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Study on natural African hair. I need a volunteer

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    Posted: May 21 2016 at 1:26pm
I'm doing research on the absolute natural state of the African female hair. If my research so far is correct, you will be the first recorded African/African American female to have completely natural hair and scalp. It will be more natural than even a newborn baby's hair and scalp. Sounds too good to be true, right? If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, right? Sure, but what if almost everything you've ever been told about your hair and scalp has been wrong? The truth will sound to good to be true to you. :)

What will your hair look like when the treatment is done or at its final stage? I have no clue, it's best for me not to speculate when doing research or that would often lead to me the wrong hypothesis or conclusion.

How long will it take? That would be impossible to predict accurately, it will be different for each woman, but I only need one volunteer for now. For the volunteer who meets all the requirements I estimate it will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to 1-3 months. You will need to continue using the treatment until I announce the cure to the world. Don't worry it won't be too much longer, no more than a few years at most.

Here are the requirements for you to qualify to be a part of this study. You must meet all of the requirements, no exceptions.

1. You must be an African American female from the US born and raised, "on the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool...". My bad, my bad, that just popped into my head. I'm supposed to be acting all scientific like

2. You must have brown to blackish skin, sorry red-bones but y'all already gots the good hair anyway, or so they say. LOL As a general guideline I will use my wife, at least she's my wife in my dreams, as an example. Meagan Good, if your natural complexion is close to her shade of brown skin or darker, then you will qualify in this category.

3. You can't have any cavities or gum disease, dragon breath is fine though. I mean dragon breath isn't fine but doesn't disqualify you for the study.

4. You must be between the ages of 24-26. This age group will most likely respond the fastest to the treatment but also will be old enough to have damaged hair even if they don't realize it.

5. You cannot be overweight. You must be between 5'5-5'9 tall. Use the standard BMI chart to see if you are overweight for your height.

6. You can't be a female who suffers from acne or dry skin. If you have oily skin without acne, that is fine, that's actually what I'm looking for. So, you need to have oily skin but there is some wiggle room on this.

7. You must be single with no kids and no boyfriend. You can't date or have sex with anyone besides yourself while you're in the study. :( Sorry, can't have your hormones raging all over the place.

8. You must have a HD webcam, high speed internet, and be willing to use Skype to show me your hair and/or scalp everyday and discuss study related topics.

9. You will be required to take before and after pictures under the exact same environmental conditions. In other words, the pictures have to be taken in the exact same place with the exact same lighting/amount of light. The pictures must be very clear and HD quality. You must take pictures of each section of your head, scalp, and hair from a straight angle and one from a top angle view of your choosing but it must be the same in the before and after pictures. The sections are your face/front of your hair, the sides of your head left and right, the top of your head, the back of your head, and finally your neck. You must submit your before front/face picture via private message or by posting it directly on this forum topic. Again, it must show your face and the front section of your hair at the same time, basically just like any other picture you normally take for your Instagram accounts. LOL

10. You must sign a binding nondisclosure agreement and provide digital copies of your ID or license, your birth certificate, and SS card. The digital copy must be signed by you and notarized, the same goes for the nondisclosure agreement. You will also have to mail me a copy of each of those but not right away, at your convenience but within the first month of the start of the study.

The nondisclosure agreement will be in plain English and basically say, you agree to never discuss or share any information about the study with anyone by any means until the end of time or you agree to be sued by me for damages and any profits you've made or caused me to not be able to make for the rest of your life. I understand it is hard to keep a secret, especially if hair product companies start offering you large amounts of money for the secrets you know. Don't do it though, it's not worth it, you'll never see any money from it in the long run, you'll just be in debt the rest of your life. And, even if you think, well, I'll just tell so and so, I trust them. Don't do it, in life you can trust no one when money is involved, not your parents, not your ex lover, not your children, absolutely no one. And, they won't face and probably won't care about the consequences you've already agreed to of your own free will.

Besides all of that, my end goal is not to make money on a hair care product I invent, my end goal is to see if not only this treatment works but if the cure works as well. Then, I will share the cure with the world free of charge. They are not the same thing though. I will need a lot more money and a decent amount of time to verify and test the cure. That's why I will be asking for donations.

11. You have to be willing to experience sever dandruff at the beginning of the study. My treatment will not cause dandruff but actually help your scalp get rid of the cause of dandruff for you.

12. You will be required to make one short video displaying the end results of your hair that will be posted to "my" youtube.

These are not requirements but will put you higher up the list of candidates.
1. If you're an exhibitionist, you know you like to be seen publicly and aren't shy. One indicator right off the bat will be the women who post their before front/face picture directly via a forum post in this topic.
2. You're a college graduate.
3. You're unemployed.
4. You already have what you and others think and say is good hair. So, yea, you don't have to have jacked up hair to qualify for this study.
5. If the treatment works you would want to participate in additional studies involving most of the major parts of the female human body and mind. This will require you to basically to pick up and move to a study location for 6 months to a year, possibly longer. Don't worry, you will be free to leave at any time. This will only happen if I'm able to acquire the necessary funds to continue my research by donations alone.
6. You think you're a good person even if only deep down you feel that way.
7. You would not only be willing but would want to help raise additional funds, so I can test the cure and conduct many other important studies.
8. You're not a racist/biased against other races.

Alright ladies, I believe I covered everything. If you want to donate to help me continue this important research you can do so here.

Also, if you don't qualify for this study but have bad toothaches or know someone who does, you can try this remedy I've come up with. It's worked for everyone that's tried it so far.

Edited by The_Omega_Prophet - May 21 2016 at 6:45pm
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New Member
New Member

Joined: May 21 2016
Location: TN
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Scratch that, scratch that. I realize I'm going about this the wrong way. I'm betting if I share the natural product and the proper way to administer it people will donate money so I can continue my research towards the cure for the unnatural human hair state it's currently in and countless other conditions and diseases. I hope I'm not making the wrong bet. Also, this treatment is not exclusive to African Americans, it will work for people of any race. Some of you have probably already used this product but incorrectly and/or you didn't use it long enough. Having said that, this is just a theory at this point, it may not work at all. That's why I'm asking all of you who want to see what your natural hair looks like to do it instead of just one woman.

Black people I will tell you right now, I'm going to ask you to do things in regards to taking care of your hair and scalp that go against almost everything you've ever been taught. I would also appreciate some before and after pictures, plus feedback if anything goes wrong for you.

Possible side effects of this treatment: Extreme vertigo, migraines, sinus pressure and pains, pain in any part of your body is possible but should lessen the longer you stay the course. Of course, use common sense, if you feel like, ah, this is killing me, then stop. Technically this product can kill you if you use large amounts of it but that's only been proven if you ingest the product. It also doesn't happen for the reason they think it does. You will understand that if I'm able to raise the millions of dollars I need to test the cure.

So, what's this product you might have already tried that kind of worked but not really? Canola Oil, that's it. Did you just throw your hands up in disgust, some probably immediately left after reading that, some will roll their eyes, some will facepalm, etc... Alright, now that most of the morons are gone, yes Canola Oil, pure Canola Oil.

The problem is not those of you who've already used it or possibly still do use it were/are using the wrong oil but as stated previously, you didn't do it long enough, often enough, used other products along with it, didn't administer it correctly, etc...

The proper way to administer Canola Oil is to start by getting it directly into your scalp and the skin pores on your scalp. You need to be seated when you start this treatment procedure. So, put about 4 tablespoons of Canola Oil in your hands and work it into your scalp, message it in there. Keep adding oil until your scalp and hair are completely drenched in oil and keep massaging your scalp, the oil will basically feed on the dandruff and allow backed up oil out of the pores. Ladies, you're literally going to have a hairgasm, you will not want to stop rubbing your scalp, enjoy it. Is it tingling or burning like dandruff shampoo? Good, that means it's starting to work. If not, that's fine, it's still working none of your hair follicles are infected though. Once you're sure you've gotten it in all your scalp's skin pores, leave it in there until it stops burning and/or tingling stops, or until the oil dries up, that will take a long time. Now, you can apply some Canola Oil to your actual hair. Now, if you feel up to it, wash your hair with just water and absolutely nothing else, then you can apply more Canola Oil to your scalp. You've heard that water and oil don't mix right? Well, the water will help separate the dandruff/dead skin cells/bacteria from your hair and skin pores. Water and oil might not mix but the aforementioned things will, the dandruff should come out of your hair much more easily than you're used to.

Be sure to listen to what your body tells you. Go slow and easy, there's no need to rush, it's going to take a long time to get out all of that dandruff. There's bacteria in your scalp's skin bores, and just like when you get rid of a large amount of bacteria from any other part of your body, it's likely you will experience side effects, most likely vertigo/extreme dizziness.

The following day after you begin treatment and possibly for a long time afterwards each new day, your scalp will feel very tight and dry. Do not worry, this is completely normal. I mean, you don't want loose skin on your scalp do you? How about those hotdogs on the back of your neck, you want those? You just removed a ton of nasty bacteria and dandruff from your scalp, it's going to adjust and tighten up. The bacteria that was still in the scalp pores that oozed out after you washed your hair out with water will likely have dried up on your scalp as well. Again, completely normal.

The longer you continue to Canola oil treatment everyday, every single day, did you get that, you need to do it every single day. "But, but, I need to moisturize my hair, I learned that when I was a kid. Mom said black people like me have dry hair and have to moisturize it every day." Your mom was wrong, and so was her mom, and so was her mom, and so was every mom back through recorded history. Do not put anything into your hair no matter what it is, don't do it. You're just going to your scalp and hair up. You're going to quickly move past the stage where your hair is dry and flaky.

Your scalp's skin pores will eventually begin to produce a clear oil that will naturally moisturize your hair. It will also protect your hair and absorb valuable nutrients from the sun. And, here's one more benefit, it will strengthen your immune system, especially around your head, when you sweat your immune system is going to get rid of dead bacteria and dead cells through the pores in your skin. That's why it's important you continue to wash your hair out with water everyday after nothing but the clear oil is coming out of your pores.

How will you know when you've reached the point where only clear oil is coming out of your scalp's pores? If you apply the Canola oil to your scalp and there is no longer any burning, itching, flaking, or dryness, you're probably at that point or very close. Dap your hair with a white cloth and see if any of the oil is yellow or not. If it's yellow you've still got a ways to go.

Once only clear oil is coming out, you're done basically with the treatment. From this point out you just have to use common sense maintenance. Your pores will eventually get clogged up again at some point, so if you notice your hair getting dry, flaky, it starts itching, etc... Give it a little Canola Oil touch up. :) lol You know, get right.

Tip to speed up the process.
Leave the Canola Oil in your scalp and hair as long as possible or overnight while you sleep. That will help ensure you're getting your scalp and hair as close as it can be to it's natural state. Well, you know, until I can raise sever million dollars to experiment with my theoretical cures and treatments. Keep in mind this is only one of my theories out of many for things like breast cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc...

Now, I'm not saying this will work for anyone at all or everyone, but if it does work for you, wouldn't it make sense for you to donate, so I can continue my research beyond the theoretical phase and be able to afford all the equipment, facilities, etc... I will need?

Again, if this theory does turn out to be correct or work for most people, I fully expect, oh I don't know 10-20 million in my paypal account very soon. lol If I reach the low end of that estimate, men, I will teach you a treatment for razor bumbs and burns that will greatly reduce them and in a completely healthy individual, it will eliminate them all, 99.99% of everyone on the planet isn't completely healthy though, even though you don't know it. ;)

Don't hate, donate.

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If a mod comes across this thread, please delete it, thank you.
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