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Topic Closed?Wefters and Lace Wig Makers that are Trustworthy?

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: ?Wefters and Lace Wig Makers that are Trustworthy?
    Posted: Dec 18 2012 at 6:33pm
For the past few months I've been trying to figure out the best way to get a couple of pieces/hair products I want.

I want real authentic curly hair preferably Indian about 25"+ that will be dyed/colored sunset auburn blond with a 1B root.  I want enough to make:

  1. 2 Full Lace Wigs (constructed so it can be parted across and down the middle in the back)
  2. 1 3/4 wig
  3. 1 Half Wig
  4. 2 Lace Frontals
  5. 1 Lace Closure
  6. A full set clip ins
Based on the hours upon hours of reading of several hair forums, the extensive notes I take and the comparison shopping of companies from the US to Canada to EU and China my understanding is the hair coming from Alie Express, Alibaba and the like are more than likely to be a synthetic/human hair mix at best.  Not acceptable :(

I will take nits and cornchip smells any day over paying and waiting for some kind of synthetic/futura hair that will eventually go to the hair dumpster because of the inevitable rat nest ball that they become at the back.

I say its unacceptable because in the past I've purchased human hair from places like Wagmans, Giovanni and Sons and Extensions Plus.  Some of this hair I purchased as far back as 2005-06.  They have been worn through several installs for several months at a time (weaves) and closures.  Guess what--> Its about to be 2013 and I can still pull them out and wear any of them.  I still wear this hair.  I absolutely refuse to pay more than 20-45 bucks for a wig that contains synthetic hair ever.  I buy synthies all the time to get me between styles and through special events.  I expect them to last about 4 weeks tops.  I've made them last up to 3 or 4 months.  If I got my own hair wash/set/deep conditioned and barrel curled at a Salon (not including coloring or highlights) I would pay upwards of $65 and the style would last about 2 or 3 days versus $20 for a flawless perfect hair do that last at least a month.  This is where fully curled, cut, colored and styled synthies come in at a pinch.

The synthy drawback is that they die fast and often will look fake.  I've learned which brands sell a particular wig that truly matches AA texture hair or blends with my hair.  I've learned how to do a lot with a little.  I say all of that to say....Between my HH stash and my Synthies I buy and toss after 6 weeks obviously my preference is HH.  When I buy human hair I want 100% human hair, every strand...every inch-no exceptions. I have one burn story buying a so called HH wig for $350 at a store here.  It looked just like my wags hair and was a perfect match for my hair.  Within 4 weeks the back was in a vicious angry ratty nest of a bush ball that even fire, bleach, acv and an exorcism couldn't untangle.  This hair had the audacity to come with a "certificate" of authenticity...I can't do that ever again.  My synthies lasted longer.  I lost the box and receipt and couldn't really do anything about it then--lesson learned. 

I have asked for a price for 1 lace front wig from EP with the specs I want and was quoted a price of $3500.  For that I want to fly to CA have my head measured, hand pick the hair myself and that's a lot of money.  When its all said and done I will still only have 1 wig.  I need more hair.  I need gym hair/run to the store hair, work hair, special occasions hair and hair that I wear with my own hair out (hence the clip in request).  EP is/was my first choice and what I felt like was my only choice because they CUSTOM COLOR.  I am not a 1, 1B, 2 or 4 girl unless its against my will:(  I have tried and failed at even coloring brown indian hair off black.  The color just came off and eventually turned back brown wtf.  Furthermore the color gold/blond I wear is specific and not just any bleach color will do because other blonds wash me out and are unflattering.  The only issue with EP is they've started sending crappy hair out (just read reviews) and their closures are sooooo wiggy and knowing they use Rite Dye to color the hair it makes their premium prices seem more like highway robbery.  The EP of today is not the EP of 3 years ago in terms of the small, everyday girl customer.

I've looked here in NY at companies that claim to color and my search goes on and on and on.  Companies like Vanity Box, ONYC, RPG Show, Indique etc seem like a dream come true.  I'm like great, they are local and they color.  Then I research and find they are all getting their hair from China and the wait time is crazy and I can order this human/synthy fused hair myself and save $3-400--------But I don't want plastic hair unless I order plastic hair and between Outre, Model Model, Its a Wig, Sensationnel, R&B, Nix Nox, Friday Night Hair, Vanessa, Equal etc, I have all the "plastic" hair I need.  All of these companies are China based and have US offices in New Jersey or NY.  With that and the "Outings" of all the Vendors for the Cali based Hair Companies...I'm so over it.  Boy....I remember the days when Wags was outed as a supplier for EP.  Now they are old vets with equally high prices.

I say all of that to say...after long and tiring research I've decided to buy my own hair 1-3 Kilo's if necessary, in bulk.  I want to buy from India direct because I don't have any experience with any of these other textures that have emerged as the new it texture.  I know from experience that my own family thinks I'm lying when I say I'm wearing fake hair with the Indian hair.

I will then need a colorist, a lace wig maker, a frontal and closure maker and a damn prayer.
So between all the names (Sam, Roman, Ms Lydia) and companies being thrown around the forum....who can you send hair to for wefting, quality least likely shed wigs and most importantly....least likely to take your hair and send you back the hair you sent mixed and blended with plastic.  I know for a fact that EP has wefting services on site but I don't know anyone whose brought them hair to color, weft and create a wig with or what they charge for the service.  I'm looking for any advice or info on what I should do with my bulk hair once I get it.  Thanks for reading. (very long i know)_

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Dec 20 2012 at 3:46pm
I would contact sewnatural or missbossy for your wig construction. Some say they are overpriced, but IMO they are well constructed and worth it. Sam is a good wefter. Just know there is a possibility that out of the kilo you send him you may only get 6 to 8 full wefts out of that. Not always but its a possibility. Your wefts will be sturdy though. Also know a lot of those vendors listed are not getting all their hair from china like people say. A lot of their vendors most won't pay for, because they only deal with big businesses that's spending a lot of money regularly. This is fact. But alot of them process the hair a little so its more manageable, the finished product a lot of times looks just like chinese hair,but isnt so folks are quick to go on a rant talking about they found someones vendor,with no real evidence and the saga begins. I'm really close with an "elder" in the industry that's been in it for over 15 years, so I learned a lot.just know the info in these groups is not the end all be all. Good luck!
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Dec 20 2012 at 5:05pm
The only person I let dare to weft my hair is Pat. Pat's Wefting is the greatest not to mention I'm friends with Patricia's daughter, haha. On a serious note, Pat's Wefting works best for me because I already live in Atlanta so I can drop off my hair to her and she does a good job. Her turn around time is usually 10 business days but I usually get my hair back in about a week.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Dec 21 2012 at 1:43am
For your lace wig question, I would post in the LW section for some recommendations on coloring (there are some really talented ladies who do their own custom color).  If you're not comfortable with doing your own dying, make sure that you send the vendor pictures of what you want, and also take a look at the vendor's color charts to see if you can find something with the color that you like.

As for wanting to part in the center all the way, front to back, you'll want to ask that the wig is ventilated "freestyle," so that you can part the hair any way that you want.

As for trustworthy vendors, Rex is one of my faves, but I haven't ordered from him in quite some time Cry.

Editing to say that you might also consider having your wig custom colored at a salon of your choice.

Edited by chatnoir - Dec 21 2012 at 1:46am
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