Hi! I got a sew in there a few months ago. It was so pretty, when people talked about having their hair laid, this what they mean! I paid $150 which isn't necessarily cheap but for how my hair looked I think it was worth it. I went on a Friday morning, as a walk in around 11 am, there really wasn't any wait, the stylist Shelly, worked on me and 1 other client and I was out of their by 2 pm. I would get there early because I noticed in the afternoon it started to get packed. I keep the install in for 4 weeks, but if I gotten it tighten it could have lasted 8 weeks, I just got tired of straight hair. My only nitpick or reason why I'm haven been back since is the stylist didn't flip the tracks but cut them, and when I asked for them to not be cut she said that's the best way for a flat install. If I didn't mind my wefts being cut, I would totally go back to them exclusively but, every time I get my hair done i don't want to have to figure out a puzzle piece to have it sewed in especially considering I paid a pretty penny for the hair. I don't think it will hurt  to call and ask if they can flip tracks because otherwise it was a great experience, easy to get to, right next to the orange station, I felt like it wasn't a long wait, the staff was friendly but didn't force me to walk ( I'm a really quiet person) and my hair looked great. Hope that helps!