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Topic ClosedWe Aquire Strenght In What We Overcome

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: We Aquire Strenght In What We Overcome
    Posted: May 31 2014 at 12:59am
Check out this inspirational article written by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra, celebrity herbalist and founder of

This article has helped me through so many trying times. The link to it is here:

There are many more article like it at

We Acquire Strength In What We Overcome


That's right! We most certainly do acquire strength in what we overcome. Trials, tribulations, obstacles, challenges, and problems, which are really all synonyms as they are interchangeable, do not shape character; these things simply reveal character. That's right! They reveal character!

Character is not shaped, but revealed - revealed through overcoming your trials, tribulations, ordeals, challenges, and problems with a sound mind.

Your character is already shaped before you incarnated or was born and you must go through some things in life, some challenges, in order to help manifest your character, bring it to the surface of your conscious existence here on Earth in your present life incarnation.

It is very true in that what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and this is because we learn valuable things (lessons) about ourselves through undergoing trials, challenges, tribulations, and hard times that we'd otherwise may not have known about ourselves or never knew about ourselves.

Hard times, challenges, obstacles, trials, tribulations, and problems not only reveal our character, but also help to refine and polish our character as well as help us become aware or more aware of our personal ethics, morals, and scruples, as well as what we stand for in our life - our principles.

Many times, we may refer to our trials, tribulations, obstacles, challenges, and problems as 'catching hell' and this is really a befitting phrase if we understand the symbolism associated with hell and hellfire.

Hell is actually a state of mind and not necessarily some place located in the center of the Earth where souls go after death or transition for eternal damnation or punishment; and fire is an element that reduces matter down into its most basic and elementary state, so when we say we are catching hell in life, all we are really saying is that because of some action on our part that resulted from our thinking and frame of mind, we are in a mental state of hell - torture, torment, and suffering; not necessarily as punishment for some alleged sin, but actually, for purposes of breaking us down to our lowest or most base state whereby we may reflect on the very actions and thoughts that led us to this state of hell in the first place.

Eternal damnation of the soul would serve no real purpose, not for a loving God anyway. Outside of heat or warmth, fire is only for purposes of purification and even the soul can use purification due to corrupt living by the host (person).

It was we ourselves who put ourselves in this mental state of hell, no one else, and we must learn to take responsibility and accountability not only for our actions, but also for our thoughts, which precede our actions.

I learned many years ago through my study of occult symbolism that the Devil's pitchfork actually represented "stress." The fictitious character called "The Devil" is merely a symbol (not necessarily a person or being) for evil and it is from evil, doing evil deeds, that actually causes us the greatest stress in our lives, especially if we are conscious.

For many people, it is catching hell in life that usually sends them to God, and usually the first row of pews in church the next Sunday morning, or, it may be the mosque or synagogue depending on your personal religious persuasion. However, in our society, very few people come to God or an understanding of God (or even a relationship with God), on their own accord and volition, without being in trouble (catching hell).

But for a lot of people, it takes catching hell to get their act right and come correct before God and start to live consciously, righteously, deliberately, and salubriously.

It takes many people to be under serious hellfire to come before God and plead: "God (or Lord), if you get me out of this jam [mess, situation] I swear I'll get my act together and live right; I'll stop the evil, wrong, bad, unrighteousness, etc. and get myself together - please God! Help me! Save me, Lord!

Even though it is we ourselves who create our own hell (mental state) and bring hellfire (trouble, problems) unto ourselves by way of wrong thoughts and actions, it is we ourselves (with the help of God, of course) who can pull ourselves out of our mental hell state that we originally put ourselves in.

Putting ourselves in hell (and through hell) and pulling ourselves out boil down to choice. That's right! Choice! Something we make every single day. We make choices every single day of our lives when we choose what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; what clothes we will wear for the day, what we will watch on the television, what radio station we'll listen to on the way to work each morning, etc. Our daily lives just as our whole existence on Earth involves choice.

Overcoming obstacles strengthen our faith in so many things, including God, ourselves (abilities, talents, character), as well as solutions (a way out). As the obstacles we face become heavier and heavier, and with each one we successfully overcome, our faith gets stronger and stronger. Our increase in faith is usually in proportion to the weight (intensity) of the obstacle, challenge, trial, tribulation, or problem; so, the bigger the problem, the stronger the faith on the other side (where we come out victoriously).

Obstacles, trials, tribulations, challenges, and problems strengthen our faith and also educate us if we have eyes to see (spiritual eyesight, that is) and can see the very valuable life lessons hidden within them.

We experience problems for two reasons: (1) to overcome them, and (2) to learn from them.

There is no trial, tribulation, challenge, obstacle, or problem too powerful or insurmountable for any of us to overcome if we make up our minds to deal head on with a sound and sober mind, our problem(s), no matter what the problem(s) may be.

If we stay focused on the prize (the victory, the triumph), remain steadfast in our trust and belief or faith in God (regardless of what you call or deem God as or to be), decide to persevere and be persistent, decide to be optimistic, and embrace a positive mental attitude, we are bound to come out on the other side of any trial, tribulation, obstacle, challenge, or problem in one piece, stronger in faith, and victorious.

Every problem has an answer and that answer can always be found within the very problem itself (if you know to look there), for just as every natural fruit contains a seed within, so does every problem contain an answer within. You just have to have faith that the answer is there to be found and will be found and that you will come out on the other side victorious.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

Copyrighted material. All rights reserved.

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