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Topic ClosedHeart Wrenching! UPDATE

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Heart Wrenching! UPDATE
    Posted: Jul 24 2014 at 11:25pm
their child and i won't judge them in anyway for what they feel themselves they think is right...their decision....
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jul 24 2014 at 11:21pm
Damn...this is probably the longest funeral ever or a close runner up.  IMO they are just prolonging their pain. 
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jul 24 2014 at 9:11pm
shes home on a ventilator
they wont let her go in peace
and her parents are still receiving donations
uncle threatened the school for her diploma

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510QUEEN View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 20 2014 at 2:13pm
This is sad.  She's not address the REAL issues still.  Physically doing better?........  I hope she gets the  peace she's searching for
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tatee View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 20 2014 at 1:36pm

Jahi McMath: Complete text of letter from brain-dead girl's mother

From staff reports
Posted:   02/20/2014 08:05:24 AM PST | Updated:   about 6 hours ago

Nailah Winkfield, the mother of Jahi McMath, publicly released a letter Wednesday afternoon thanking supporters and saying the 13-year-old girl declared brain dead on Dec. 12 was doing "much better physically" since she was transported from Children's Hospital Oakland to an undisclosed facility. The complete, unedited text of the letter follows:

A letter from Nailah:

It has been over a month since I have spoken about my life with Jahi to anyone outside a very small circle of family and friends. So many people have asked how we are doing and if Jahi is alive. This has and continues to be an unbelievably difficult time for me as a mother and for us as a family. I have withdrawn for reasons of safety and privacy and to focus on my daughter and my role as her mother. However, I have not been alone. I have been surrounded by the love, support and prayers of so many kind people. Despite what people say about my daughter being dead and how I must be ignorant not to get that, I can tell you that she is much better physically since she has left Children's Hospital and I see changes that give me hope.

As I prayed today, I felt called to express to people that I am truly grateful for the amount of love and support my daughter Jahi McMath and I have received from people all over the world. We feel your prayer and support. Because of your unselfish generosity I was able to do what I was afraid I would never be able to do, move my daughter from Children's Hospital Oakland before they removed her from her ventilator and stopped her heart. This was itself a miracle. Please know that all of the support we received has been used towards helping Jahi. If I had it my way, I would say thank you to each and every person in their native language so they could understand how much I appreciate them for all their support and, most importantly, prayers. It is my belief that faith in God, your prayers, and the incredible kindness of good hearted medical professionals, are the main reasons my daughter is alive today. I know people are concerned and I want to make sure you know that Jahi is nor suffering, she is surrounded by love. I will never let her suffer.

On the long hard days when I'm feeling down I think about all the people who are praying for me and Jahi and I feel so much better. I want you to know that I'm praying for you as well.

Thank you to all of the people who view my daughter as the sweet, innocent, 13 year old girl that she is and not a dead body or a corpse, I deeply appreciate that. Thank you to everyone who hasn't forgot how my daughter got into this situation in the first place. No one should have to go through this.

I would like to thank all of the people who have reached out to me and shared their stories of their family members. Some have been heartbreaking, some have given me hope. All have helped me feel that I am not the only person who has had this struggle. Some of you have shared you fought for your loved ones and they got better, some of you have shared your regret with not fighting more and some shared with me the incredibly difficult decisions you made to let go. I have prayed for you as you have for me. Sadly I can say I know how you feel.

I also want to thank those who felt the need to go public with their opinions about me and my daughter, positive and even negative. It is because of you that my daughter's experience is so relevant and that people all over the world know who Jahi McMath is. What you may not know is that her name, Jahi, means one who is known by many. Hopefully my daughter can change some of the ways brain death is viewed in today's society. Honestly, I think she already has.

Finally, thank you for all the love, support and prayers you give Jahi every day. I am certain that she knows you are praying for her. I feel the support from your prayer all the time. I don't think I or Jahi would be here today without you. May God bless all who have shown love and compassion as well as those who have expressed their contempt. All are deserving of God's grace and love. For those who believe, please, keep praying for Jahi. God can overcome all things and I believe that his will has yet to be fully revealed. I love Jahi and where there is love, there is hope.

Nailah Winkfield, Jahi's mom

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Katrenia View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jan 10 2014 at 9:44am
There is always those who will make money from unfortunate situations. After a while even a brain dead person who is still on life support begins to look dead.
That family needs a real miracle in 2014.
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coconess View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jan 10 2014 at 9:10am
random.. but i saw on craigslist they were asking for volunteers to pray for her 
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eanaj5 View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jan 10 2014 at 3:14am

Brain-dead girl Jahi McMath released from California hospital

By Ed Payne. Catherine E. Shoichet and Jason Hanna, CNN
updated 2:03 AM EST, Tue January 7, 2014
Watch this video

Brain dead girl's body moved

  • Jahi McMath is on a ventilator and has been declared brain-dead by doctors
  • Her family has moved her to a new facility, but won't say where
  • Attorney: "We're very relieved that she got safely to where she needed to be"
  • McMath is now receiving antibiotics and nutritional support, he says

(CNN) -- Jahi McMath is no longer inside the hospital where doctors declared her brain-dead after tonsil surgery last month.

But family members won't reveal where they took the 13-year-old after Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland released her Sunday night.

"We're very relieved that she got safely to where she needed to be, because we were all very afraid, given the fragile condition as she wasted away at Children's, that she might not make it," attorney Chris Dolan told reporters Monday.

The move ends one chapter of a weeks-long struggle between the hospital, which sought to remove Jahi from a ventilator after doctors and a judge concluded she was brain-dead, and her relatives, who fought in court to keep her on the ventilator and contended she showed signs of life.

Why brain dead means really dead

Brain dead girl's body moved, but how?
Uncle: I pray to see Jahi's smile again
Dr Sanjay Gupta on Jahi McMath

"As a family, we are definitely relieved that she's no longer at Children's Hospital, but we're all emotionally drained," Omari Sealey, the girl's uncle, told CNN's Piers Morgan Live on Monday night. "This has been an incredible roller-coaster ride of emotions."

He said so long as his niece's heart is beating, Jahi is alive.

"She's moving a lot more. She responds to audio and touch, and more compelling evidence is the fact that she can move her head and neck," Sealey said.

The hospital released Jahi on Sunday to the Alameda County coroner, who then released her to her mother's custody, said Dr. David Durand, the hospital's chief of pediatrics. The hospital had previously said it needed the coroner's consent for the transfer because Jahi was legally dead.

Jahi -- who was declared brain-dead December 12 after post-surgery complications that her family says included severe bleeding and cardiac arrest -- was moved from the hospital Sunday accompanied by a critical-care team. She was attached to a ventilator, but with no feeding tube in place.

On Monday, Dolan said Jahi was being given antibiotics to fight infections and nutritional support.

"They're giving her everything that a person who would have a chance to live would be getting," he said.

He declined to provide details about the type of facility, citing privacy and security concerns.

"She's where she's going to be for a while," he said. "She needs to be medically stabilized, medically treated."

On Sunday, the president of a rehabilitation center in New York told CNN that the facility would gladly accept Jahi. But Dolan said the family has no plans to give more details about her location.

"We've had people make threats from around the country. It's sad that people act that way," Dolan said. "So for Jahi's safety and those around her, we will not be saying where she went or where she is."

At least five different facilities that originally offered to care for Jahi fell through, he said. But ultimately, the family chose from a number of offers.

"There were other facilities that still had their hand extended," he said. "But we took the first one that we knew would pull us in."

Caplan: Brain dead is death

Let parents decide if teen is dead

Brain dead girl's body moved, but how?

The surgery

'Brain dead' case raises ethical issues

Jahi's case drew national attention and fueled debate as a fierce court battle unfolded between devastated family members fighting to keep her on a ventilator and doctors arguing she'd already died.

Family members say the eighth-grader was alert and talking after doctors removed her tonsils, adenoids and extra sinus tissue in a surgery at the Oakland hospital on December 9.

Doctors had recommended the surgery to treat pediatric obstructive sleep apnea, a condition which made her stop breathing in her sleep and caused other medical problems.

Before the surgery, Jahi said she was worried that she would never wake up, according to her uncle. She seemed fine after the surgery, but asked for a Popsicle because her throat hurt.

Not long afterward, something went terribly wrong. In an intensive care unit, the girl began bleeding profusely, the family said.

According to family members, Jahi went into cardiac arrest. Days later, she was declared brain-dead.

Hospital officials have said privacy laws prevent them from discussing details of the case.

The court battle and the medical debate

The family and the hospital disagreed over whether to disconnect her from a ventilator, and the issue wound up in Alameda Superior Court.

In court documents and public comments, the hospital maintained that there's no doubt that McMath is brain-dead, describing the condition as irreversible.

"No amount of prayer, no amount of hope, no amount of any type of medical procedure will bring her back," Children's Hospital Oakland spokesman Sam Singer said last month. "The medical situation here in this case is that Jahi McMath died several weeks ago."

A judge on December 23 appointed Dr. Paul Fisher, chief of pediatric neurology at Stanford Children's Hospital, to evaluate Jahi.

Fisher concluded the next day that she met the criteria for brain death. According to a court filing, Fisher found that the girl's pupils were fully dilated and unresponsive to light and that she did not respond to a variety of intense stimuli.

His report also says Jahi showed no sign of breathing on her own when a ventilator was removed: "Patient failed apnea test." The report says her heart was beating only because of the mechanical ventilator.

In addition, an imaging test showed no blood flow to Jahi's brain, while another showed no sign of electrical activity.

Fisher's conclusion: "Overall, unfortunate circumstances in 13-year-old with known, irreversible brain injury and now complete absence of cerebral function and complete absence of brainstem function, child meets all criteria for brain death, by professional societies and state of California."

After seeing Fisher's report, Alameda Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo concluded on December 24 that Jahi was brain dead. But Grillo twice ruled that the hospital had to hold off on disconnecting Jahi from life support, ultimately giving the family and the facility until January 7 to come to a resolution.

The Alameda County coroner issued a death certificate for Jahi on Friday, listing December 12 as the date of death. The certificate still needed to be accepted by the health department to become official.

Medical ethicists, meanwhile, say the high-profile case fuels a misperception: that "brain death" is somehow not as final as cardiac death, even though, by definition, it is. The case is "giving the impression that dead people can come back to life," Arthur Caplan, director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, told CNN last month.

Family members say they've seen reason for hope

Jahi's family members maintain that they're hoping for a miracle.

Her mother told CNN last month that she'd seen improvements, including indications from a hospital monitor that she said suggest her daughter was trying to breathe on her own.

The girl's uncle, Sealey, told reporters last week that a pediatrician has seen Jahi and has sworn she is not dead.

Hawaii girl, 3, dies after dental procedure

When asked about the girl's possible movement, Singer, the hospital spokesman, said he would not comment directly on any claims the family makes, citing privacy laws. However, Singer said it is "quite common" for the muscles of brain dead patients to move, stressing it's "not a sign of life."

So far the family has raised more than $50,000 on to move her. According to the site, more than 1,300 people have donated money in 10 days.

"We're very grateful, very proud," said Sealey. "We want to thank everyone that supported us, everyone that stood in our corner, everyone that prayed for us, everyone that helped donate to make this possible. Without you guys, none of this would be possible."

He didn't rule out the possibility that the family could eventually file a lawsuit against the hospital. But he dismissed concerns that details about what happened during and after Jahi's surgery could be lost if she remains on a ventilator.

"That's pretty much saying that she's evidence and she's a body, and we don't look at it that way," Sealey said. "We're not worried about accountability. We're worried about survival."

In releasing Jahi, the hospital said: "Our hearts go out to the family as they grieve for this sad situation and we wish them closure and peace."

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PurplePhase View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jan 06 2014 at 5:44pm
this is so sad. The mother here is fortunate to have media coverage though. I'm sure that helped her find a facility to take the girl.

Does anyone remember the young African lady who was taken off the vent  after the required 10 days? She was uninsured. She was taken off against her family's wishes and some said even her own wishes. She died w/in minutes. Her fam said she wanted to stay on the ventilator a few more days until her mom to arrive from Africa to see her one last time.  Her family tried to find a nursing home willing to take her, but couldn't.

eta: I think that was in Texas and the lady had cancer.

Edited by PurplePhase - Jan 06 2014 at 5:46pm
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Jan 06 2014 at 2:35pm
CryBroken Heart
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