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Skin Disorders are Blood Disorders

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    Posted: Nov 25 2013 at 12:07am

All skin disorders (or so-called disease(s)) are blood disorders. I don't care what the particular adverse skin challenge may be, whether it's genital herpes (HSV2), shingles (herpes zoster), eczema, psoriasis, Raynaud's disease, scleroderma, ringworm, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, skin blemish, whiteheads, blackheads, urticaria, lichen nitidus, chicken pox, measles, mumps, boils, hives, scabies infection, impetigo, lice infection, genital warts, tinea, keratosis pilaris, Kaposi sarcoma, vitiligo, or echtima just to name a few, the underlying physical problem lies with the blood - TOXIC BLOOD!

So please know that ALL, and I do mean ALL, skin disorders are blood disorders and to heal you're going to need more than some chemically medicated soap prescribed to you by some dermatologist who are very unnecessary people when you really know and understand what's going on with skin disorders.

Causes of Skin Disorders/Blood Disorders

There are many causes of skin disorders/blood disorders: (1) poor diet (high in ACIDIC or low pH foods and beverages, i.e. meat, dairy products, refined grains and starches, candy, chocolate, coffee, soda pop, beer/wine (alcoholic beverages), hot cocoa, lattes, punch, commercial fruit juices, etc. (2) toxicity from diet and use of personal hygiene and personal care products: mineral oil, lanolin, commercial soaps (that usually dry out skin), use of perfumes and colognes; cosmetics (makeup), (3) toxicity from pharmaceutical drug consumption (which greatly pollutes the body), (4) pollution and toxicity from inhalation of chemical household and automobile cleaning products, and (5) leaking of toxic inks from body tattoos just to name a few.

Other things that pollute the blood include negative thoughts, stress and worry, and other negative emotion.

Though rare, but many blood disorders and thus skin disorders are carryovers from a past life, usually the most recent one. These diseases are recorded in the etheric blueprint from which the physical body is constructed. I could cover this in the next segment or section of this article but I will cover it here independently.

Take vitiligo for example, which has become a common skin disorder, especially in African-Americans with singer Michael Jackson being the most widely known African-American with the disorder. And yes, Michael Jackson is an African-American (or still an African-American despite alleged vitiligo causing his many chemical skin-coloring processes).

The hell (3rd degree) Mike caught in recent years, especially in his legal matters, should let any confused person know that Mike is stilled considered a Black man. Michael Jackson was treated like the average Black male in U.S. media in his court cases. Mike's name came up with the likes of other Black males with a notorious criminal past (media-created or actual) such as Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Jim Brown, Tupac Shakur, R. Kelly, and James Brown to name a few.

Vitiligo is a common inquiry we get at via our "Ask Djehuty."

There are many past life reasons for vitiligo, including the following:

  • The skin was burned in a fire.
  • There was a desire to be White or Caucasian because being White or Caucasian was privileged in the society.
  • A person was White or Caucasian in a past life and the soul is having trouble being in darker skin (vessel) in the present life incarnation and seeks to have the skin complexion of the former life.
  • The skin area impacted by vitiligo could be the area whereby a corrosive or caustic chemical (like battery acid) came in contact with the skin and severely burned the skin.

There are more reasons but these are just a few reasons and possibilities that explain the metaphysical and paranormal origins of vitiligo, a very perplexing skin disorder to say the least. The best way to find out for sure the direct cause of the condition is to schedule a hypnotherapy or past-life regression session with a seasoned professional in these fields.

Not considering past lives brings much anguish, confusion, and frustration to many people's lives. The normal must have it's paranormal for purposes of balance. The normal is nothing but the paranormal inverted.

The Metaphysics of Skin Disorders and Adverse Skin Conditions

Metaphysically, adverse skin conditions warn us about our lives in general. Remember, "for the life of the flesh is in the blood" (Leviticus 17:11), so we have a connection between life and blood. Absent blood, there's no physical life.

Skin disorders reflect blood disorders and blood disorders reflect life issues and challenges. Is someone or something making your blood 'boil?' Is someone or something 'getting under your skin?' Does someone or something make your 'skin crawl?' These phrases speak to diseases of the blood manifesting through the skin. Someone or something making your blood 'boil' could cause a skin inflammation to physically occur. If a thing is 'boiling' then heat is present. Inflammation denotes heat.

Because vitiligo is a skin disorder commonly found in melanated individuals, vitiligo also suggests damage in the DNA circuitry of certain Black people. The work to repair damaged circuits and to switch back on 'turned off' circuit breakers is just too difficult, challenging, and over-the-head of most individuals who don't even accept the paranormal, metaphysics, or anything dealing with the unseen realm of existence, so unfortunately there's really nothing you can do to help the overwhelming majority of people in general with vitiligo to reverse the effects of the condition from this core perspective.

NOTE: Please do not ask or inquire of the process to reverse vitiligo via "Ask the Herbalist" because it's too time consuming for a detailed response. If you're serious, then you won't mind scheduling a one-hour consultation and taking notes. Linear time restraints won't allow a detailed and in-depth response to such an inquiry.

Concluding here in this section, there's a metaphysical causation to every disease and all healing must take into consideration the metaphysical causation of the disease or adverse health condition. There are no exceptions if you desire or expect total healing.

Healing Skin Disorders (Blood Disorders) Naturally


Without a doubt the diet must change if healing is to be effectuated. Unfortunately, most people cannot make the connection between food and diseases or what they eat and why they are sick. This would have to account for the biggest block in the healing and prevention of disease. What you eat, bad or good, is going to affect the blood and thus affect the skin. Again, the skin is a manifestation of the condition of the blood. You can't heal the skin without addressing the blood. Period!

Acidic blood is going to create adverse skin conditions; therefore you must become a fastidious eater and watch what you eat.

Meat products, eggs, dairy products, refined grains and refined starches all help to make toxic and polluted ACIDIC blood. Therefore, to heal from any adverse skin condition, there must be a dietary change. One should abstain from consuming all acid-forming and inducing foods and beverages and consume mostly live/living organic raw vegan foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts).


Without a doubt the best drinking water for healing all adverse skin conditions is ALKALINE WATER. See/read our article by the same title in our "Articles" section. Alkaline water causes the tissues to dump off toxins like a dump truck when consumed. The more water you drink on a daily basis, the more you will flush out old toxins as well as bust up hardened and stubborn mucus.

You should drink half your body weight in water. Whatever your weight is, cut it or divide it in half and change the pounds to ounces and drink that number in water daily. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, have of 180 pounds is 90 pounds. Now remove the pounds and replace the pounds with ounces; so 90 pounds becomes 90 ounces. Therefore, you should be drinking 90 ounces of water per day. That's almost ¾ of a gallon of water daily.

If alkaline water is not available or cannot be found in your supermarket or health food store, simply opt for distilled water (for cleansing purposes). However, spring water may also be drunk if it is your choice or alkaline and/or distilled water is not available.

Stay away from drinking commercial brands of bottled water such as Dasani. Brands like these are crap and are usually manufactured by soda beverage companies (i.e., Coca-Cola, Pepsi). Damn near all companies are cashing in on the bottled water cow these days. Major corporations have helped to pollute the Earth's water and now many of them are making money off of allegedly purifying the polluted water and selling it to consumers. Man is sick as hell today. Many times I can't believe we have done and are continuing to do to our Earth what we have done to it, and all for the sake of money which is based upon an illusion (dollar bills, units of measurements).

Dollars are simply units of measurements. Did you know this? A dollar is in the same category of gallon, pints, and ounces. So when you say: "I'll pay you $50 dollars," a wise person would respond by saying: "$50 of what?"

With dollar bills, government has tricked the people by making the unit of measurement the actual thing by which it is to be measured. It's like making an ounce, milk itself. An ounce is not milk! Milk is measured by or in ounces.

The measurement cannot become the tangible thing which it is to be measured by. So you can have an ounce, pint, or gallon of water, but you couldn't give a thirsty man a glass or bottle of ounce, pint, or gallon to satisfy his thirst, now could you? Units of measurements are INTANGIBLE! The measurement for water could never satisfy the thirst. Only the actual water could.

But look at what has happened to the American people. They have been given units of measurements (i.e. dollars) for the thing(s) which was supposed to be measured, which according to the U.S. Constitution were GOLD and SILVER coins.

But today, Americans have no gold and silver coin, not even in Fort Knox. Great Britain stole all of America's money through a great fraud that began in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act and that was 95% complete by 1933 with Franklin D. Roosevelt's 3-day banking holiday:

"All gold coin was removed from common circulation, at par, at the banks in America." 48 STATUTES 2 (March 9, 1933); 48 STATUTES 113 (June 5, 1933); 12 U.S.C., Section 248[n]

During the 3-day Banking Holiday swindle and heist, Americans were forced to turn over all of their gold for paper bills backed by nothing but a mere promise to pay under a threat of imprisonment. Basically it was: turn in your gold or go to jail for breaking the law.

Dumb and blindly loyal citizens and patriots (especially White males at that time) turned over their gold and lost their freedom and posterity, as they have always done via patriotism predicated upon ego. The Rulers always take over a nation via patriotism. The final icing on the cake of U.S. tyranny (9/11 Terrorist attacks by the U.S. government on the American people committed under the banner of fanatical Arab Muslim terrorists) has been called The Patriot Act!

Don't think 9/11 was an inside job? Then check out: Loose Change at: or Google in "Loose Change Store." You can watch the video for free at: - Click here (or Google "Loose Change, 2nd edition).

Redemption of any U.S. currency in gold is illegal:

"Redemption of any currency of the United States in gold is prohibited." 48 STAT. 340; Title 31 U.S.C., 315b and 408a

Richard M. Nixon, a Rockefeller bought and paid for politician out of California, made the fraud and theft 100% complete when he permanently removed the silver standard. However, the nation's money fate was sealed in the mid 1960's by Congress:

"All silver coin was removed from common circulation, at par, at the banks in America." Public Law 8931 (July 23, 1965), Senate # 2080; Public Law 9029 (June 24, 1967); Title 50 U.S.C., Section 9898H; 60 STATUTES 596

"The Coinage Act of 1965 discontinued silver coinage." 79 STAT. 254 31 U.S.C., Section 391

"Redemption of silver certificates in silver was discontinued as of June 24, 1968 pursuant to the Act of June 24, 1967." 81 STAT.77

"The gold certificate reserve against Federal Reserve deposits was eliminated entirely." Public Law 89-3 (March 3, 1965); 79 STAT.5

"Gold reserves were removed entirely against Federal Reserve notes in circulation to make available additional amounts of gold for international monetary transactions." Public Law 90-269 (March 18, 1968)

Thus, since 1970, American's money has been substance-less and unconstitutional. U.S. dollar bills (all denominations) have been created out of thin air with a cost of 1 cent per bill made (regardless of denomination), and then people wonder why the United States is in a ten trillion dollar + debt.

So it only costs one cent to print a $1 dollar bill, $5 dollar bill, $10 dollar bill, $20 dollar bill, $50 dollar bill, or a $100 dollar bill. If the U.S. prints her own money, who is she in debt to? Why is there a national deficit (national debt)?

You can't be in debt to yourself if you make (print) your own money. That's just it: the U.S. does not make (print) its own money. The U.S. borrows money from the Federal Reserve Bank which is a PRIVATELY owned corporation. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more federal (government-owned and operated) than Federal Express is. The word "Federal" in "Federal Reserve" was thrown in to throw American citizens off and it most certainly has.


Juicing is so imperative in cleansing and purifying the blood. Vegetable juice nourishes, builds, strengthens, cleanses and purifies the blood and lymph fluid. Fruit juice does the same as vegetable juice, but fruits are more cleansing whereas vegetables are more building in nature. So it's ideal to drink fruit juice in the morning and vegetable juice throughout the rest of the day (after 12 p.m.). However, fruit juice too can be drunk throughout the day. Make no mistake!

The best veggies for your vegetable juice cocktail are those that are GREEN and RED in color. Anything green will greatly cleanse the blood (as blood is green-colored under the skin) and anything red will greatly cleanse the blood (as blood appears red outside of the skin).

Green veggies include: spinach, parsley, cilantro, green bell pepper, basil, cucumber (technically a fruit), celery, and artichoke to name a few; but you can juice whatever your favorite veggie(s) may be (so please don't e-mail me and ask what vegetables can you juice). The same applies for fruits. Simply juice whatever foods you like to consume.

Red veggies include: beets, tomatoes (technically a fruit), red bell pepper, and radish to name a few. Again, you can juice whatever your favorite veggie(s) may be (so again, please don't e-mail me and ask what vegetables can you juice). The same applies for fruits. Simply juice whatever foods you like to consume.

Red-colored fruits are great for blood cleansing: strawberries, cherries, lycii berries, goji berries, and tomatoes to name a few.

Remember, just about all fruits are going to be good for you: very nutritious and alkaline (even the acidic ones as acidic fruit is not the same acidity from unnatural foods such as meat and dairy; acidic fruit is not acid-forming and inducing).

Wheat grass and barley grass are excellent blood purifiers and builders and can be drunk daily. Two to four ounces daily of these grass juices are ideal. You can even add them to your vegetable juice cocktail.


Herbs that are good and effective for cleansing and purifying the blood include: Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Root, Goldenseal Root, Oregon Grape, Cleavers, Nettle, Pau D' Arco, Celedine, Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock Root, Manjistha, Cat's Claw, Barberry, Devil's Claw, Chickweed, Sassafras, Chaparral, Amla Fruit, Strawberry Leaf, and Cerasee to name a few. Visit our “HERBS” category, “Bulk Herbs.”

It is best to take at least five of these herbs mixed together into a compound. Tea form would be ideal so as to drink 2-3 cups per day. includes most of these herbs in the Blood and Lymphatic Formula.

The herb Red Clover Tops will simply help to build the blood. It is a blood builder and not necessarily a blood cleanser, so it's best to consume this herb after a thorough blood cleansing. formulas and cleanses that are good and effective for healing skin/blood disorders and diseases include: Full Body Detox, Supreme Blood Cleanse, Anti-Viral Cleanse, Supreme Liver Cleanse, Parasite and Worm Cleanse, Blood and Lymphatic Formula, Blood Cleanser Tea, Full Body Detox Companion Tea, Emerald Greens Cell Food, Healing Facial Skin Kit, Healing Skin Oil, Beauty Oil, Oz Oil, Bentonite Clay, Traditional African Black Soap.


Facial steaming has to be one of the best healing modalities one could use to facilitate healing an adverse face or facial skin challenge (so-called disease). One can purchase a semi-professional steamer for around $300. Smaller compact facial steamer units sell for $30-50 which you can find and purchase at department stores and stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

One can perform facial steaming (called "facial tinting") at home by simply bringing water to a boil in a pot and placing a large towel over the head while the head is over the boiling water (from a safe distance of course so as not to burn one's self). The large towel is used to trap the steam in. The face should be a safe distance from the boiling water, enough to not be burned by the steam but enough to benefit from the steam.

Facial steaming helps open up the pores and to cause toxins trapped underneath the skin to be expelled. Blackheads and whiteheads and other skin blemishes are simply trapped toxins in the skin that the skin attempted to eliminate or is attempting to eliminate. Most of these blemishes are sticky in nature (due to a pus and mucus base); this is why they usually get stuck in the skin while attempting to be eliminated.


I won't go much into detail here since we already have an article by this same title ("Sea Salt Soak") that should be performed daily, especially when the adverse skin condition is on parts of the lower body (face and neck down). When there are severe and chronic skin conditions on the lower body, herbs (such as those named supra) should be added to the bath/soak water. These herbs should be in whole or cut and sifted form. They can be boiled first (in a large pot) and then added to the bath/soak water or dropped/added directly to the hot water.

You can find all kinds of awesome natural sea salts in our “SALTS” category.


Certain clays such Bentonite, French Green, and Rhassoul (Moroccan Red) are ideal and very effective in healing adverse skin conditions, especially of the face. These clays have a pulling and drawing action or effect and pull trapped toxins from the skin, as well as parasites. Most of these adverse skin conditions (if not all) involve parasitic infection. Visit our “CLAYS & MUDS” category.

I suggest claying first followed by facial steaming (or tinting). A person should clay first (leaving clay on for 15-30 minutes); then remove clay with a good natural soap (i.e. Traditional African Black Soap), and then facial steam.

Claying can be performed every other or every 3rd day. Claying should not be done daily as it can cause serious skin irritation due to drying out the skin's natural moisture. It takes some time for the facial skin to naturally lubricate itself; this is why claying should not be performed daily.

Also, clay can be applied to other areas of the body where there's an adverse skin challenge or condition: the neck, back, chest, buttocks, arms, shoulders, legs, and genitalia (outer genitalia for females). Claying other parts of the body can be performed daily or every other day and the clay can be left on the affected or injured area for 15-30 minutes.


You'd be wise to stay away from all commercial brand soaps, i.e. Dove, Caress, Ivory, Irish Spring, Dial, Olay, Lever 2000, and Zest to name a few. These all contain harmful toxic chemicals that enter the bloodstream via the skin and pollute the blood, lymph, and organs and glands in addition to removing natural body moisture. They make your skin dry and hard. Their synthetic smell or fragrance damages your natural sense of smell called olfaction.

Use therapeutic brand soaps, i.e. liquid castile-based soap or our Traditional African Black Soap that are far better to use on the skin, especially damaged facial skin.

Remember, anything you put on the skin is absorbed via the skin and enters the bloodstream. Therefore, you would be wise to abstain from using any man-made chemicals on your body. Like I tell folks, ideally, you should be able to eat anything you put on your body. Body care and personal hygiene products should be predominantly made from food sources, such as fruits, herbs, seeds, and nuts.

Chemicals (via articles, products) to be avoided include: commercial soaps, shampoos, conditions, colognes and perfume, deodorant and antiperspirant, alcohol, talc, powder, makeup (cosmetics), and shaving creams and gels to name a few.


Though lotion is very convenient to use, I don't recommend using or wearing it when there's a chronic and severe skin condition present. Many lotions contain toxic chemicals that only exacerbate a problem or condition. The better choice would be oil - BOTANICAL OILS.

Good botanical oils include Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Kukui Nut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Camellia oil, Grape seed oil, Borage Seed oil, Sesame Seed oil, Black Seed oil, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Argan oil, Rose Hip Seed oil, Marula oil, Cranberry Seed oil, Pomegranate Seed oil, Rice Bran oil, Red Raspberry Seed oil, and Peach and Apricot Kernel oil. These oils can be found here at under “OILS & BUTTERS.”

Butters are also good to use on the skin for healing purposes. Good butters include African Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, and Kpangnan Butter to name a few. These butters are best when unrefined. They may not be appealing to the senses (sight and smell) when unrefined but they are very effective.

Botanical oils are closer to the makeup of natural skin oils and thus are the best oils to use. You'd be wise to never use synthetic man-made oils such as mineral oil because mineral oil clogs the pores and suffocates the skin - a living organ that must breathe.

Though organic, I would also suggest to never use animal-based oils such as lanolin oil and emu oil. Humans need to leave the animals alone and let them serve out their soul purpose. Animals are not here specifically and directly for us as human though they do help in the natural order and balance of things.


There are many women unwisely using chemical birth control pills risking various cancers, stroke, headaches, high blood pressure and other diseases all to prevent skin disorders that are clearly predicated upon hormonal imbalance which is why medical doctors are putting them on or prescribing to them harmful, toxic, and in many cases, FATAL birth control pills.

You don't need to take poison to prevent skin eruptions, i.e. acne. Acne is the skin's way of pooping toxins out because your other eliminative channels, i.e. colon, may be obstructed, taxed, and clogged.


No matter how chronic your skin condition may be or how bad the skin condition may appear, you can heal it! Believe this!

The Full Body Detox and Facial Skin Healing regimen can help you to heal from acne which is a pretty common skin disorder, especially amongst Americans and American youth in particular.

Just keep purifying your blood (Blood and Lymphatic Formula, Emerald Greens Cell Food, and Vitamin C Formula; drinking vegetable juice) and using the Facial Skin Healing regimen (clay, oils, soap, astringent, etc.).

Remember though that with Nature time is involved and thus patience is involved. Just take your healing one day at a time. Don't worry about when you'll be totally healed or when you'll begin to see results. Don't have this mentality. Just take your healing one day at a time and let Nature and your body do they're thing.

Skin conditions are nothing but blood conditions and because the blood can purified, skin conditions can be healed; and said another way, because blood conditions can be healed, so can skin conditions.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

Watch this Video: -

Full Body Detox: -

Blood and Lymphatic Formula: -

Facial Skin Healing Kit: -

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