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Keracare Avlon products- dont sleep on it LADIES!!

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Printed Date: Sep 24 2018 at 6:58am

Topic: Keracare Avlon products- dont sleep on it LADIES!!
Posted By: biblelover
Subject: Keracare Avlon products- dont sleep on it LADIES!!
Date Posted: Sep 25 2016 at 12:47am
Ladies, since being natural i converted to only usingnatural products on my hair but that is too time consuming to do natural products every hair wash. I use to use keracare while natural so i figured why not go back to them? Only to find out they now make more natural products now... So that was exciting. I went back to keracare and also keracare-avlon hair products since last year October and my scalp is back to healthy, my hair is back to being soft and my hairdressor from my local dominican salon tells me that the products i use and bring in are perfect for my hair. Now almost a year later and i wanted to share my experience using their products. I never order directly off of their site, it is too expensive and their shipping is pricey too. I find keracare at ulta or sally beauty here in NY but the avlon-keracare moisture right line products must be ordered online. They use ayurvedic ingredients in their avlon moisture right and in their natural textures line. Ladies my hair has changed to being healthy ever since.
Here is what i use:
*Avlon moisture right shampoo (ayurvedic ingredients and detangles and cleans scalp)
*Keracare dry and itchy scalp conditioner (tingle sensation is amazing, detangling is also superb)
*Natural textures leave in cream
*Avlon moisture right detangling spray ( this one keeps hair strong during detangling imo)
*Avlon moisture right laminate spray (i use this once my rollers are set before going under the dryer for thermal protection and finishing shine)
*Keracare oil sheen spray ( once my rollers set is dry or after blowdrying hair straight)

And then on the regular, i just oil my scalp with olive and/or avocado oil mix or seperate depending on what is on sale, both do my scalp well.

I have yet to try the *edge tamer from keracare so if anyone has tried it, let me know please?

Every single ingredient are not 100% natural for keracare but the ingredients are wonderful for my 4c hair texture

Posted By: biblelover
Date Posted: Jun 11 2017 at 6:22am
Correction, i use to use keracare when relaxed and have gone back to them while being natural since like Oct 2015, almost a year later and re-reading my old post from Sept and noticed this error in writing. Sorry guys....and just to update, my hair has grown soooooooo much. From shoulder to bra strap now since Oct 2015 to now june 2017 with trims of an inch 3 times a year (basically every 4 months). Keracare is amazing, i did eventually try the edge tamer... didnt like it for my natural hair, about to try their keracare styling stick from sally beauty but other then that, i still use the same exact keracare products mention in my Sept 2016 post. Have not changed it cause it works for me, maybe some of you can tell me what has worked for you or if you tried it out

Posted By: NJHairLuv
Date Posted: Jun 14 2017 at 6:24am
I used to use Avlon products, including the Avlon relaxer Affirm. Im talking 15+ years ago.  KeraCare and Avlon where the stylist's choice back in the day and I used a lot of their products faithfully, but I haven't bought it in around 7-8 years, but that's only bc I pared down my regimen. I may go back to it soon. 

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