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What type of lotion is best for eczema?

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Topic: What type of lotion is best for eczema?
Posted By: kolour_Krazi
Subject: What type of lotion is best for eczema?
Date Posted: Nov 16 2004 at 2:19pm

I am thinking of trying Aveeno oatmeal lotion because my eczema gets pretty intense and i heard this helps? Does anyone else have one that works for them that can be bought in a local rite aid or cvs or somwhere like that?



Date Posted: Nov 16 2004 at 2:20pm
eucerin is very good

Posted By: skinbeauty
Date Posted: Nov 16 2004 at 2:41pm
Try Keri Lotion......

Posted By: pivotnaks
Date Posted: Nov 17 2004 at 1:07am
I use good old cocoa butter

Posted By: bubblinbrownsug
Date Posted: Nov 17 2004 at 10:18am

I suffered from eczema when I was a little girl.  i was made fun of in school too.   I remember using special cream that the doctor perscribed.  My skin was sooo sensitive that I had to bathe with Lubiderum lotion or use glycerin soap. 

I also used this really thick salve called "Bag od Balm."  It is used for the cows utters.  I put a generous amount on my hands and feet (becuase that's where my eczema was really bad) every night, and I placed socks on my hands and feet.  My skin would come out soooo soft and smooth.  I still do this now.  I know it sounds  weird but it really works. 

Posted By: DEVONN2004
Date Posted: Jan 10 2005 at 8:58am

Posted By: kyle
Date Posted: Aug 17 2005 at 2:29am
I have eczema to but didn't find out untill I started this new job about 2 years ago ahd three days out I started my face broke out big time it was so dry I had little bump all over it I didn't know what was going on so I went to see my doctor he told me to use this soap call poly-tar is is real good even my mother us it and she don't have eczema it make your skin so smooth and soft I even bath with it my skin is so pretty now my mother skin is pretty to nothin else would work but that I tried everything even aveeno that didn't help me at all

Posted By: weaveitup^_^
Date Posted: Aug 17 2005 at 4:26pm
cetaphil worls wonders

Posted By: ida2
Date Posted: Dec 01 2005 at 8:37pm
my stepmom has eczema and she the thing that she used is this soap called dudu-osun and it help with her eczema. I recommend using shea butter it is better than cocoa butter. I use it since i have really dry skin especially in the winter. Mother loves, it she has dry skin too.

Posted By: OUWE
Date Posted: Dec 02 2005 at 12:37pm

I use the behind the counter dry skin oitment called Aquaphilic.  This stuff is great, you can mix it with any of your favorite lotions.  I mix aquapilic with Jergens Ultra Healing.  It's really great, no smell and once you use it you will use it for the rest of your life.  I have been using it for about 20 years. 

Posted By: Champagne_Wishe
Date Posted: Feb 06 2006 at 11:10pm
Originally posted by kolour_Krazi kolour_Krazi wrote:

I am thinking of trying Aveeno oatmeal lotion because my eczema gets pretty intense and i heard this helps? Does anyone else have one that works for them that can be bought in a local rite aid or cvs or somwhere like that?




I love this lotion.  Get the unscented one so it won't aggravate your condition.  I had the worst case of winter itch I had in my life and this stuff soothe my skin without the use of those steroids-filled creams.  I say go for it.

Posted By: zolloh
Date Posted: Mar 07 2006 at 9:53am

ive suffered with eczema/psoriasis my whole life, same as my mother, mine is on my face and hands. ive tried so many topical creams including cortisols, elidels, steroids, cetaphil etc.all these just relieve the problem without healing the skin. about 6months ago i came across this canadian website and i decided to give their cream a chance, they had a 100% money back guarantee so i figured if it didnt work i would get back my money. the biolanyn cream has no chemicals at all, its main ingredient is cartilage which is what our skin is made of.i tell you this is a miracle cream.i was very skeptical because i knew that eczema has no cure and will be with me forever but this is the one thing i can put on my face and its healthy, i literally feel like my previously "thinning" skin (due to previous use of steroid-based creams which had also sort of bleached parts of my face) is finally healthy.the dry and itchy patches i used to have are gone. in about a month there was a huge improvement on my skin.its kinda expensive but i know ill buy this product for a very very long time, my 1yr old niece also has some skin problems and i got this for her, its worked great!

Posted By: TheCulinaryDiva
Date Posted: Mar 21 2006 at 8:31am

I too have sensitive skin and I've found a product that is worth every dime. I order it online from a company called The Skin Store and they have everything from  products for your body to products for your face. They are wonderful because they are non-steroidal.

I've included the link below. You should read some of the testimonials. Hope this helps. - Y=atopalm&submitSearch.x=11&submitSearch.y=8

Posted By: TooBlessed
Date Posted: Apr 21 2006 at 2:56pm
I understand, I understand!Cry
I've had eczema my entire life and for some reason it will not completely go away (my hands resemble old lady hands).  As an adult, I use Cocoa butter or shea butter.  Both products keep the skin moisturized. 
As far as soap, the best over-the-counter product is Dove moisturizer or black soap.  They do wonders for your skin. 
My major problems now are dark spots, can't get rid of them (arms, legs, back).  I've tried every product on the market and even mixed a couple of them together -- nothing.  I moved to a state where mosquito is the state bird LOL and these dark spots make me look like I have the kootiesNuke  -- no short sleeves for me this summer, I don't care how hot it get!Shocked

Posted By: loveya4ever
Date Posted: Apr 22 2006 at 12:25pm
 I have eczema and really senstive skin that breaks out easily. I used to be peeling and ashy all over the place. 
DML is ther best lotion to use on the face.  It cost about $ 16 for a 16 oz container.  They sell it over the counter at the local drug store.  I started using it about 2 years ago.  The doctor told me about it. 
It has no fragrance, Its light enough for the summer and heavy enough for winter.   I works really well.

Posted By: tparrish247
Date Posted: Jul 21 2006 at 9:57pm
I have been using eucerin creme all of my life and it works good, but there is an imitation product that u can buy at walmart or any store.  I have also used Aveeno Skin Relief Moisterizing cream and it works but it smells like menthol and my mother used the Oatmeal bath when I was a child and she said that it works too.

Posted By: loveya4ever
Date Posted: Jul 22 2006 at 9:16am
Eucerin Cream is the best and Walmart sells the generic version for like 4 dollars.  

Posted By: MO
Date Posted: Aug 01 2006 at 1:59pm


Basis...I tried when i was younger no recollection but its derm.recommended
VASELINE &EUCERIN make good lotion/jelly mixes *lil lotion+lil vaseline*
AVEENO IS GREAT FOR WHATEVER...I love tha bathstuff.
hope this helps some.....

Posted By: jerzeyzqueen
Date Posted: Aug 20 2006 at 3:51pm
i have eczema and i ude natural shea butter just to make sure that my skin isnt dry but aveeno works for me but eucerin is way better i dont use because i dont like the greasy feel my skin has after i use it but it works great the way does any one know any good bleachin creams because my neck is really dark due to eczema and i need help

Posted By: ChocolateCookie
Date Posted: Aug 31 2006 at 9:57am
I had eczema all my life, and I have been prescribed E45, Diprobase and Cetomacrogal (sp)....they do keep me moisturised..only if you use them 2/3 a day.
I want to try more natural stuff, used shea butter once, but it is too expensive to get it shipped out to London..
Hope that helps Smile

Posted By: Videl_Scrambled
Date Posted: Sep 02 2006 at 1:55am
Lotions have never worked for me. I get a prescription for hydrocortisone cream from my doctor. Watch out, though: Hydrocortisone can darken the skin with prolonged use.

Posted By: urbanmama
Date Posted: Sep 02 2006 at 10:54am

check this website: - my aunt just emailed this to me for my daughter who has Eczema.  Below are two testimonies.

Nancy writes...
My granddaughters, had eczema and I also used the Tender Tush all over their little body's after bath time and I cleared it up. Only once in a while it will reappearand Kimberlee will come and say, Grandma I have alligator skin again. I love these products.

Nancy Sanderson

Liz writes:

I have a fantastic testimony about extremely dry skin, just on my hands.
I have had it for many years, tried dozens of lotions, nothing worked, so
bad that I had to wear latex gloves to put on nylons or they would snag
all over, couldn't run my hands over silk material or it would snag.
About a month ago I decided to try KidScents Tender Tush, I only use it
at bedtime (it's pretty runny &you use very very little, or it stays on
your hands for at least an hour). In about 4 days I HAD NO MORE SKIN
SNAGS, NO MORE DRY PIECES OF SKIN on my hands, it was amazing. I now use it every other night. I still can't believe my dry hands are 'normal'!!!
Liz Moore

Posted By: ChocolateCookie
Date Posted: Sep 02 2006 at 3:43pm
Originally posted by Videl_Scrambled Videl_Scrambled wrote:

Lotions have never worked for me. I get a prescription for hydrocortisone cream from my doctor. Watch out, though: Hydrocortisone can darken the skin with prolonged use.
Wow imagine I have been using hydrocortisone on my face, and I am now noticing that it is getting darker...damn..anyone know anything to reverse these side effects?

Posted By: Videl_Scrambled
Date Posted: Sep 06 2006 at 6:26pm
Originally posted by ChocolateCookie ChocolateCookie wrote:

Wow imagine I have been using hydrocortisone on my face, and I am now noticing that it is getting darker...damn..anyone know anything to reverse these side effects?

I don't know of anything that will reverse the effects, but:

Stay out of the sun as much as you can! Sunlight will make the treated areas darken faster, even if you don't notice the rest of your skin tanning as quickly.

The treated/darkened skin might lighten over time. My treated areas did, but maybe that's because I'm indoors most of the time. I hope this helps.


Posted By: ChocolateCookie
Date Posted: Sep 07 2006 at 4:10am
I will do, thanks VS

Posted By: Nymphe
Date Posted: Sep 07 2006 at 8:17am
Have any of you been tested for allergies? My baby suffers from eczema and his are triggered by multiple food allergies.

Posted By: urbanmama
Date Posted: Sep 07 2006 at 9:44am

Nymphe - My daughter hasn't been tested for allergies (her doctor said she was too young).  Has your baby been tested?  If so, what age?

My daughter also suffers from multiple food allergies - she can't have wheat, dairy, citrus, eggs, and peanut butter - I've substituted with all organic based foods  and slowly put things back into her diet - we've had to subsititute with Soy/Rice based products, and since pasta has wheat - we use brown rice pasta, etc...  It's been tough, but as she's gotten older we've been able to add foods back into her diet slowly, for instance she can have cheese, but no milk, and we incorporate a little wheat (not too much)'s been tough, but since we did this at a young age - she knows what she can't have and she's very disciplined and will let her teachers at school know that she can't have a certain food, b/c it makes her itchy.

Posted By: Nymphe
Date Posted: Sep 07 2006 at 9:59am
He got his first tests at 5 months old because his skin was literally dissolving, I was worried about the long-term affect of the steroids, and he was being breastfed at the time. He is allergic to so many things, it is ridiculous and has developed asthma on top of that! He is almost three now, but he is still allergic to many things...he is just now able to eat turkey bacon (nitrates).

Unfortunately, he forgets that he cannot just grab anything he wants like big brother does. I may have to homeschool him util first or second grade until he does get it.

Posted By: Videl_Scrambled
Date Posted: Sep 07 2006 at 9:50pm
Originally posted by ChocolateCookie ChocolateCookie wrote:

I will do, thanks VS

I'm glad I could help.

Posted By: cooltara
Date Posted: Sep 08 2006 at 2:28am
My Eczyma comes from my  dad as heridity. I have It on the lower part of my feet. when I as pregnant it was very very itchy and the strioids the docs gave burnt my skin and they become wrinkly.
So I stopped them and looked for something natural and found out that we have to keep it moist the whole day. so I now apply Neem oil after shower and neem works very very well for skin.
I have no other problem just the patches now. Will work on them later.

Posted By: preacherswife1
Date Posted: Sep 10 2006 at 6:41pm

Posted By: jaymd
Date Posted: Sep 11 2006 at 10:58am
Have any of you tried Dermarest, I am so thankful for this product, to bad it wasn't around when I was a child, but better late than never it's only about $10 and usu come w/ a dollar off coupon inside. I get mines from CVS.!1612&keyword=dermarest+eczema&match_type" rel="no follow -!1612&keyword=dermarest+eczema&match_type =

Posted By: jaymd
Date Posted: Sep 13 2006 at 8:38am

Posted By: ymecb
Date Posted: Sep 25 2006 at 7:31pm
No one mentioned, the GoldBond lotion, that works great as well!

Posted By: Miss_Pepa256
Date Posted: Jan 01 2007 at 4:48am

how long were you using this before your skin started to get darker? i have mild flare ups and tend to use hydrocortisone, but i normally get the off brand stuff. thanks for the good info though!

Posted By:
Date Posted: Feb 10 2007 at 3:14pm
i am going to try these products mentioned... i have exema on my hands, legs and forehead (iys really dry and has gotten kinda ashy feeling since proactive). I think i will try the aveeno since its affordable.
for me, exema is triggered by food that have citrus and tomato in it. after that, im miss ashy =[

Posted By: CARGIA
Date Posted: Feb 11 2007 at 7:52pm


Posted By: teeareh
Date Posted: Mar 19 2007 at 1:59am
I've always had dry skin.  But just discovered I had eczema when I turned 20.  I tried different things to help my skin over the years.  The best seems to be a combination of Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream (not the lotion, it's not thick enough) and Queen Helen Cocoa Butter Solid.  I put the Aveeno while my skin is still slightly damp and the cocoa butter.  Also, if I notice my skin getting dry and itchy, I increase my water intake.  Hope this helps.

Posted By: debutante
Date Posted: Mar 23 2007 at 1:03pm
Cetaphil or Aveeno

Posted By: Patricia
Date Posted: Mar 27 2007 at 2:06pm
I suffer from ezema all my adult life, after trying every product on the market and every prescription.  I found out johnsons baby lotion (original pink bottle) works for me.  I dont use any meds anymore , I lotion my face everyday with it, I no longer get red scally skin around my nose or my eyebrow area.  I discovered it by mistake. I was on my way to florida for a vacation and I couldnt figure out a good sunscreen to use so I decided to buy baby lotion. I thought if it was gentle enough to use on baby skin, I shouldn't have any problems. Its been 2 years now, no problems

Posted By: ayoung
Date Posted: Apr 02 2007 at 8:32am
Yes, yes, Cetaphil Cream is the best that I have tried!! My toddler had bad eczema and once her derm told us about Cetaphil----done!!

We keep her good an moisturized with it---and she has not had a flare up in almost 2 years. (she is almost 3)

Luv this stuff!Thumbs%20Up

Posted By: PerfumeLady
Date Posted: Apr 26 2007 at 7:11pm
I suffer from eczema too and I stopped eating dairy products, especially beef and also stay clear away from wheat and shellfish.  Guess what?  My eczema got better and now I only have it in a few areas on my body still that hardly break out, only occasionally do I get the itchiness.  I am working on the dark patches, though that were left behind in some areas that have healed up pretty nicely.
In the winter time I use Eucerin Cream and in the Warmer months I use Curel for sensitive skin.
If I were any of you who have not watched their diets to do so because we are allergic to certain foods that cause our eczema to break out, you know the itchiness, flaking and what not.  I would also recommend going to an allergist and get blood drawn to find out what your food triggers are.

Posted By: Candy Kane
Date Posted: May 09 2007 at 9:29pm
Cetaphil for face
Eucerin for body,   thats what my family member does

Posted By: SwtyPie
Date Posted: Apr 25 2008 at 4:48pm" rel="no follow -

Posted By: Corri52
Date Posted: Jun 01 2008 at 2:46am
African Shea Butter hands down. I have eczema and have had it all my life.
Africa Shea Butter also many other uses can be used on face and body, as hair conditioner, acts as a sunscreen and can reduce dark marks... I used to get it at the Zora Neale Hurston festival in Fl. There is a website African Republic that sells it...You want the 100% pure shea butter which is yellow and it won't smell all that pretty but I swear by it!Star

Posted By: GN1G
Date Posted: Jun 02 2008 at 8:35am
I grew into this about 10 years ago.  Trigger foods sea foods
BEST REMEDY:  Rinse body in ACV and water  then you want need the shea butter.

Posted By: cinnamon704
Date Posted: Jun 06 2008 at 10:32pm

Posted By: webbgurl2000
Date Posted: Jun 22 2008 at 9:24am
Try some of the fair and White black soap on your face or the fair and white aha exfoliating soap they also make. My daughter is 12, and I used the soap on her the first day, and she went from Kelly Rowland's color to about 2 shades lighter the next day! Her skin is glowing and radiant. Not even the acne meds the doctor gives worked like this stuff.Wink

Posted By: naturesgift
Date Posted: Jul 04 2008 at 1:20pm
omg bleching your 12 year old daughters skin that sounds like a CRIME to me!!Ouch

Posted By: Sexymami
Date Posted: Jul 23 2008 at 11:39am
I would say cetaphil or aveeno

Posted By: leelee82
Date Posted: Aug 16 2008 at 10:11am
Ive had eczema since i was a baby. the BEST BEST BEST BEST thing I've found to use for soap and lotion is anything with NEEM in it. My sister got my a bar of NEEM soap when I was having a really bad flare up and it dramatically reduced my suffering until my spot started to heal.  Now I use it anytime I feel a flare up coming.

I found this website to tell you where local stores carry (at least this brand of ) products with Neem.  Make sure they are all natural :)

Also pure unrefined shea butter has helped a lot.

Posted By: krissy90220
Date Posted: Aug 17 2008 at 3:13am

I’ve suffered with eczema my entire life.  it was so bad that doctors wanted my mom to shave off my hair when I was little L.  my skin on my body is also very dry (but my face is oily lol) so i use DOVE bar soap and during the winter i use baby oil gel (not a lot though).  during the summer I use OIL OF OLAY body wash for sensitive skin and EUCERIN CALMING CRÈME.  i rarely use my medicine for my eczema (about a tube a year) and no one knows that i have eczema unless i tell them.

Posted By: AroundTheWayGir
Date Posted: Dec 07 2008 at 10:23pm
Originally posted by kolour_Krazi kolour_Krazi wrote:

I am thinking of trying Aveeno oatmeal lotion because my eczema gets pretty intense and i heard this helps? Does anyone else have one that works for them that can be bought in a local rite aid or cvs or somwhere like that?



Aveeno w/oatmeal is good. I used the body wash because I had some dry patches and it worked so good. I also use the lotion.

Posted By: sdiamonds
Date Posted: Jan 17 2009 at 11:46am
Aveeno oatmeal lotion and bath and can soak in it. My cousin has had great success with all natural cocoa butter soap.

Posted By: jacy_babi
Date Posted: Jan 19 2009 at 6:02pm
aqeous cream

Posted By: Imperialis
Date Posted: Jan 20 2009 at 12:58am
i use olive and shea from chagrin valley soaps, the best one I use for my dry skin is castille and calendula, and this olive and shea soap and the honey butter soaps, check out her web site, its a keeper for me!!!Thumbs%20Up

Posted By: ba0052
Date Posted: Feb 23 2009 at 12:11am

i use dove for soap or aveeno but lotion is vaseline in jar bc others r like water but i use the jar in like a freakin week that that crap cost 8 dollars. i cant use vaseline and cant even think about babyoil or aloe vera that breaks my skin out and gives me a rash like no other. and thats just my body i have to use prescribe cream for my face

Posted By: kayanna1212
Date Posted: Mar 08 2009 at 12:09am
I have to say Eucerin non fraganced or aveeno skin relife unfraganced it gives u mostiure and helps heals the hurts of eczema

Posted By: prettybird
Date Posted: Apr 12 2009 at 3:47am
My advice would to NOT use anything with fragrance in it. Dove bar soap for sens skin is great.
For my eczema - which i have really bad since childhood- I use a tar soap from Glovers Mane.

I just discovered something great as a moisturizer and its called Vit E oil. It's actually a ointment of sorts that I got from GNC. It has wheat germ oil, aloe vera and vit e oil and i use it on my face. Trust me. It works. No dryness or flakes and vit e is supposed to heal scars so it can help with any hyperpigmentation.

Buying info:
Basic Organics E - Ointment
price: 5.99

Now for non natural products I would suggest keeping a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream on hand.

Posted By: AngelScribe
Date Posted: Apr 12 2009 at 1:19pm
I've had eczema my whole life and ALL over and takes quite a bit of experimentation to see what works.  Some lotions and creams just gave me bad breakouts. So my skin would just be splotches of a dark really almost "burnt" looking appearance, gray and peeling, and giant whiteheads.  Needless to say I didn't have the best self esteem growing up (but I'm stonger now, take that!)

[For the face]
I use Phisoderm anti-blemish gel facial wash (DO NOT GET THE CREAM). This combats the breakouts very well and doesn't dry my skin out.

In the morning I  use Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 15 (or 30 in the summer). Very soothing and gets rid of the gray, peeling look. I've always had this extra bad around my eyes, and the Aveeno is safe here.

At night I use CO Bigelow Rose Water Skin Tonic. I just rinse my face with plain water and apply with a cotton ball. This stuff actually leaves the skin clean and still moisturized, so much so I sometimes don't even have to moisturize before bed, even in colder, dryer weather. I have NEVER been complimented on my skin, and now I actually have people comment on how smooth and glowing my complexion is and ask me what I use.

If you must moisturize at night Loreal Hydra Renewal gives you a nice look and feel and won't cause any breakouts or eczema flares.

I also just started trying Biore Skin Preservation line "Hard day's night" overnight moisturizer. The bottle is small but you only need one pump, so it lasts. This one is still new to me, but so far I like it a lot.

[For the body]
Any of the following: Dove, Castille soap, and my miracle worker is Black Tar Coal Soap. Love this!!! Instant itching relief.  The downside is the drugstore versions tend to be mixed with a ton of other stuff, so you might have to go to a healthfood store for the pure stuff but it's worth the trip. And it's expensive at the right store. (less than a buck a bar)

For the occassional body scrub, I use "True Blue Spa- I'm in the Mood for Scrub"  Even though it has Shea Butter in it, I was reluctant looking at the  rest of the ingredients, so I just bought the sample size. But I've since bought a full size. It's pretty nice for cleaning sensitive skin without irritating it.

[For body lotions]
Keri Shea Butter lotion. So far nothing tops this, although the coconut oil works out nicely and if I'm not having a bad flare, Eucerin Calming Creme.
The "regular" Eucrein made the gray spots turn bluish, so ... ick.

[And just for your hands]
True Blue Spa - Look Ma, New Hands is my best friend. (Very good at eliminating that "old lady" look that someone else mentioned here) not greasy and smells great -  kind of "citrusy" My mom hates EVERYTHING but she loves this and she noticed an improvement in the appearance of her hands which were always dry due to the type of work she does.

CO Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy is also a good one; relieves itching and makes the skin look nice BUT this has a very strong peppermint smell, almost too strong, so I only use it when I'm home alone. It will really open your sinuses, but it works wonders for the hands.

I'm experimenting on making my own solution for my scalp (yes, i have it in there, too). I'll report back when I find something that works. So far the oatmeal spray seems to not be very lasting, but I can feel myself on the verge of a breakthrough with lavendar additives

Sorry for the novella response, but I know how painful and annoying eczema can be.  I tried to highlight the product information in case you just want names and not "reviews" - hopefully it doesn't do anything weird the presentation of the post.  I'm always on the lookout for things that work, and if I can share something I've found to be helpful, I'm always happy to do it.  ~ May you find relief!~ Smile

Posted By: badams3208
Date Posted: Apr 17 2009 at 9:49pm
Ok, I have pretty bad eczema.  But, I have a routine that I would like to share with you.  I used to get really itchy after getting out of the shower.  Now I take 2 benadryl an hour before I take my shower.  You should also make it as cold in your room/bathroom as possible.  Turn on the AC to like 65 or 67.  The colder the better.  I put on baby oil gel on my really sensitive areas before getting in the shower, like my inner arms and thighs are really sensitive so I will put some there.  I get in the shower with the water on luke warm, like if your man got in the shower with you it would be too cold for him but just right for you.  The colder the water the better.  Shower for 5 minutes only.  Don't use a wash rag or anything like that to scrub your skin, use your hands.  I really like Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar.  It is expensive like $4 a bar but if you are the only one using it then it will last.  They sell it at BJ's for $16 for 6 bars and it really lasts.  Try not to take more than 2 showers per day.  Then when I get out of the shower I put baby oil gel on the rest of my body.  Then I put on Cetaphil Moisturizing Creme.  I am still dripping wet at this point.  I just slather on the creme.  Then I air dry about 10 or 15 minutes until I feel as though my skin won't be irritated, etc.  I then take a towel and blot off the excess moisture that did not soak in.  Let me tell you, my skin is so soft that I get endless compliments!  In the summer time I am going to switch to baby oil instead of the gel and only take showers in the evening.  If your skin is still really itchy after your shower, while you are air drying try to distract yourself, like fold clothes, or organize your closet, or send emails, etc.  Keep moving because it is a mind thing and you can get over it if you just stop focusing on the itchiness.  I hope this helps someone.  This is really helping me. 

Posted By: boomboompow
Date Posted: Apr 23 2009 at 5:39pm
I think it depends somewhat on how severe it is so it's often a very individual thing. Sometimes over the counter items soaps/lotions like Aveeno, Eucerin, etc. will do the trick and sometimes you might need something prescribed by a doctor. I would say if you have a medical diagnosis of eczema to check with your doctor and see if there is any lotion or product the doctor would recommend. It might be that anything over the counter would just make it worse. Sometimes, no matter what it's just trial & error because some things work for one person & not for another. But, again, I'd say safest bet is check with a doctor first.

Posted By: Niecy19
Date Posted: Aug 15 2009 at 10:27am
I have it too. Not only are topicals good but a change in your diet helps. Also, taking an oil supplement such as Borage Oil helps.
Topicals: Aveeno, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Cera Ve (Cetaphil does have almond oil I believe and it does work nicely but some people who have ezcema also have nut allergies so be on the lookout for that.)

Posted By: HeyBeautiful18
Date Posted: Nov 19 2009 at 2:14pm
Idk if I visited this thread already and mentioned this but cetaphil worked great for my eczema last winter!

Cleared it right up within a month!

Posted By: NARSAddict
Date Posted: Nov 27 2009 at 9:11am
Why not look for lotions that contain lactic acid and a emollient lotion on top.  Here is a starter list:
Lac-hydrin Five
Cetaphil cream (in a jar)
Aqua Care
Aveeno in a jar

Posted By: leelee82
Date Posted: Dec 09 2009 at 2:47pm
ive had eczema since i was a baby and the BEST thing that worked for me was:
-regular shea butter.  Nothing added.
-Neem soap/lotion

Posted By: cookiezbaby
Date Posted: May 25 2010 at 11:25am
I didn't like the Aveeno personally...I even had my sister to stop using it on my niece...She has cleared up so well!
I use oatmeal, vitamin e oil, and creamy vaseline...
I also take a allergy med that has helped to keep it quiet...

Posted By: Chamber
Date Posted: Jul 03 2010 at 7:16pm
Cetaphil in the jar
Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair

Posted By: un4getableview
Date Posted: Aug 23 2010 at 11:51am
Originally posted by ELUCENCEQUEEN ELUCENCEQUEEN wrote:

eucerin is very good
yes IA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and for a wash. try cetaphil!

Posted By: findingeternity
Date Posted: Mar 02 2011 at 11:11am
I HIGHLY suggest 100% Shea Butter. I'm 19, and I've literally had eczema since I was 3, and it's the only things that seems to work. As far as keeping it moisturized, stopping it from itching, and removing the dark spots. Smile

Posted By: itallfallsdown
Date Posted: Apr 05 2011 at 1:20am
Aquaphor is pretty good, I think it's a Eucerin sub brand

Posted By: Yumppie1
Date Posted: Jun 01 2011 at 5:00pm
AmLactin has worked very well for my skin! 100% raw Shea Butter also works wonders!!

Posted By: TrinisFinesse
Date Posted: Jun 09 2011 at 8:32am

My 2 oldest ones have eczema for them they use only Dove sensitive soap and for Lotions they use  Vaseline lotion in the white bottle with the blue top , Dermasil, and pure shea butter! All are fragrance free!!! In the winter months I add vaseline to the lotions< and in the summer i will either use the shea butter or the lotions!!!!

Posted By: hairfashion
Date Posted: Jun 28 2011 at 1:44am
Traditional Chinese Medicine.troublesome and it smells strange.Someone maybe vomit when smelling it.

Beautiful hair is the soul of every women.

Posted By: Glenda05
Date Posted: Jul 05 2011 at 2:38am
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Posted By: mrserenity
Date Posted: Sep 12 2012 at 12:19am
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Posted By: samassaah
Date Posted: Oct 03 2012 at 2:01pm
Sebamed, definitely! I've been using Sebamed since I was a little girl in Germany, I was so happy when they finally came to the US, I think you can get it at all CVS locations. I use their lotion, face&body wash, and face cream. When my skin gets really bad/dry, I even use their baby cream coz it's a lot thicker. It's crazy how so many people out there still don't know about how other skincare products irritate/dry out your skin...
I found this video on their website and it tells you why. It's especially important to know this if you have eczema and other skin conditions!

Posted By: vjykmr89
Date Posted: Oct 09 2012 at 11:26pm
go to a dermatologist and tell them about your eczema. ask for "hyderm cream" or "hydrocortisone acetate". i have terrible eczema and this worked for me over one night.

Posted By: GoatGoatEtc.
Date Posted: Nov 01 2012 at 11:49pm
Originally posted by vjykmr89 vjykmr89 wrote:

go to a dermatologist and tell them about your eczema. ask for "hyderm cream" or "hydrocortisone acetate". i have terrible eczema and this worked for me over one night.

Man ok, this is sounding like the real deal. I was in Costco and a bitchy rep was assessing my skin and recommending products.

Posted By: GoatGoatEtc.
Date Posted: Nov 03 2012 at 7:05pm
Originally posted by GoatGoatEtc. GoatGoatEtc. wrote:

Originally posted by vjykmr89 vjykmr89 wrote:

go to a dermatologist and tell them about your eczema. ask for "hyderm cream" or "hydrocortisone acetate". i have terrible eczema and this worked for me over one night.

Man ok, this is sounding like the real deal. I was in Costco and a bitchy rep was assessing my skin and recommending products.
Wow, I meant to quote the person talking about Sebamed, lol

Posted By: GoatGoatEtc.
Date Posted: Nov 25 2012 at 3:28am
Sebamed works like a steroid cream! Get on it!

Posted By: peterwood4321
Date Posted: Dec 17 2012 at 4:20am
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Posted By: Bristal Birita
Date Posted: Dec 24 2012 at 7:29am
cetaphil can do wonders!

Posted By: neverjaded
Date Posted: Feb 02 2013 at 2:36am
Originally posted by kolour_Krazi kolour_Krazi wrote:

I am thinking of trying Aveeno oatmeal lotion because my eczema gets pretty intense and i heard this helps? Does anyone else have one that works for them that can be bought in a local rite aid or cvs or somwhere like that?



You should try aveeno for sure. I've been using aveeno since I was a baby and it works. The original one helps calm down my flare ups. I also been using a cream based eczema ointment this winter. it's a Walmart generic brand it does the job to keep my skin from flaring up so I won't itch. I'm 21 and I realized that I will never grow out of eczema. Just gotta go the extra mile to control it.

Posted By: CammiCutie
Date Posted: Oct 24 2014 at 4:18am
products with aloe vera should be helpful.

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