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How to take care of sew-ins

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Topic: How to take care of sew-ins
Posted By: shaylanay
Subject: How to take care of sew-ins
Date Posted: Mar 13 2014 at 6:05pm
This is my first sew in and I want to know how to protect my real hair. I don't want to have any missing hair or anything. So what do I do?

Posted By: Kocoa
Date Posted: Mar 13 2014 at 8:53pm
Here's a few basic tips for getting a sew-in:

- If you are freshly relaxed (and especially if you have fine hair), wait at least 1 wk before getting an install. If you braid it up too soon, it may cause breakage.
- Protein treatments before and after install. I cannot stress this enough. Protein is good for both moisture and strengthening your hair and it also helps to prevent thinning.
- When getting your hair braided, make sure that your base is firm and not tight. If you feel like you're gonna need an advil right after the braiding is done - that's too tight. If you feel like you've just gotten cosmetic surgery and can't at least wiggle your eyebrows and ears - too tight. This is really important to pay attn to because prolonged tension at the roots and especially at the edges can cause bald spots or lead to tension alopecia.
- Opt for a net weave - it puts less tension on your hair.
- Remember to take care of your actual hair while in the sew in. When I have my hair in a sew in, I usually would dilute my leave in to the point of it being mostly water and add in a few drops of tea tree essential oil  to keep my scalp from getting dry and itchy. I try to avoid having a creamy leave in at this stage because the build up can be a monster when it comes time to do the take down.
- Don't skip washing your hair, just dilute the shampoo and let it flow to your scalp and rinse.
- When the time comes for the take down, be patient with your hair and keep a bottle of conditioner at hand in case you get into some tangles.
- As you are unbraiding your hair, make sure to section your hair, detangle it thoroughly and then braid it up in a larger braid. Never ever just go into the shower with loose hair right after taking down a sew in. Doing that can cause some serious tangling and matting - no one wants that.
- Since this is your first sew in, I would suggest that you don't keep it in for longer than 6-8 wks.


Posted By: shaylanay
Date Posted: Mar 13 2014 at 9:14pm
Ok thanks so much. I'm going on a hhh and id be devastated if I had bald spots. Again thanks so much for the advice.

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