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NEW TEXTURE 5A Filipino Virgin Remy

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Category: Hair Care
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Printed Date: May 30 2020 at 4:39pm

Topic: NEW TEXTURE 5A Filipino Virgin Remy
Posted By: 510QUEEN
Subject: NEW TEXTURE 5A Filipino Virgin Remy
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 1:32pm
just post the pic time to be running from social network to social network.....................5a so that's some super duper coarse right?

Posted By: sugabanana
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 1:39pm
Stern Smile Vendors are still using A grades to market hair???? 5A come on man this is BHM not

Posted By: harley_quinn
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 2:23pm
Lmfao LOL OP bye.

Posted By: Naturalchick30
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 2:56pm

Posted By: pRiNCesSChANeL
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 3:49pm
Originally posted by harley_quinn harley_quinn wrote:

Lmfao LOL OP bye.

Posted By: keelolo1
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 4:03pm
Lol yall heffers brutal.

Posted By: 510QUEEN
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 4:20pm
not I said the cat

Posted By: TokyoRose
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 8:22pm
5A?  FOH.

Posted By: GphiD08
Date Posted: Jun 24 2013 at 8:26pm

DeadBish bye

Date Posted: Apr 25 2014 at 8:57pm
Lol they are up to 8 now.

Posted By: LaurenNicole
Date Posted: Apr 25 2014 at 9:17pm
what? did the OP's post get deleted?

Posted By: iChinaaBanks
Date Posted: Apr 26 2014 at 12:20am
I thought the grade meant the quality lol, not the coarseness.

Posted By: SinCityKitty
Date Posted: Apr 26 2014 at 1:41am
Just a little tip.... whenever u see american vendors use 4a, 5a, etc to specify the quality of hair know the hair came from aliexpress.

Posted By: kandyse1988
Date Posted: May 27 2014 at 7:03pm
Originally posted by SinCityKitty SinCityKitty wrote:

Just a little tip.... whenever u see american vendors use 4a, 5a, etc to specify the quality of hair know the hair came from aliexpress.

AMEN to that.. They really use that to market hair.. like wth... and then that shows me you don't even take the time to build into your brand..

Posted By: IamAJ625
Date Posted: May 29 2014 at 12:04am
YEEEEESSS!! I thought I was the only one seeing this happen. I'm a wholesaler but I will not brand. I enjoy reading the forums but when I saw this I was like.... COMMENT!! VIRGIN HAIR= VIRGIN HAIR! THATS IT! And 1A 10A 20A TRIPLE A all that is PROCESSED! people been manipulated by the darn chinese so bad that if you tell them "there's no grade" They start trying to school you like you don't know no better?!?!?! WTH... Can you spell Guangzhou? where brazilian and peruvian are born?! lol

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