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Sunday Best contestant reads Kim Burrell 4 filth

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Topic: Sunday Best contestant reads Kim Burrell 4 filth
Posted By: Alias_Avi
Subject: Sunday Best contestant reads Kim Burrell 4 filth
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 1:54am

Posted By: newdiva1
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:05am

Posted By: rell85
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:10am
Aww...they were wrong...just laughed in his face...i like Yolanda seriousness.

Posted By: Alias_Avi
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:24am
"Kim Burrell, I been stopped liking you since last year" Cry

Posted By: newdiva1
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:25am
I just laugh errytime I click this thread and see the thumbnail.

Posted By: coconess
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:34am
i didnt witness any reading for filth.. 
but im glad he spoke up.. that was rude and he wasnt even awful.. although he really was just repeating the saaaame thing. 
then they tried to act like they werent laughing at him. Ermm

Posted By: newdiva1
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:36am
maybe he read for slight dirt.

Posted By: Alias_Avi
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:58am
Her face when he says "Kim" slays me lol

She thought he was going to say something nice about her. Smh at ye ol rude snickerin' disrespectful ass

They worst than anything I've seen on American Idol and they supposedly church goin folks
Glad she got read and he was so respectful about it too, made her look like a real ass

Posted By: Missvw
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 2:59am
I'm glad he spoke up, she was rude and he didn't sound that bad

Posted By: Midna
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 3:56am
Not filth, but her laughter WAS rude.

Posted By: tatee
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 5:07am
was his voice even worthy a cackle.  she did that to to humiliate him, acting like he was wasting her time when thats what she is there for.  she acts like saying no and being disrespectful are one in the same like you cant do one without the other. and then had the never to act indignant.

Posted By: Lady ICE
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 5:16am
Originally posted by newdiva1 newdiva1 wrote:

I just laugh errytime I click this thread and see the thumbnail.

he was tellin the truth tho they were rude. doesnt matter if the laugh was directed towards him or not. yall supposed to shut up and let him get the advice he needs to hear or whatever.  with her raggedy curls and weird eyes.LOL

sorry Lord...back to the pic thread i go. Confused

Posted By: BBpants
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 7:13am
They were wrong for laughing in his face and having a side conversation....I'm glad he spoke up and walked away when that guy was talking. All he was saying was lies and excuses. Own up to what you were doing and apologize.

Posted By: Lite Brite
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 8:15am
Smh..Yeah I agree with all y'all

Rude bitch

Posted By: mizzsandra00
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 9:44am
She was so rude....I hollered when he said I been stop liking you.....and when he was reading Yolanda was in the back in full agreeance(not a word but ion curr)....

Posted By: petiteone29
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 9:49am
Damn I used to like Kim Burrell. That was so nasty and rude. Then to say I been made my decision while you were singing. SMH. Kiki's face was hilarious!!

And what does don't do it like this mean? He wasn't disrespectful at all. He let them know that they were rude. His voice reminds me of Deitrick Haddon kind of. 

Posted By: keelolo1
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 12:09pm
He was right for what he said.

Posted By: nitabug
Date Posted: Jul 07 2014 at 12:09pm
I don't like that she was rude, but it was 10x worse when she tried to justify it and not just apologize.

I hate wish Christians would just be Christians and stop trying to mimic and adopt what's hot on the non-secular front. 

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