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This is really annoying.

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Topic: This is really annoying.
Posted By: PurplePumps
Subject: This is really annoying.
Date Posted: Jun 26 2011 at 6:18pm
Dear mods/IT/Technical support crew of BHM,

When the hell are y'all gonna fix this issue of having that box pop up when you try to post that says "warning, session has expired."  

Wtf is that?

I gotta refresh the page 30 times and reopen the browser 60 times just to post a sentence. 

Fix that.  Please.

No additional f*cks shall be given until further notice. -DeliciouslyWeird


Posted By: Bre.
Date Posted: Jun 26 2011 at 6:44pm
Pleaseeeeeeee fix it!  I'm so tired of having to copy and pate and refresh.  

Posted By: iLoveMrCortez
Date Posted: Jun 30 2011 at 3:20pm
if you are always having that problem, use or forum3


Posted By: Kocoa
Date Posted: Jul 14 2011 at 8:22am
Originally posted by iLoveMrCortez iLoveMrCortez wrote:

if you are always having that problem, use or forum3

Thx so much for that tip! I keep getting an error while trying to post. It was literally driving me nuts!

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