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Foster mother accused of murdering Rilya Wilson, 4

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Topic: Foster mother accused of murdering Rilya Wilson, 4
Posted By: zsazsa
Subject: Foster mother accused of murdering Rilya Wilson, 4
Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 12:58pm
Anyone else remember this story of the little girl? if so, here is an update. 

Foster mother accused of murdering Rilya Wilson, 4, to be tried 12 years after girl's disappearance

The woman accused of murdering a four-year-old foster child more than a decade ago is finally being tried. 

Rilya Wilson's case drew national attention because she reportedly vanished in 2000 from her foster home in Miami, but it took the state of Florida two years to realize she was missing. 

She became a symbol of children who slipped through the cracks of the social safety net and led to major reforms at the Florida Department of Children and Families. 

Vanished: Rilya Wilson, 4, was missing for two years before the state of Florida realized and began to search for her

Vanished: Rilya Wilson, 4, was missing for two years before the state of Florida realized and began to search for her

Charged: Geralyn Graham, 66, was a foster mother to the little girl
Rilya Wilson became a national example of a child who fell through the cracks

Trial: Rilya (right) disappeared in 2000 at age 4. Her foster mother, Geralyn Graham, now 66, is going on trial more than a dozen years later

Rilya would be 16 years old, if she were still alive.

Jury selection in the trial of Geralyn Graham begins on Monday. But the case is far from airtight. 


    Lost: Rilyas body has never been found

    Lost: Rilya's body has never been found

    Rilya's body has never been found. There are no witnesses to the killing and little physical evidence. 

    Instead, prosecutors are relying on a confessions Graham allegedly made to other prison inmates -- saying that she killed the girl and buried her near a lake. 

    Graham was convicted of collecting government payments for the child for months after she disappeared. 

    Critics say social workers for the DCF allowed Rilya to fall through the cracks and neglected their duties by failing to check up on her.

    Her disappearance led to the passage of Rilya Wilson Act, which required all foster children in Florida to attend school and required schools to report unexcused absences to authorities. 

    One reason Rilya's disappearance went unnoticed for so long was the her caretaker, who was Graham's roommate, withdrew her from school. 

    Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who sponsored the Rilya Wilson Act when she was in the Florida legislature, wrote in an op-ed to the" rel="nofollow - Miami Herald  that the trial of Graham should receive the same attention as the trial of Casey Anthony.

    'We must fight for Rilya because her murder trial, like Caylee’s murder trial, deserves the national spotlight. Nancy Grace and the national media should dedicate their time and resources to Rilya’s trial, and simply not ignore her because she is a child of color. This happens too often,' she wrote.

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    Posted By: hma128
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:11pm

    Posted By: teendiva
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:18pm
    What an evil old bish

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    Posted By: tatee
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:21pm
    imma need people to stop confessing to fellow prison inmates

    Posted By: tatee
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:22pm
    i would think shed be relieved.  i mean she did get away with it for 12 years and had to have know it would be any day now.

    Posted By: EPITOME
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:28pm
    Originally posted by tatee tatee wrote:

    imma need people to stop confessing to fellow prison inmates

    i think it's weird she confessed to someone in prison but not when she was on the outside. that doesn't make any sense.

    ...and there is no physical evidence. or a body? i mean her atty better tear the credibility of the prison snitch apart.

    --whoever killed that child deserves to be punished. idget ppl who kill children and babies.

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    Posted By: rickysrose
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:32pm
    yeah jailhouse confessions aren't to be trusted

    it's so frightening that this sweet faced baby disappeared without a trace

    Posted By: rickysrose
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:34pm
    I would hope they corroborate the confession with evidence

    although, why didn't see contact authorities when the child went missing?  is there any evidence that she looked for the child at all?

    Posted By: Faithfully2002
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:37pm
    Awwww RIP


    Posted By: laceyfront
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 1:49pm
    Well if she aint do it why did she remove her from school and why did she not report the girl missing for over two years? She did it, thank God for that inmate snitch.

    Posted By: nicks_hotmama06
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 2:04pm
    More and more each day.....
    Beautiful, fat faced child. Just gorgeous.
    Poor, innocent baby. She wasn't safe anywhere. I can't stand people who hurt children.

    I don't understand all His ways, but my faith keeps me going.....

    Posted By: Sang Froid
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 2:07pm
    Wait....nobody from the state did check ups on the girl?
    I'm confused.

    Posted By: laceyfront
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 2:40pm
    Just like those little black boys that were on Oprah, they got starved almost to death before someone found them.

    Posted By: Eden.
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 7:28pm
    if folks were doing their jobs...

    but it's just black children so who cares right?

    Posted By: starflower7
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 7:32pm
    I wonder what happened to her real mother. How can you live knowing your child is just out here somewhere at someone's mercy? Does her mother even know or care? (if the mother is alive)

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    Posted By: iNFATUATE
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 7:33pm
    So crazy.. I was JUST thinking about this girl yesterday and how sweet her name was.

    Posted By: Im_oh_so_hott
    Date Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 8:26pm
    I wonder if she wasn't safer with her mother.

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