it better end TODAY. Because at the end of the day, it's the company that has to thrive and if investigations yield anymore y-white or black-we are all expendable and no matter how much he likes you, you will be cut loose.

We were all nodding. And then a few minutes later the rest of the department came in. HR was there as we someone from legal and one of the veeps were there too. And it was basically refreshing us on company policy. What is acceptable and what isn't. And they also said they had put into affect emergency protocol procedures, so that the only thing that is changing right now is who we are reporting to. It was pretty lame and they asked us please refrain from office gossip and stay on task (yeah right).

Then I found out after the meeting that they were only calling five or six people who were closest to SC and Heffa in terms of position and I was one of them for info. 

When they called me in, they let me know that I'm not in trouble and that they are just trying investigate this as quickly as possible. 

Did I know of any inappropriate behavior between SC and Heffa while on company time? (No)

Had there been any talk regarding inappropriate behavior between SC and Heffa from other staff? (Not to my current knowledge.)

Had I noticed anything out of place in monthly expense reports that seemed off (Twice, but they were justified and already discussed with the appropriate supervisors)?

Then they asked me about that  email. What did it mean and would I like to change anything that I had said in the first and second responses. So, of course, I told them what happened. I said I saw them at the Rite Aid on New Years and the relationship looked to be intimate and beyond the scope of superior/subordinate relations. I never said anything to anyone about it because it was't my business and it wasn't affecting to my knowledge the productivity. That the email sent to me was by a person who assumed that because of our encounter that I must have said something to someone. 

They asked why I denied knowing anything when I indeed did and I responded, "You asked if I knew about anything inappropriate happening during work hours and I truthfully stated no. I don't know anything about that.' They asked why they did not have a response and I said because I emailed from phone's ISP but that I would be happy to give them a copy of my one worded response. I said we never spoke to each other at all as it was no place to be involved.

They asked a few more standard questions and told me i could go. And HNIC-actually gave me a small smile. So I know I'm good.*

*I really don't have any more fresh tea because I haven't been able to talk to anyone yet. But if I hear anything else, I will update.

Lawd I'm tired. I hope to never even be in this situation again. It was STILL too close for personal taste. But I think the only thing that saved my ass is that my co-workers are associates and nothing more. I do not kick it hard with them, but I form enough of a connection to stay informed 

I am only going to be here for another year or so until I get my paralegal certification. So I'm not interested in making unnecessary connections.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*Quote:Originally Posted by NubianQueen View Post
@Queen Rena, girl you were spot on about that email sh*t. Good thing you had the sense enough to know what was coming and you handled it in an appropriate way.

They probably thought they had you about the RiteAid incident. The question should have been -- have you seen either of these parties in a working/non-working manner? They didn't so you know you're good.
I think they worded it exactly how they wanted to word it. And they wanted me to take the lead.*

Originally posted by  wrote:

*Quote:Originally Posted by Sally Brown View Post
I'm kind of surprised that Marquis threw her out. From the way you described how in love he was, I thought she would be able to pull the wool over his eyes. I was not expecting him to toss her out with the clothes on her back and make her walk to the neighbors-- but I'm glad he did. 

I loved your responses to HR! You definitely handled things. 

You might not know yet, but have they been fired yet?
Let me say this: all that sh*t was anger. He ain't gonna leave her ass. He loves that 'o. Depending on if this sh*t gets legal and how much their family will be dragged through the mud, it may take time, but he'll take her back. He ain't SC's wife.

The biggest thing I'm dying to find out is how she found out. All we know is that she knew this past year. Even before the Rite Aid thing. So, did someone else tip her off or what? 

And hunty, they saved the best for last. His admin asst is in there now getting her wig snatched.*______________




This is CONFIRMED, but I don't have all the DEETS and I'm not sure we really ever will. But this is what's being said by a reliable source who I am cool with. 

I don't know what to believe or think. Who's real? Who's not?*

*Quote:Originally Posted by Connors Mama View Post
It just keeps getting better. 

So, did the admin asst tell the wife? Or did she just spill all of the tea when they started grilling her?

I'm confused.

I don't know. I don't know who told what, but I think, as long as she wasn't helping to hide illegal business (like knowing if he was stealing or whatever), she is safe. And if she still has a job, because she's been here longer than most of us, her boss included, then I have a feeling the wife might be her alli. At least where HNIC is in charge. But he is on a war path and I don't think this is the end. This is the beginning of more bullsh*t.* 

*Thanks all for being with me on my journey. 

I just want to clarify that I am not related to Marquis. I grew up with his niece and we went to the same elementary school.

I spoke with her a little while ago and she said he went to work and he's trying to be strong, but she came to the house this morning trying to get in and he wouldn't let her in still. Her mother was trying to run interference.

This is a sad situation. I think my friend is the only one working with a brain. She was like, you can't keep her away from her kids. No matter how foul she did you, those are her children that she birthed and she's a good mother to them even with her bad decision that negatively affects the family unit.

I think he just wants the kids to enjoy their last few days of the summer free from stress. They don't know anything. 

I understand his anger, but I don't care how *&%^$#@Eed up I am, there is no way as a mother I would be leaving my children. As wrong as this sounds, you can walk away and not deal with me but where I go so do my babies. But i recognize that she's in no position to be making demands. 

All over some dick. SMH. This man had a wife and kids too. And then for her to have to hear him throw her under the bus and call her a mistake when they been boo loving for over a year? Chile. There ain't enough sexual attraction in the world where a few inches of flesh is worth job and partner security.*

*She is not banging he boss. I'm certain of it. She's older than him. That's not his style. lol.

ETA: Stupid phone..anyway...

I think this is what happened. I think the wife has always been mistrustful because she knew what type of man he was, but as long as it looked like it was a fling, it was fine. I think when this sh*t hit close to work-home and she found out who it was, she started snooping around. 

It's possible she could have confronted AA first on some woman to woman sh*t and asked her if she knew what was up. But AA WAS loyal to her boss. She really felt like this fool was everything. And I don't think it was romantic, I think brown nosing comes natural to her.

But let's just say the wife has something on the hubby and she deduced that AA may know where the bodies are buried, she could have threatened to have her implicated in the mess if she didn't tell her what was going on.

But I guarantee you one thing. Her days of confiding in HNIC's AA is over. I promise you my boss told her she better keep her mouth shut for the sake of her own hide as well as the company and lay low. And I am certain she will be taking some time off. And I'm sure he got with AA too and told her to zip it. 

Because it's fine to be loyal to your boss, but above all you're loyalty is to the company. And you have an obligation to that before him if their causes are suddenly juxtaposed. 

I don't know. I only hope before they got the seals affixed to their mouths that they told SOMEBODY something.

*Thanks all for being with me on my journey. 

I just want to clarify that I am not related to Marquis. I grew up with his niece and we went to the same elementary school.

I spoke with her a little while ago and she said he went to work and he's trying to be strong, but she came to the house this morning trying to get in and he wouldn't let her in still. Her mother was trying to run interference.

This is a sad situation. I think my friend is the only one working with a brain. She was like, you can't keep her away from her kids. No matter how foul she did you, those are her children that she birthed and she's a good mother to them even with her bad decision that negatively affects the family unit.

I think he just wants the kids to enjoy their last few days of the summer free from stress. They don't know anything. 

I understand his anger, but I don't care how *&%^$#@Eed up I am, there is no way as a mother I would be leaving my children. As wrong as this sounds, you can walk away and not deal with me but where I go so do my babies. But i recognize that she's in no position to be making demands. 

All over some dick. SMH. This man had a wife and kids too. And then for her to have to hear him throw her under the bus and call her a mistake when they been boo loving for over a year? Chile. There ain't enough sexual attraction in the world where a few inches of flesh is worth job and partner security.*

*Yesterday, Heffa was schedule to come in for an EVENING meeting and she was told to bring representation if she felt the need. Only relevant people were there and they didn't want any drama when she came in which makes sense. Her stuff is still there and hasn't been collected. Even if they would have let her stay she would have been better off resigning because seriously, no one is going to respect you. Everyone will treat you like sh*t. You have zero chance of promotion.

They weren't cleaning his office yesterday. They were searching. He is supposed to come in this evening.

The fate of the admin asst is unclear but having just had lunch with a few people-one of them in accounting-there is talks of a cover up. That maybe SC had someone watching his back down there. HNIC and Legal requested expense reports from the last four years which is the amount of time SC has been there. That happened yesterday morning. They are saying that there is no way the admin asst couldn't have known what was going on. Someone asked how they knew and how she got the wife involved. And she said she wasn't willing talk about that this early on because it could get traced back to her. But she said that when she could she would.

From what she DIDN'T say, I gather the AA is not innocent and she may have a deal. She does know an awful lot of sh*t. She might not be untouchable but institutions get a lot of leeway.

Some of the people are the saying the wife was stupid for coming down there but others are commending her. People didn't really have ill will toward him since the only thing you can give him credit for is not showing preferential treatment. Heffa never had any unwarranted bonuses, raises or was treated differently than anyone else while at work from what we know. If she did, she was smart enough to keep it to herself, but I don't think she's the kind of person that would. So that tips in his favor for some people.

I say the wife knows what she's doing.and succeeded. She controls the narrative now and he is at her mercy. But I don't know. I wouldn't describe my boss as an alpha. He has a since of pomposity and conceitedness to him. He is all about his "image." The irony.*

Welp, they found some financial y but they ARE NOT revealing how he covered his tracks. Like people are asking and the intermediate people in the know in accounting aren't saying sh*t. I don't know what the  is going on. But there was a board meeting today and they were in there for two and a half hours. Every company handles these scandals differently. And who knows? He could have his own ish on people. 

*The wife told HNIC he had a secret account with beaucoup bucks in it that definitely was NOT hitting her household, and that he had a condo in AC in his name only that she knew nothing about until this year. So there was no tax shelter, but an account.*

And I'm just praying that the HNIC does not have to take this one on the chin because he's one of the most upright brothas I've ever known. But they are going to hold him responsible for this y and my heart is broken. I don't think he's getting fired but like with anything, those who are at the top must take responsibility for what their subordinates do. After everything he's done for this man. He was grooming him to be something special. And what happens with some men is when they get to a certain position in their life, they start thinking they can do WHATEVER, WHOMEVER, and WHENEVER. Their egos get in the way of their common sense. But you bring everyone down with you when you  it all up.

Still now word on the admin asst yet, BUT an HR dude (because men gossip like chicks in this b*tch too) is saying *when the wife stormed in that day she said she had a nanny cam in their bedroom for a months* and it was when they were at the shore this past weekend (and he never made it up there) that he bought Heffa to the house. And *what set her off wasn't just that the chick was in her bed f*cking her husband but that she was going in that woman's closet, touching her sh*t, messing with her jewelry. And wore her bath robe.* LOL. They said she read his bloody ass for filth. She knew about the other women, the gambling and everything and *told him that ALL his sh*t was going to be sold at the end of the day and that he better not even think about coming home. *

*He had a nerve to tell her take her a* s home and stop being an embarrassment to HIM, with their private life on blast. And I guess that's when she really went off. *

His bank accounts have a zero balance for sure. LOL

You have to be the dirtiest skank b*tch alive to stick your cheating crusty a*s body into someone else's sh*t. And the husband was not even caring. I guess she was just living all vicariously. Nasty wench.

I'm not sure how this is going to play out. *Are they gonna cover it up enough or are they going to take it to the courts? *The HNIC doesn't really have a final say in this. I know he would want this a*shole fed to the wolves. At this point, it's going to come down to who has the most leverage. *Like I said, other scandals will come into play.*

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