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Category: Skin Care
Forum Name: Dark Spots
Forum Description: Discussion on Dark Spots
Printed Date: Dec 12 2018 at 5:53am

Posted By: tolula
Date Posted: Jun 04 2004 at 5:59pm

I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem.

My mother has these dark moles all over her body, and their actually called dermatisis papulosa nigra or DPN's, and they are genetic.  I see alot of other Black women and men with this problem, but I'm not sure if anyone has ever went about getting them removed.

I'm starting to get these same moles all over, and I went to a dermatologist who told me should could remove them, and it would cost about $600-$900.  The thing is, she said new ones would form eventually although those removed wouldn't come back. 

I really just want to know if anyone has ever had any of these moles removed and what they would suggest as far as what to expect or after care.

I would also like anyone who has the same problem to discuss it on this board because I see far too many African American women and men who have these moles and let the proliferate for lack of a better solution. There is a Black dermatologist who recently came out with a book called Brown Skin and she discussed the issue briefly, however, only briefly.  I feel that if enough fervor grew around such an issue I would begin a letter campaign to demonstrate interest to in figuring out a treatment that didn't involve surgery. 

I really feel alot of times products aren't geared toward African Americans because we suffer in silence, but I feel it's the 21st Century and we have more accessto information and power to change that.

Posted By: Phoenix1017
Date Posted: Jun 05 2004 at 3:21am

I'm getting my mole removed this summer. It's on my eyebrow and it's big now. about the size of a pencil eraser. Yeah, I know I'm getting to the danger zone on this one because it keeps growing. Anyway, they are going to have to cut deep into my skin to get rid of it for good. I have had a few problems with it because I have a skin picking disorder.

I'll tell ya'll how it turns out aftr the surgery.

I have seen lots of black people with small moles all over thir faces. I read that they were hereditary also. I heard that they could zap those off with electricity. They can't get all of the nevi out for you with an elliptical excision? It may leave scars but I think that may prevent them from coming back.

Posted By: lyveec1
Date Posted: Jul 12 2004 at 12:23pm


I am trying to find out if there are any safe topical solutions to get rid of my facial warts. Any suggestions??

Posted By: hunyluvlee
Date Posted: Jul 20 2004 at 8:00pm
Yes, my mother got hers removed and she thinks its worth the money. Make sure you go to a doctor that specializes in ethnic skin, because you will have splotches left to treat when they are frozen and removed. Good Luck!

Posted By: Scout45
Date Posted: Jul 29 2004 at 9:29am

Hello All,

New to the board.  Glad I found it.  I too am starting to develop "facial moles" although my mother never did and neither have my sisters. 

I am interested in having them removed but as of yet do not have much info on the subject.  I agree that we need to make some noise as women and as people of color with health care needs that are not being met by the mainstream.

I am also wondering if the sun helps to exacerbate this condition. As a child I spent a lot of time outdoors unprotected .  Then sunscreen wasn't touted as it is today.  Now I use sunscreen even in the winter.  I know it can't prevent any damage which is already done but it may help to prevent future damage.

I'd appreciate any comments, insight, etc.

Knowledge is power.

Peace, Scout


Posted By: cinna
Date Posted: Aug 04 2004 at 1:34pm
hi I just posted on the same topic under a different
thread. I had mine removed by the dermatologist in a
office visit.Mine were small in clusters around my
eye's. She used a cortrizing (sp?) instrument. It stings
a little it feels like mini electrical charges. That was
over a yr ago. They havn't come back. you are right
there isn't alot of information about how to have them
removed. I went to the dermatologist to have her
recommend something to even my skin tone. She is the one
who asked if I wanted them removed. I wished I had of
know of this years ago. My mother has a lot all over her
forehead growing into her hairline. I can't get her to
go to a dermatologist. I'm afraid they maybe to large to
remove without leaving huge scars. I agree with Tolula
we need to inform our community about treatment. There
is no reason in this day and age that people shouldn't
they have options.

Posted By: zigmarlee
Date Posted: Sep 09 2004 at 5:49pm
My husband has these, we used that wart remover that comes in a can that freezes off warts just to try and see if it worked. We did a couple on his back and within 2 days they had turned grey and fell off. They left a small flat area, but keep in mind these were the raised moles. He also has the flat ones, and we didn't try those..we also didn't do his face, just tested his back and the stuff actually did work.

Posted By: Mizz_Scorpio
Date Posted: Sep 09 2004 at 6:15pm

I have facial moles because my mother has them, and i might get more. I used to not like them, but I had to learn to accept them; besides, I don't have sugery money. I hope your procedure is a success.


BTW, what causes those raised moles?

Posted By: Jai*
Date Posted: Sep 09 2004 at 9:44pm

I'm sorry, but I actually like mine!  I've had mine since I was little. Although I'm not exactly sure what type you're talking about, I have the flat ones one on my back, on on my shoulder, and one on the side of my neck. And the they tiny ones that kind of stick up, I have a couple on the side of but underneath my left eye (But there's only one that you can really see). And actually, I've got a lot of complements on the one by my eye.  People think it's cute, I think it's cute, so I'm fine with it.

But from what I've heard people tend to get more of those little ones with age. I know my grandmother has a lot, and my mother had all of hers removed. I don't get it though, I mean if she wanted to remove those why did she leave the freckles on her nose?  Anyways.... lol.. the ones by her eye she had "burned" off by a doctor. No scars of course. And she said it was painless. But the larger ones she had removed scared very bad! To her, I think it was worth it. But to me personally, I can't say that it would be worth the trouble. Sorry, but I don't know how much she paid for the larger ones, but I don't think he even charged her for the little ones around her eyes. Either way that was a long time ago, and I'm sure prices have changed since.

I think it's character, and I think it adds to our individual beauty.  But then again... my mother feels the same way about the gap in her teeth, while I strongly disagreed and got braces to close mine.  So I guess I'm really not one to talk, as we all have our own preferences.  To each her own right.

Best wishes hun.

*~Peace and Blessings~*

Posted By: QueenBee
Date Posted: Oct 01 2004 at 10:40pm

As a kid I had some small moles under each eye.  Everyone saw that they weren't noticeable until they got really close to my face but yet still just them being their bothered me.  Like many of's hereditary.  Male and females on my mother's side have moles on their faces.  

As I entered college the more moles seemed to appear.  My grandmother recommended that I use castor oil nightly on the moles.  Funny thing is that over a period I used the castor oil nightly and the moles came off.  However, when I thought they were gone and stopped using the castor oil they would come back.

So last summer I opted to get them removed.  The doctor recommended that I get them cut from my face instead of laser because dark skin becomes damaged and leaves black marks.  

He numbed my face with an something and the only discomfort I felt was the prick from the needle to numb (much like going to the dentist).  I was only allowed to wash my face with water and use an antibotic cream. 

Overall, I am glad that I rid of the moles and my faces and feel much better.





Posted By: Marcel
Date Posted: Oct 13 2004 at 8:39pm
what is it? Are they beauty marks???

Posted By: Phoenix1017
Date Posted: Oct 14 2004 at 8:37am


I removed mine myself a little while ago since the doctor wouldn't do it. (Yeah, I know that was dangerous)

I'm okay though. I'm still here, no infection or anything. I used surgical tools, etc.

I'm happy with the results.

Posted By: Ms.Sham
Date Posted: Apr 22 2006 at 1:28pm
I have these little raised moles under my eyes too. When I was about 13 or 14 it was one small mole that appeared, but it was so small that I was the only one who seemed to notice it. Now all of a sudden I have these tiny moles popping up everywhere, and the small one is growing, along with a few other ones. I've heard of people using different remedies to get them removed, such as castor oil and wart remover creams, and was wondering if anyone could tell me more about them cause I would be willing to try them out as long as they are safe...The females on my father's side of the family get the very easily, and one of my aunts jus recently had about 200 of these moles removed! I dont like them, even though my boyfriend says they are cute. I already have issues with acne that refuses to go away...and now moles... HELP!

Posted By: Ms.Sham
Date Posted: Apr 22 2006 at 1:28pm
Oh and bump

Posted By: QueenBee
Date Posted: Apr 25 2006 at 8:49am

I understand about the moles being under your eye.  I would try the castor oil method and see how it works being that they are small moles.

Posted By: Ms.Sham
Date Posted: Apr 25 2006 at 1:01pm
where can i buy castor oil from?

Posted By: QueenBee
Date Posted: Apr 28 2006 at 11:37pm
You can purchase from Wal-mart / Target or grocery store.  It's usually located in the laxative areas.  

Posted By: Ms.Sham
Date Posted: Apr 29 2006 at 12:31am
    Thank you so much for the info. It seems like everytime I look in the mirror a new mole is creeping up! But how much did it cost for you to get your mole professionally removed if you dont mind me asking?

Posted By: QueenBee
Date Posted: Apr 29 2006 at 8:06am
I'm stationed overseas and I got my moles removed in Thailand so it was substantially cheaper than what one woud pay in the States.  In Thailand to have them all remove, the little ones underneathe my eyes and upper cheekbones I paid $150 (without insurance) and that included 2 follow up visits.

Posted By: Anin
Date Posted: Apr 30 2006 at 10:37am
Hi tolula. My mother has those all over her face and I inherited them also. I had those moles on my face and about 9 years ago it got so bad and gross-looking that I couldn't stand it any longer. I went to my dermatologist and had them burned off. He took off 71 of them...71!!
As for the process, The doctor lasers the moles just for a second or two and then they raise up and are clearly visible after the treatment but the office gave me an antibiotic gel to put on them twice a day/every day and they started to fall off that night. Within a couple of days, I just had some light spots where the moles used to be and the gel took care of the spots not long afterwards. Now I look and feel like a new woman because my face is mole free. Smile So now once a year, I check my face and body for moles and "save them up" (sound gross I know) to have them lasered off.
I have QualChoice Select insurance and I get them taken off for free.

Posted By: Ms.Sham
Date Posted: May 02 2006 at 4:06pm
well i have been using castor oil mixed when baking soda, but i find that it irritated the skin around the moles badly and dries it out. and it also stings a little... i dont know if this is normal or not, and if i should just use castor oil and not mix it with anything. i was on another board and a woman was talking about how she mixed those two ingredients to help remove the moles...maybe im doing something wrong??

Posted By: QueenBee
Date Posted: May 03 2006 at 5:32am
Originally posted by o0oShamo0o o0oShamo0o wrote:

well i have been using castor oil mixed when baking soda, but i find that it irritated the skin around the moles badly and dries it out. and it also stings a little... i dont know if this is normal or not, and if i should just use castor oil and not mix it with anything. i was on another board and a woman was talking about how she mixed those two ingredients to help remove the moles...maybe im doing something wrong??
On this site" rel="no follow -
There is a read about someone who used this method and stated that it did hurt and sting a little bit.
eta:  Ooshamoo--I only used castor oil to rid the moles.  I didn't mix it with anything.   However, I've mixed baking soda, sulfur, with vaseline to help dry out pimples. Also, baking soda and Zinc oxide creme (baby diaper rash creme) to help with pimples.  

Posted By: Ms.Sham
Date Posted: May 05 2006 at 2:11am
Maybe I should just use castor oil. How long did it take for the moles to disappear? They seem to be getting bigger to me and they make me so self conscious. The baking soda and sulfur to dry out pimples is something I have never heard of before but I wouldnt mind using because I have acne and nothing else seems to work.

Posted By: zina_05
Date Posted: Jun 15 2006 at 3:45pm
    I did a research paper on black skin, and no doctor/dermatologist knows what causes them yet, so there are no non-surgical removals. As far as I know, having them removed is all you can do, and they WILL grow back. Sorry I wasn't more help.

Posted By: adriannaz
Date Posted: Jun 16 2006 at 7:53am
The castor oil mole remover sounds good.  I hope someone can tell me:
Do you apply the castor oil just on each mole(I have alot of small ones all over my face) or do you use the castor as an all over facial oil.
I have oily skin so would the castor make my skin more oily?
Thanks for any help.

Date Posted: Jul 07 2006 at 3:09pm
Been there two but I didn 't pay $600 for it my dr Rheim in Monterey Ca is the best he zapped them off and I had no scarring but it does hurt it's basically like having a scab/ burn but I went on accutane and could not get anymore removed until my treatment was done. I will be going back soon I just need to be ready to stand it again but you will be happy. Im dark skinned too call my dr he will answer all your questions (831)373-4404    just make sure your doctor specializes in ethnic skin.  

Posted By: fabulousb2003
Date Posted: Sep 11 2006 at 6:51pm
I am so happy to say that I had a raised mole on my neck that I irrated it by washing my neck and accidentally scratching it. I read on here that some women were trying the castor oil, so I decided to try it and it did work for me after one week, my mole just fell off where I don't know. I was so happy today, so I put it all over my neck because I have small moles on my neck. They aren't raised ones though, I hope they just disappear.

Posted By: llori
Date Posted: Sep 21 2006 at 8:18am

I have one small mole under my right eye (same place my mom has one).  I'm going to try the Castor Oil method.  Hope it works!

Posted By: reunitej21
Date Posted: Sep 22 2006 at 1:07am this castor oil method really works for removing moles huh? I may have to try that on the 3 small raised moles under my right eye. They aren't noticeable at all and they really don't bother me, so I might just leave them alone. My mother has a few small ones on her face, but my aunt has a million all over hers. I don't knowErmm.....I've had these same 3 moles for awhile and new ones haven't formed. If I start to get more then I'll look into getting them removed.
Everyone that's using the castor oil, keep us posted please.Smile

Posted By: fabulousb2003
Date Posted: Sep 22 2006 at 12:56pm
Oh yes, it will work i just made the mistake of putting a cotton ball with castor oil on it with a bandage over night and at work and when the mole fell off i had marks from the bandage on my neck, now i am putting lemon juice on my neck to fade it. Remember to put it on everytime you think about it, day and night. hth

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