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Hair ViVi


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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 23 2007 at 5:55pm

thanks to Queenbee:


KevinCN:   or
Tel: +86 532 85718620Fax: +86 532 85721780
Rib Zhang  General Manager


Kevin Yan:    kevinfreedelee (3 order minimum)

Qingdao Hioh Hair Products Co., Ltd.

Mr Kevin Yan

Unit One, No.20, Jiangxi Road. Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong,  China,  (Mainland)  266001

Tel: 0086 532 83675381




Lydia— Ms Lydia Gao  or

 Qingdao Longfei Hair Products

31# Dayao, Ligezhuang Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, Shandong, China


Tel : 86 532 88295339

Fax : 86 532 88295339

Mobile : 13608973044   

Longfei L/F wig   Password: longfei

Capbase   Password: capbase


Jacksun (3 order min for new customers)

Website :


Email: sy_hair2006 @  
(do not put spaces--only used them so email address would post without changing to  :  which is NOT Jacksun's email address, however, it keeps changing automatically on BHM.




Junjie Lace Front Wig:


Wayne Ho (3 order minimum) 

Sales Manager

Company: Yiweidu Industry Group Co.,Ltd
Add: 1-4F, NO.1, Building 87, Zongtang ,
Yiwu, Zhejiang, China
.   322000
Tel: 0086-579-5200450
Fax: 0086-579-5200451
: 0086-13516991960



Afrotreasures   (ebay seller)


Rotesha also Chenise1 on ebay
getrealguaranteed (Zara) off eBay

Ladydi (send her a PM)     
 GotHair (send her a PM)



(According to various BHM members) 
 Elicia blythe,  ebay name eliciablythestore (EBAY) 

Tony (known as BHM member Beautiful Secrets)                                                        

Seller petitesuitecb( 333Feedback%20score%20is%20100%20to%20499
Formerly known as BHM member petitesuitecb
Now known as misscapri
Chinese vendors on ebay (You will get a regular beauty supply store wig.  They will talk and know the ends and outs of "real lfs", answer questions and send you a regular beauty supply wig)
Will accept monies but not deliver wig
Will accept monies but not deliver wig
(another topic regarding vendor lf information)
eta:  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. However, because there are pros and cons to each vendor.  It is best to do a Search ( Search%20The%20ForumSearch) on the vendor to help you make your decision.   It is best to email the vendor for a price list.  Sometimes posts get overlooked because the question has been asked many times and the information can be searched rather easily.  Good Luck with your research and success on finding the perfect lf!
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 26 2007 at 11:28pm
For video clips of Basic Tape Application and How To Cut The Lace please visit:

Here is a link to a great site with unique products such as Knot bleaching kits.. ColorBlock to block color from getting onto the lace.. lace thread for tears in lace just to name a few!  She's a super lady and extremely knowledgeable of hair products for wig wearers!  Her name is Debbie and I believe she has international shipping too!

Edited by SoSeductive - Mar 22 2007 at 3:47pm
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Mar 08 2007 at 2:13am
Thumbs%20Up An Excellent Adhesives Pros and Cons thread started by member  Gonnagrow
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Mar 31 2007 at 2:41pm
Thank you MoreHair for your contribution to the Thread by researching..which i advise everybody to do..
Hey all you fly Divas!Wink
I am a research queen and I really wanted to show my appreciation for all the wonderful infomation shared on this forum.
To get a group of people on a forum lest known mostly women together and not have cat fights, insults, and demeaning comments is sooo refreshing.
I have compiled some information for myself that hopefully can be a benefit to all of you. 
This information is in no-way conclusive and I strongly suggest that you read (no matter how time consuming Embarrassed) all the newbie threads set aside for us.
Helpful Videos and Information
Videos Explainations To Help You Get Started
Cutting the lace video from Invisiwig
This link also gives their version of apply a lace front wig with tape
How to seal lace to prevent shedding - Knot Sealer
How to apply a lace front with a cream adhesive
This video also takes you through the step of using scalp prep
I would suggest using 91% alcohol to remove excess oil for a better hold.
Part 1
Part 2
Another method of apply a unit with tape adhesive
Part 1
Part 2
Removing your unit
Version 1
Notice that version 1 recommends lace release
Version 2
Notice that version 2 recommends 99% Alcohol
The person that teaches version 2 also tells you how to remove the adhesive from your lace
Using a mirror slide technique
Version 3
This version instructs you on how to remove specifically Spirit Gum adhesive
This adhesive is good for applications that you want to last one day
Your lace front wig checklist
This list of items are basic necessities  that you probably won’t find at your local Beauty Supply Store (BSS) for applying your lace front wig:
You will need to order these items after you place your wig order so that you have everything you need to start the application process.
1.  Adhesive and  Adhesive Removers
You probably want to try a few different types of adhesives, this way you will know what works best for you
Below is a wonderful link that discusses the pros and cons of the various types of adhesives.  Do your homework and
go through this thread carefully.
Here is a post that explains how to apply Holister Medical Adhesive:
Here is a link where a BHM member has offered information and tests on picture of different adhesives applied:
Places to order your adhesives from:
Here is a convenient link to a site where you can buy a sample of a lot of different products and see what you really prefer:
Read this helpful thread on removing adhesive:
There are a lot more places to get adhesives from and the are listed through the post listed above.
2.      Knot Sealer
The purpose of  knot sealer  is to apply it to your lace so that your lace won’t shed so badly when you manipulate your unit.
On our discussion board these are popular choices.
3M 77 (can be purchased at an office supply store.)
Knot Sealer (can be purchased at )
Clear Acrylic Sealer (can be purchased at
                                 (Also can be purchased at any Micheal’s Craft store)
Don’t forget to view the video mentioned in the video learning section on sealing knots
3.  Fray Block
Fray Block is to be put on the lace, not to much though, it prevents the lace shedding and makes your unit last longer.
You can get this product at your local Wal-Mart, or any fabric store.
Online you get this product on ebay  as well as  Hanbig sausages Online at http://www.hanbig
Here are some discussions on Fray Block:
Here is  a related discussion about dyeing your lace with Ritz Cocoa Brown Dye :
4.       A wig head or mannequin
You will need to put your unit on this when you are not wearing it.
 These can be purchased at most beauty supply stores and are sold online as well.
5.      Wig cap
This item is a matter of your needs. A light colored wig cap underneath your lakefront will give the illusion of a scalp.  If you prefer to go bald
under your lace front you may not need a wig cap.
Here is a good discussion on wig caps:
Here is  a related discussion about dyeing your lace with Ritz Cocoa Brown Dye :
Here is a related post about creating a realistic looking scalp:
6.      Scalp Prep
The purpose of scalp prep is to protect your skin from the adhesives that you will be applying.
You can purchase scalp prep or some people use liquid bandage. It is a personal preference.
Here is a discussion on scalp prep:
Here are some places I have seen that sell the scalp prep:
 (go to the shop accessories link on the left)
The following are items that you will need that can be purchased from your local Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens, etc….
91% Alcohol
Witch Hazel, Sea Breeze (Some sort of Astringent that will remove oil)
Makeup Sponge
Pinking Shears (Too cut lace)
Spray Bottles
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (mix with Alcohol to remove clumps)
100% Acetone (for cleaning lace)
Banana Clips
Nail Brush
Baby Oil (Some say it is as good as lace release)
The following threads are from giving BHM members that share their oops with us
Be certain to visit this thread and learn from a BHM members mistakes:
Visit this link to read how the veterans help us by laughing at the things they did and new lace front wearers:
Read this thread about a BMH member who killed her wig in the microwave:
This is a thread where the BHM members share their tips and tricks:
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Mar 31 2007 at 2:48pm
This is an informational thread only please don't post on this thread..
for those that are attempting to grow out your natural hair while wearing a lacefront, here's some important information to take care of your natural hair while you wear your unit:
i do have lots of information on hair growth to share with you and the others on the board.. i did intensive research visiting hair boards, research natural products etc..  prior to wearing my lfs' b/c i wanted to get my hair in the best condition i could.. i've had amazing growth since wearing them, and will continue to do so..i wanted to eliminate heat, chemicals and daily manipulation to get my hair in shape but you gotta understand what to do to get it healthy.
its always a good place to start with aphogee protein treatment to stop shedding and breaking..i believe this information will help sort out the breakage issues and give some useful background information so that you can get a better sense of the direction on how you should go about with product and technique..

understanding the difference between breakage and shedding is an important part of any healthy hair regimen...many people use these terms interchangeably to refer to any hair that falls from the head. In its true sense, shed hair is hair that has reached the end of its growing cycle and naturally falls from the scalp along with its root attached...the root is a tiny white bulb on the scalp originating end...if a hair does not possess this white bulb, then it is not a naturally shed hair rather, a broken one...shed hair tends to be longer in length than broken hairs, which are generally short pieces of varying lengths...if you are one that have stretched your relaxer for a great number of weeks, your shed hair will have the curly new growth present on the area next to the scalp, and you will be able to see where the relaxed hair begins...some find that garlic shampoos or products with garlic extracts help curb shedding. But remember, shedding is a natural, internal process and may not respond to topical, external don't be alarmed if nothing works for you..changes in diet, hormone imbalances, birth control pills, and pregnancy can also affect the rate at which hair is shed...

breakage on the other hand is not natural, and is an indication of an imbalance of important forces within the hair strand..broken hairs do not fall naturally from the head, but are typically a sign of mishandling or abuse...the proper treatments, will help stop breakage in its tracks.. p
rotein is what gives the hair its strength and is about 70% keratin protein by nature...protein is found most prevalently in products like instant conditioners (bargain brands like Suave and V05), leave in conditioners, protein conditioner treatments, and even some moisturizers...

moisturizers are products that are water-based and nourish your hair deep within the strand...water is the ultimate moisturizer so water based products are best for really getting the best moisture benefit..products with moisturizing properties tend to be your conditioners and other water-based products...moisturizers may also be protein based, but these protein based moisturizers do not have the moisturizing benefit that moisture based moisturizers have...a good moisturizers will not contain ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, or lanolin..these are cheap product fillers... be wary of products that claim moisturizing benefits and contain these ingredients...there is nothing moisturizing about them.. petrolatum and mineral oil are sealants and have the potential to suffocate the hair and scalp and seal out the moisture it needs..the moisture you apply needs to be held in by something, which is oil...its called sealing the moisture in..
a light coating of oil on top will help seal the moisture inside...oils are made of large molecules...these molecules are too large to absorb by the hair strand...applying oils to the hair and scalp will coat them and trap moisture that is inside on the inside and moisture that is outside on the outside..the key is to lock in the moisture within the strands with your oil..if you use oils without a moisturizer or before one, the oil will seal the moisture out of the hair strand and lead to eventual dryness...(this is what i do after all my hair treatments and heating cap to deepen the moisturizer, then i use other products to moisturize and then seal the moisture with oil b4 i begin to braid my hair back up to reapply my unit..)

Wet or Dry) Stretches slightly/returns to original length /no breaking= you are balanced just stick with maintaining!
(Wet to Dry) Stretching a little more than normal then breaks= more protein

(Wet or Dry)Stretching, stretching, stretching/no breakage yet= more protein

(Wet)- Weak, gummy, mushy, limp hair= more protein

(Wet or Dry) Very little/no stretching then breakage= more moisture

(Dry) Rough/tough/hard/tangle/brittle hair= more moisture

Unsure= err on the side of moisture

here is the product breakdown...this list is by no means the only products available, but its a good'll help you see which side you've been leaning on product wise and which side you need to incorporate products to achieve your balance..i've included strength indicators for most of the protein products..

Types of Protein Products:
Specialty Treatments
Nexxus Emergencee (moderate)
Nexxus Keraphix (moderate)
Aphogee 2 Min Keratin Recon. (Mild/moderate)
Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair (heavy)
LeKair Cholesterol (mild/moderate)
Dudley’s DRC
Motions CPR(mild/moderate)
ORS Mayo (moderate)
Elucence Extended Moisture Repair
KeraCare 5 n 1
Joico K-Pac (mild)
Elasta Qp Anti Breakage serum

Protein Conditioners

Motions Moisture Silk Protein conditioner
Mane N Tail (shampoo)
Aubrey Organics GPB
Mane N tail (moderate/heavy)
Garnier Fructis Long N Strong (mild)
AtOne Botanicals Reconstructor w/ Moisture Recovery* (light)
Any Instant Conditioner like Suave and V05 (light/mild)
Got2B Soft 1 Minute Emergency (light/mild)
Rusk Sensories 60 second Revive
ORS replenishing pak (light/mild)

Protein Moisturizers
Cantu Shea Butter Break Cure
Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong
Elasta QP Mango Butter
Profectiv Mega Growth and Healthy Ends

Protein Leave Ins:
Infusium 23
Cantu Shea Butter Leave In
Salerm 21(moisture w/ protein)
Nexxus Headress (moisture w/protein)
Mane N Tail (Conditioner can also be used as leave in)
Profectiv Break Free Leave In

*So light, this can double as a moisturizing conditioner.

Follicle Care and Hair Growth Products: (these are some recommended growth products. which all is not necessary but it gets the ball rolling in a burst of growth) Boundless Tresses, and new alternative to the MTG that isn't as smelly and getting get reveiws. MTG made for horses, but really does make your hair grow

Gueye Fast Growth Oil

Hair Rush

Folligen Copper Therapy Hair Products

Thick Hair Protein Shake

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (mix with Gueye’s Oil)

Ultra Black Hair Care Conditioner (Not just for black hair but the best Tingling Conditioner to wake up the follicles) nioxin follicle booster & products Giovanni Triple Treat Tea Tree Invigorating Shampoo Great to Stimulate the Follicles I love it tingles the scalp organic shampoo. Henna Great for Conditioning and Coloring hair great receipes for healthy hair coloring French Polynesian Beauty Products Essential Oils The Best to purchase is the MONOI YLANG-YLANG and the MONOI SANDALWOOD and the Coconut Oil wonderful essentials highly recommended for hair growth to seal in the moisture. Alter Ego Cren Preventative Hair Loss Treatment Protein treatment and can be added to chemical perms to restore the structure of the hair cuticle after processing.


This ought to get you going in the right direction.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 13 2007 at 6:48pm
THIS thread this is an information thread only, so PLEASE don't post. Thanks
Silicon Intense Treatment Mix is restoring old lf units and maybe removing the need for the bleach bath or as a preventive measure to avoid tangling units. I am working on finding a comparable product that will work with the silicon mix or just for lf's so that we can have a long life span with proper care of the hair.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 22 2007 at 5:20pm
How To Make Bleach Knots Without Bleaching:
Helpful Notes and Beauty Tips, & Techniques from Perfection or resident Hair Stylist to the Stars, the star diva's on BHMWink
Haircolor 101
Pincurls 101
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 22 2007 at 5:22pm
This is an informational thread for READING ONLY, please refrain from posting on this thread..Post all questions on the main board. Thanks
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Apr 30 2007 at 5:37pm
chinese holidays altho the dates will change from year to year b/c they go by the lunar calendar..
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: May 24 2007 at 10:57am

I was asked by a newbie to post my tips on bleaching the knots here so here it goes:

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Hair ViVi
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