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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 25 2009 at 10:04am

She says she'll name four top Tories as clients in her memoirs. Is vice girl Natalie Rowe a fantasist or ticking time bomb?

By Richard Pendlebury
Last updated at 10:41 PM on 24th April 2009

Natalie Rowe is 'absolutely fuming'. She has arrived home to find that her teenage son has left the patio door unlocked. 'Anyone could have walked in and helped themselves to my valuables,' she complains.

Poor boy. One imagines that the threat of burglary has taken second place in his adolescent mind to possible public exposure of the extraordinary circumstances of his conception.

His father is William 'Sincs' Sinclair, the Old Etonian grandson of the 1st Viscount Thurso, former Liberal Party leader and long-time confidant of Winston Churchill. His mother is a onetime dominatrix prostitute and drug dealer from the backstreets of Bradford, West Yorkshire. 


Vice girl Natalie Rowe expects her kiss-and-tell memoirs to earn her 1million

You might want to keep her CV hush-hush, for everybody's sake. But this week Ms Rowe, 45, claimed in a lurid Sunday newspaper 'taster' that she is about to name, as former clients, two leading members of David Cameron's Tory inner circle, and two former Tory ministers, one of whom is now a peer. General Election dynamite.

Of her 14-year-old son, Ms Rowe admits: 'He doesn't like me washing my dirty linen in public. It has made him very angry.' Perhaps, you might say, understandably so.

But, no matter, the boy will just have to bite the bullet. His mother expects her kiss-and-tell memoirs, already written apparently, to earn her a giddy 1million that will outweigh concerns for her son's angst.

Naturally, the publicity is being handled by the old sleazemeister himself, Max Clifford.

A mile across London from this fraught domestic drama, Jasper Orlando Slingsby Duncombe  -  7th Baron Feversham since the death of his father two weeks ago  -  laughs heartily when asked about Ms Rowe and her allegations.

He was once a close confidant of at least one of the protagonists in this rather sordid story, but is reluctant to discuss the circumstances. 'I really can't tell you anything about Tories, sex and drugs,' he says. 'I'm simply not in a position to spill the beans.'

With an affable shrug, he returns to running his business. That is not managing his family estate at Duncombe Park, North Yorkshire, but directing the latest hardcore film for his hugely successful Relish Treble X pornographic production company.

For the record, the new flick is a 'homage to Bollywood', provisionally titled Sex Wallah. Previous works by his lordship have included To The Manor Porn, described by the cognoscenti as 'pure posh filth'.

Ms Rowe, Mr Sinclair and Lord Feversham are just three members of a large and colourful cast of bohemian characters, interlinked by loose association and dubious habits, who caroused in the smarter reaches of West London almost two decades ago.

Naturally, most of them have moved on and have forgotten  -  or would like to forget  -  the youthful indiscretions of those carefree days. Not least as many have moved on to succesful, high-flying careers.

But there are those who are only too eager to draw them to the public's attention. Labour's spin-doctors would love to resurrect, embellish or totally reinvent the events of yesteryear, as part of a political smear tactic.

For there is a fourth cast member in this story who now stands on the threshold of one of the highest offices of State. That is Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, who was involved with this aristocratic demi-monde for a while. That much is certain, after a notorious photograph, taken in a West London flat 16 years ago, came to light. 

In the picture, leaked to the Press four years ago, the then 22-year-old Osborne is shown posing happily alongside Ms Rowe, who was at the height of her 'career' as a dominatrix prostitute.


Ms Rowe with Shadow Chancellor George Osborne 16 years ago

Osborne wears a dishevelled shirt and tie and has a friendly arm thrown across the young woman's shoulders. It is claimed, though it certainly cannot be proven, that on the table before them there is a line of the Class A drug  -  cocaine. Draw your own conclusions, voters, was the message when the picture was first published.

Much has been written about the circumstances of the photograph since and much of it has been wrong. But if Ms Rowe's claims are to be believed  -  and that is a big 'if'  -  then her forthcoming book may help clear up some of those uncertainties.

So could it really be true that her grubby kiss'n'tell confessions will heap shame on the Tory Party at the very moment it prepares for a forthcoming General Election?

To gauge the credibility of her claims, let us go back to the beginning of the story, and the eccentric man who stands at its centre.

Isaiah William Columba Stroma Sinclair was born 38 years ago this summer, with the obligatory silver spoon in his mouth.

His grandfather, Viscount Thurso, was a veteran of World War I who rose to prominence in the Liberal Party. He was also one of the greatest landowners in the UK, farming 100,000 acres, mostly in Scotland.

Isaiah William Sinclair was the only child of his younger son, the Hon Angus Sinclair. Known as William to his family, but 'Sincs' to his friends, he was educated at Eton before going to Bristol University.

Although Sinclair has often been described as a member of Oxford's Bullingdon Club, the notorious drinking society of which Osborne (and later Cameron) was a member, this was not so. He got to know Osborne only when they were introduced through mutual friends and, in particular, one called Christopher Coleridge.

Coleridge is the extrovert brother of the Conde Nast magazines boss Nicholas, whose empire includes such prestige titles as Vogue, GQ and Tatler, and whose novel Godchildren is said by friends to have used Sinclair as a template for one of its more dissolute characters. 

Certainly, Sincs could be charming when he chose to be. He was also trouble. A female friend who remembers him from those days says: 'He was tall, strong, dark-haired, blue-eyed and utterly wild. He was totally addictive in everything he did. He was obviously a dangerous character.'

And so he was, though the danger was largely to himself.

He is supposed to have first spotted Natalie Rowe, almost a decade his senior, across a crowded London bar in the year after he left university. If that is true, one can only imagine the mutual attraction. She was pretty and voluptuous; he was rich. Both were drug addicts and soon became lovers.

Enlarge   The%20Bullingdon%20boys

George Osborne (far left) and Nat Rothschild were members of the exclusive Bullingdon Club in 1992.  Ms Rowe claims to have provided three black escort girls to a 'debauched' party thrown by  Rothschild

Natalie has worked under a number of aliases, including Jennifer Shackleton and Mistress Pain. She was born Shirley Jennifer Rowe, of Afro-Caribbean parents who were, at the time, unmarried. She has said that she moved from Bradford to London as a teenager and became a chamber maid.

Her career in prostitution began when she realised that there was a stratum of wealthy, white, male, high society characters who had a penchant for sleeping with black girls. A good deal of her clientele also liked to be beaten, whipped and chained and would pay good money  -  some 350 an hour  -  for the experience.

Having to fund a personal cocaine habit, Rowe was only too happy to oblige in providing such perverted practices.

For some 15 years she ran an escort agency called Black Beauties, catering largely to the wealthy and dissolute.

Along the way she gathered criminal convictions for possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs and for keeping a brothel.

According to Rowe, a number of her customers were friends of her boyfriend, Sinclair, whose own addictions to alcohol, cocaine and ultimately crack began to have a disastrous impact on his life.

One friend recalls that in the midst of Sinclair's druggy madness he went to a house where his girlfriend was working with at least one other prostitute. While the paying client was chained helplessly to a bed, Sinclair joined in the revelries and ultimately had sex with Ms Rowe.

Sinclair probably does not remember this happening. However, Ms Rowe will probably set it down, chapter and verse, in her book.

On at least one occasion friends tried to steer 'Sincs' towards the straight and narrow. One even gave him a job at an Italian-style coffee bar he managed in the City. This arrangement ended abruptly, say friends, when Sinclair was left in charge one day and spent the entire contents of the till on drugs.

In early 1994, Ms Rowe became pregnant by her upper-crust boyfriend. Their son was born that September and was given the middle name 'Gladstone' after the great Liberal prime minister who had a penchant for 'saving' ladies of the night. On the birth certificate, Sinclair's occupation is given as 'hotel marketing', the mother's as 'singer'.

No one who knew the couple expected they would be the perfect parents. But within six months of his son's birth, Sinclair got married  -  and not to the child's mother. The bride was a pretty Yugoslav called Stasha. One of the witnesses at the ceremony in Chelsea was his Old Etonian schoolmate, Christopher Coleridge.

According to Natalie Rowe, Sinclair went through with the ceremony not for love but for 1,000 in cash, which he immediately spent on drugs. Stasha needed to marry in order to stay in the UK, says Rowe.

Whatever the truth, Stasha's fortunes certainly took a surprising twist shortly afterwards when she became the live-in girlfriend of the Hon Jasper Duncombe (now Lord Feversham), another young aristocrat, a former Gordonstoun boy with a massive drugs problem.


David Cameron and George Osborne. Ms Rowe alleged that two unidentified members of Cameron's 'inner circle' had paid to be her 'sex slaves'

In 1993, Duncombe was jailed for three years for the attempted robbery of a surveillance equipment shop in West London. His mitigation was that he wanted to spy on his drug dealer.

Now drug-free, Duncombe spends his days managing his pornographic film empire, and yesterday said neither he nor Stasha was interested in commenting publicly about their past association with Sinclair.

The same could not be said about Ms Rowe, as she prepares for publication of her memoirs.

She first came to public notice four years ago when Osborne, then a junior Tory MP, was managing Cameron's Tory leadership campaign.

In a salacious newspaper interview, Rowe claimed that she had taken cocaine with Osborne. This was strongly denied by the man himself, as were suggestions that they had any kind of physical relationship. Osborne confirmed only that he had known Ms Rowe and had been aware of her seedy background because of his friendship with, and concern for, Sinclair.

He added: 'It was a stark lesson to me at a young age of the destruction which drugs bring to so many people's lives.'

Yet Ms Rowe claims that Sinclair was by no means the only young aristocrat she had known who had a taste for black prostitutes.

For example, she claims to have provided three black escort girls to a 'debauched' party thrown by Old Etonian banking heir and Bullingdon member Nat Rothschild, at Waddeson-Manor, the family estate near Aylesbury.

Since then, Rowe has aired the same story on a number of occasions, each time a little more embellished, suggesting that she and Osborne shared some kind of empathy as they were both 'outsiders' in a circle largely made up of Etonians. (Osborne attended the elite St Paul's School in south-west London.)

The latest excuse to air her views was the so-called Smeargate affair, in which Gordon Brown's aide Damian McBride and former Labour spin doctor Derek Draper were exposed as having plotted a dirty tricks campaign against the Tories.

They discussed setting up an internet site on which stories that were defamatory to leading Tories could be posted. Osborne's former acquaintance with Rowe was one of their targets  -  as well as mean and false comments about Osborne's wife.

Inevitably, Rowe resurfaced to 'set the record straight', but this time came the bombshell claim that she had secured a book deal with a 'major publisher'  -  thus far unidentified, of course.

Furthermore, she now alleged that two unidentified members of David Cameron's 'inner circle' had paid to be her 'sex slaves'. One of them 'snorted copious amounts of cocaine' during their 'sessions'.

Rowe declared: 'It's time the truth was told about some of the men who could end up running the country. Men who have been on all fours before me, crying like babies, taking massive amounts of drugs as I whipped them senseless.

'I had them barking like dogs and begging for mercy. . . Quite often they would take me wholly in their confidence, discussing deep, personal matters about their past and their thoughts on other politicians.'

The identities of these senior Tories? She declined to say  -  at least, for now. But the involvement of Max Clifford suggests there may be more revelations to come. He confirmed that he was indeed acting for Ms Rowe, although he confessed to having no information about her alleged book deal.

Even if such a book does exist, whether any publisher would be willing to take the legal risks involved  -  and the possibility of an immediate injunction on privacy grounds  -  is another matter.

But of course, even if no book deal prevails there is always the internet, where malicious stories can be broadcast unpoliced by libel laws.

Even so, sources say the Tory hierarchy is 'relaxed' about Rowe's latest claims. They said that her allegations were 'fantasy'  -  and besides, no publisher would dare name names.

Yet Ms Rowe is sticking to her guns. Inevitably, she wants a large amount of money before she will discuss the matter further, but she is adamant that she will identify senior Tory figures in a book.

'The truth is the truth,' she said. 'These people know who they are.

'As far as the four Tories are concerned, there is absolutely concrete evidence. They are bang to rights. I would love them to take me to court and deny it. I've spent most of my life trying to shield my son from my past and now it's all over the papers and he's very angry about that. I know it's of my own making, but I really feel these people should be exposed.

'They know that I know  -  and I wasn't the only witness to what went on. If it isn't the truth, why don't they sue me? I've got two words to say to them: 'Archer, Aitken . . .' (This is a reference to disgraced Tory grandees Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken).

'Those two tried to hide the truth and look what happened to them.

'I've known all sorts of people down the years and many of them were very rich and very famous. In some cases I've known the fathers and then their sons have been clients, too. My book will tell it all. My life is interesting.'

And what of William 'Sincs' Sinclair, the man who introduced her to his louche, blue-blooded friends? Rowe will not speak about him without money changing hands. But in 2005 Osborne said that Sinclair had 'fully recovered' from his addictions.

That, at least, seems to be true. Friends say that 'Sincs' has since joined the Royal Navy in an oldfashioned attempt to escape from his past, signing up as a humble rating.

Alas, if the rather unsavoury Ms Rowe is to be believed  -  and again, that's a big 'if'  -  that past is set to come back to haunt him, and perhaps many other, far more prominent individuals with much, much more to lose.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 27 2009 at 12:46am
She shoulda left the UK then wrote that book. She gon end up dead. "Drug overdose" or "apparent suicide". 
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the all look crazy
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 27 2009 at 1:05am
Originally posted by yourleoqueen yourleoqueen wrote:

She shoulda left the UK then wrote that book. She gon end up dead. "Drug overdose" or "apparent suicide". 

Yep.  She shoulda ripped a page from Donald Woods when he wrote about the truth of what happened to Steven Biko.  Flee the country first!  Oh well, she doesn't seem that bright, she looks to be salivating over the million pounds she's going to get.

Pity she may not be around to enjoy it.
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