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Hair ViVi


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Direct Link To This Post Topic: LF Newbies/Members Compiled Thr
    Posted: Nov 12 2006 at 7:01pm

the BHM Mods have decided to do a compilation thread with all the helpful information and tips and vendor info for our members and newbies.. I've attempted to do this in on page 6 of the Newbie's read here first thread started by Jolieprincess.. but then the vendor thread by Queenbee ends up floating around and we need that to be up too.. so b/c we don't want to look like the ghetto lf section with way too many sticky threads we want a neat look.. so i with the help of my co-mod's intend to compile New Thread containing the Newbie Info Thread, Lace Front Construction Club Thread, Tips, Tricks and Secret's, bleach bath information, the video's of how to apply etc..compiled into one Thread..

and then we will probably leave the Fotki thread out and only have two threads where you will have access to the various information that you need to know or would like to be able to refer too.. mainly b/c i get a lot of pm's about where's this thread, or where's that thread.. lol so we want you to have access to the information you need without clogging up the board where we can't see and view new posts..
so i hope you guys will appreciate this and we would really like it if you would refer newbies to the new threads instead of posting all these inks over and over again.. b/c actually we've not suppose to be doing that, especially clickable links, but we know this is the information that people want to know.. We want to make it available for them to read for themselves without the members and mod's having to post these links numberous times, and we appreciate your cooperation..
LF Vendors for Newbies Thread:
Do You Have LF Tips, Tricks and Secrets Thread:
how to apply your unit:

How to Bleach the knots: p;am p;am p;am p;PN=1

more information on Vendors:
Lace Front Construction Club:
Natural Looking Part, Salley Hansen Spray and Making a Stocking Cap:

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 12 2006 at 7:04pm
i think this needs to be posted so we don't have to have a lot posts asking for this.. outside of doing the bleach bath, its always best to ALWAYS wash your unit on the wig head to avoid tangles..

1. Mix one gallon of very hot water (hottest available from the tap) with 1/4 cup of Clorox bleach. (Do not use old Clorox or a generic brand, it won’t work)

2. Totally submerge the human hair unit into the water for approximately 2 or 3 minutes.Do not leave longer than 3 minutes Small bubbles will normally appear durring the process. Comb or brush very gently when submerged.

3. Remove hair unit and submerge in a basin of luke warm water that has been pre mixed with shampoo. Gently lift in and out for about 3 minutes and also brush or comb the hair very gently when submerged. Remove and blot dry

4. Mix 1/4 cup of ammonia to 3 cups of warm water. Dip hair unit in and out twice.

5. Repeat step 3

6.Apply conditioner, rinse and style.

Your wig will look brand new and be tangle free

So is the bleach method not to be used that often because it will eventually change the hair color, also you can saturate the unit with nexxus or a deep conditioner on the unit place in a plastic bag, nuke in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then put back in again for another 15 seconds.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 12 2006 at 8:19pm

zarawigs too..

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 13 2006 at 12:15pm
I told Queenbee this,but theres some info that needs to be corrected and added.
Rotesha is also Chenise1 on ebay and her website is not
The Hair Network,also known as Gothair on here should be added to the good vendors thread
Phyllis is also Fashion Essentials on ebay,website is stilll very much up and running,so it should be added to the bad vendors list.
Hair Affairs should be added to the good list also.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 13 2006 at 6:21pm
Professional Strength Bleach Bath By Hair Direct, compliments of the Queen Puppyluv
(this is a more intense bleach bath might be considered by those that have already experienced a matted hair on your unit after washing, in an attempt to salvage your unit)
the 1st bleach bath instructions should be used as a preventative measure to avoid tangles. If you are not experiencing tangling, or don't have unit that has matted, use the less intense 1st bleach bath instructions to prevent future tangles.
Professional Detangling Process for Human Hair Replacement Systems


The following process is identical to the one commonly used by professionals in the hair replacement industry for detangling most human hair systems

Although it is a relatively simple process, if executed improperly, may result in permanent damage to your hair system.

You Will Need:

Large sink with access to hot water.
At least 2 gallons of hot tap water.
2 oz. of Clorox™ bleach (must be Clorox™ brand).
2 oz. of regular household ammonia.
Wide tooth comb or brush (Vent Brush).

Step 1: Setup for Clorox™ Scrub
Draw one gallon of hot tap water into the sink. Next, pour the 2 oz. of Clorox™ bleach into the sink with the hot tap water.

Finally, place the tangled hair into the water carefully and begin the next step promptly.

CAUTION: DO NOT allow the hair to be in contact with the Clorox™ & hot water mixture for more than 2 mintures!

Step 2: Clorox™ Tangle Scrub
Using the wide tooth comb or vent brush, gently brush through the hair from top to bottom. Concentrate on the most tangled and knotted area of the hair.

The tangles should come out while brushing and the hair will become silky. Be careful NOT to brush more than 2 minutes while the hair system is in the Clorox™ mixture.
Step 3: Rinse Hair System
Drain the Clorox™ and hot water from the sink. Then begin to thoroughly rinse warm water through the hair system. While rinsing, keep the weft of the hair facing up. This will prevent the hair from inverting and tangling again.

Step 4: Ammonia Scrub
Draw another gallon of hot tap water into the sink. Pour the 2 oz. of ammonia into the sink with the hot tap water. Place hair in sink.

Start brushing the hair system again, same as before. Use a wide tooth or vent brush and gently comb hair for 1-2 minutes.

Step 5: Final Rinse
Drain the ammonia and hot water from the sink. Then begin to thoroughly rinse warm water through the hair system again. Remember, while rinsing keep the weft of the hair facing up.

After the final rinse, your hair should be silky smooth and tangle free. If you continue to have problems with tangling.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 13 2006 at 8:36pm

Once the hair is stripped of the cuticle, it's lost it's protective coating, and you will have to do WORK to keep the hair together.. Most BSS and some vendor's hair is acid washed to strip the cuticles off the hair. The hair is then coated with silicone to give it a shiny appearance.. Once the silicone wears off the hair shows it's true (damaged) nature, and will begin to tangle and mat..especially when the cuticles of the hair are not venilated in the the same direction...

Most of the bleach/ammonia solutions work on hair that has already been damaged. High quality cuticle aligned, cuticle intact quality hair on the other hand will last for years with proper care. That's the difference in ordering from a higher quality vendor with high quality aligned cuticle hair, than you might get from some (not all) of the chinese vendors when your taking the lesser expensive road. Thats why the bleach bath is necessary when you begin to experience tangling..If your unit has tangled and matted then use the professional strength bleach bath.. the ammonia doesn't have to be a name brand any brand will do..Some have used generic brands of the bleach and have been satisfied with the results. This really is temporay fix to cuticles that have not been aligned, and may have to be done again...
Hair Care and Washing to Keep Hair fresh and tangle Free

Don't treat you Lf hair like African American hair. Embrace your inner "white girl". Use high products designed for caucasion hair like Aveda and Nexxus etc. African American products cause build up which causes frizz and tangle. Even yaki textured hair is still closer in composition to caucasion/asian hair than coarse AA hair.


Wash with a clarifying shampoo at least once per month.and I rarely have problems with tangles, frizz or moisture in my hair lf wigs.

I wash my unit underneath the water sprout while still on the wig head, I don’t recommend the swishing the unit in a bowl wash. I find keeping it on the wig head and running my fingers thru as I shampoo and condition is best to keep it from tangling while washing. I then put the hair under the water, put some shampoo in the hair, and gently run my fingers thru the unit onto the hair. I rinse the hair, press with a the towel to get some of the water out. Put some leave in conditioner, comb thru the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Let air dry.
If additional conditioning is needed, I then take the hair off the foam head, put on deep conditioner put it in a ziplock bag, put it in the microwave for 30 sec.’s, once the microwave stops you then take it out and put it back in for another 15 sec.’s. Once it's done take the hair out of the bag and oh my god the hair is sooooo soft and silky. Put some biosilk oil on it, comb thru it with a wide toothcomb again, and let the hair air-dry.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 13 2006 at 8:41pm

I think that might be of some help also.

Step by Step application by Hairitage:
pswrd: details
pswrd: tips


Supply List: 

Choose between the items below the ones that suit your needs.
Citrus remover*
Lace cleaner*
Goo Gone
Ultra Hold Glue*
Skin Prep Pads (I use Cavilon)
Migthy Tite Glue *(not necessary ...your choice)
EnduraBond (from Truetape)
Acetone Remover
Kryolan (from Mallatts)
91 or 99% Alcohol (from the drugstore)
Sponge Q-tip -------------\
Orange Stick ---------------> from BSS
Tail comb ------------------/
Spray bottles
  - used for olive oil/alcohol mixture; and
  - mix of 25% Mane 'n Tail conditioner, 25% olive oil or tea tree oil, 50% water; or
For curly units:
  -50% water,25% Dreamcurls (John Frieda,
25% IC MOisturiser (make sure its the one in the brown bottle w/ the Aloe Vera plant on it)
Fast track knot sealer (from Adventhair)
Fray Block (at Walmart, Fabric stores)

* = from Coolpiece

Other items I frequently use:

Shampoo:  Creme of Nature, or Dove Moisture Intense, or Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing

Conditioner: Mane n'Tail, or Thermasilk Moisture Infusing, any Dove conditioner, or Kerasilk, or Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls - Frizz sealing conditioner

For maintaining curls:  John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Dream Curls-Curl Perfecter,  Sebastian's Wet Liquid Gel, Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls - Curls defining lotion, Ion Curl defining styling creme, Nexxus Curl Energee-Curl enhancing styler, IC Leave-In Moisturizer with Aloe Vera.
I prefer:  Christophe (Beverly Hills) Hydrating Curl Spray : it makes curly, dry or damaged hair soft & silky. Also another favorite is "Tres Semme Curl Care European Shaping Milk".

For lustre: Proclaim Glossing Polish

Here is my technique for washing my l/f (I do that before I even wear it):

Step1: Fill a container e.g. Bathtub with Luke warm water, add your favorite hydrating or conditioning shampoo to water (not to hair system).I prefer (my l/f prefers) Cream of Nature Detangling Shampoo for regular hair and Dove Moisture Intense shampoos. 

Step2.: Hold lace front firm with both hands, use a wide tooth paddle brush and gently brush your hair system from roots to ends to remove any tangles. 

Step3. Gently dip the hair system into the tub of water. Swoosh it around very gently several times for about 2-3 minutes, then remove it from the tub, squeeze all the excess water from the hair system.   Do not rub like when we hand wash clothes

Step4. Dispose of the shampoo and water in the tub, run a fresh batch of luke water, and use it to thoroughly rinse all traces of shampoo from the hair system until water runs clear.

Step5. Apply a generous amount of hydrating conditioner, massage from roots to ends of hair system.( I use Mane 'n Tail Conditionner and/or Thermasilk Moisture Intense). Let remain on the hair system for 2 – 5 minutes before rinsing.This is the point where you can put the unit in the nuke for 20 sec [Only 10 sec at a time checking in between]. Reminder: unit will be hot when taken out.

Step6. Rinse all traces of conditioner form the hair system until water runs clear.

Step7. Use a dry cotton towel to dry excess water from hair system.

Step8. Apply Fray Block to lace (to stop it from fraying) and spray Fast Tract Knot sealer to knots (to avoid shedding)
Step 9. Place lace front on your mannequin head in secure place, let stand and air dry preferably over night.
(DO NOT use blowdryer/microwave/clothes dryer to dry the system).

Addendum:  I have tried blowdrying with a diffuser attachment and it works well..

Your system is now ready for application.....
Applying your lace front:

Gather your supply
I use Ultra Hold (UH) and/or Mighty Tite (MT) as glue..I do not use tape and I hate Vapon Notape..  But I use it in extreme cases at the nape only…Now I am trying the combo ORWG/UH and it gives me a hold similar to EB but without the crustiness.
With your hair neatly cornrowed, try on your unit after you have cut down the lace..Leave about 1/8" of lace around the hairline. (I cut in a zig zag manner..Others suggest using trimming shears)...You can always adjust later.  Do a dry run by placing the unit on your head where you will want it positionned. 
1. With your first application,  place little black dots with eyebrow pencil as a guide line..If you are using your own babyhairs, that will be the time to separate them by bringing them forward and keeping them down with gel (use non-flaking gel).. You will be applying your unit on the visible line created between the babyhair and the cornrow.
2.  Wipe hairline/forehead with alcohol to remove any oily deposit. Also wipe the visible line between babyhairs and cornrow/cap with alcohol...You do not need any oily residue there, since this is the spot where you will be applying your lace.. You can also use skin prep and let dry before applying glue.
3.  Apply glue (with makeup brush, sponge q-tip or small spatula, or orange stick or icecream stick).

P.S. If you plan on using your fingers to apply the glue, clean fingers with alcohol first. We tend to forget the residue on those...

 Use only a very small amount..spread glue on the line you have created in a thin layer.  You can apply 2 light coats.  Then let dry, (usually 15-20min), but for your 1st application, I will wait 8-10 min.  The glue will still be a little wet and will make it a little easier for repositionning.
4.  Now you are ready to place your unit.  Keep the hair on the unit away from glue with hair clips.
5.  Place unit on your head lining hairline where glue has been applied.  Position lightly on glue line.  When you are sure that you have it where you want it,apply a little pressure on the hairline with the tip of a tail-comb or with slanted tip of orange stick...(same orange stick used for cuticle removing..sold at BSS). I avoid using my fingers since it transfers the oil from my fingertips unto the lace/glue area.
6.  You can use Adjust-a-bond to reposition the unit (do a search for that info).  I use a small amount of a mixture of olive oil and alcohol (1:1) in a spray bottle.
7.  Then I attach the nape with the same glue. (Others prefer tape....Do a search for  instructions on how to apply tape/glue to nape)
7.  Clean up extra glue with either lace/citrus remover or alcohol, careful not to touch the lace.
8.  Allow glue to cure with unit in place and the hair still away from the glued area for at least 2 hours...
You can spray citrus remover on your hands/fingertips to remove any glue residue.  Rub gently with a small towel.  Then wash with soap.
You are now ready to strut your stuff... 
Removing your lace front
1.  Spray citrus remover, or lace release or olive oil/alcohol mis to hairline and nape.
2.  Wait 4-5 minutes before lifting lace starting at ear.  If lace does not come up easily, reapply remover..  Repeat this process until the lace comes off without resistance.
3.  Use more citrus remover and/or lace release to clean skin.  Wash your face.
4.  Soak hairline (and only hairline) in Goo Gone for about 1 hr to release left over glue on unit.  Use small brush to help the process.  Do not rub or brush too hard so as not to destroy the lace...

5.  Wash your lace front for the next time.

If you are using EB (EnduraBond), you will need pure acetone as a remover.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 14 2006 at 6:59am


KevinCN:   or
Tel: +86 532 85718620Fax: +86 532 85721780
Rib Zhang  General Manager


Kevin Yan:    kevinfreedelee (3 order minimum)

Qingdao Hioh Hair Products Co., Ltd.

Mr Kevin Yan

Unit One, No.20, Jiangxi Road. Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong,  China,  (Mainland)  266001

Tel: 0086 532 83675381




Lydia— Ms Lydia Gao  or

 Qingdao Longfei Hair Products

31# Dayao, Ligezhuang Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, Shandong, China


Tel : 86 532 88295339

Fax : 86 532 88295339

Mobile : 13608973044   

Longfei L/F wig   Password: longfei

Capbase   Password: capbase


Jacksun (3 order min for new customers)

Website :


Email: sy_hair2006 @  
(do not put spaces--only used them so email address would post without changing to  :  which is NOT Jacksun's email address, however, it keeps changing automatically on BHM.




Junjie Lace Front Wig:


Wayne Ho (3 order minimum) 

Sales Manager

Company: Yiweidu Industry Group Co.,Ltd
Add: 1-4F, NO.1, Building 87, Zongtang ,
Yiwu, Zhejiang, China
.   322000
Tel: 0086-579-5200450
Fax: 0086-579-5200451
: 0086-13516991960



Afrotreasures   (ebay seller)


Rotesha also Chenise1 on ebay
getrealguaranteed (Zara) off eBay

Ladydi (send her a PM)     
 GotHair (send her a PM)



(According to various BHM members) 
 Elicia blythe,  ebay name eliciablythestore (EBAY) 

Tony (known as BHM member Beautiful Secrets)                                                        

Seller petitesuitecb( 333Feedback%20score%20is%20100%20to%20499
Formerly known as BHM member petitesuitecb
Now known as misscapri
Chinese vendors on ebay (You will get a regular beauty supply store wig.  They will talk and know the ends and outs of "real lfs", answer questions and send you a regular beauty supply wig)
Will accept monies but not deliver wig
Will accept monies but not deliver wig

Indianlacefrontwigs. Com

(another topic regarding vendor lf information)
eta:  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. However, because there are pros and cons to each vendor.  It is best to do a Search ( Search%20The%20ForumSearch) on the vendor to help you make your decision.   It is best to email the vendor for a price list.  Sometimes posts get overlooked because the question has been asked many times and the information can be searched rather easily.  Good Luck with your research and success on finding the perfect lf!

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 14 2006 at 7:44am
  • Length – self-explanatory
  • Texture - texture in auction or provide  pic (url) - self-explanatory
  • Hair Color - self-explanatory
  • Density (ultra light, light, light-medium or medium) you can have one density or different densities throughout the wig. The amount of hair in a style; may also be referred to as thickness or volume. This choice is definitely up to the customer. Choose a density for the hairline, front of wig and then the base of wig.
  • Hair style – freestyle: having no built-in tendency.  Can be worn in most any style, even backwards. or defined part: Part cannot easily be moved.
  • Bleached Knots - Bleaching of knots does not result in white or clear knots, but it does help to give the illusion of hair growing from your scalp by camouflaging the knots.

If your hair color is dark, then knots that hold the hair onto the base will be changed from dark to a light brown and will appear much less visible. Single knots such as those used at the front edge will be less detectable.

If your hair color is medium brown, the knots will be even less detectable, but with lighter brown hair, bleaching will make very little difference. Bleaching knots with blonde hair in not necessary.

With all-lace systems, where the hair density is such that there isn't enough room on the lace for all single knots, you will inevitably be able to spot some knotting upon close inspection from a top view perspective.

For extra light and light density systems, the all lace base is less detectable because there is enough room on the lace to use all single knots and still arrive at a medium to light hair density.

Knots cannot be bleached in areas of a lace or monofilament system that has a polyurethane tape tab system.

  • Baby HairBaby hair is fine short hairs that are added to the hair line area of a lace front wig. Some customers who think they might have a problem with camouflaging the lace request baby hairs where they would use gel or water to smooth down the baby hairs over the lace. And some just like the look of “baby hairs”.
  • If you plan on dyeing your unit a lighter color or adding highlights to your unit - please ask for virgin hair
  • Head Measurements - see attached form - self-explanatory

Other FAQS

What is the difference between a lace front and full lace wig?
A lace front is a hairpiece that has lace from ear-to-ear, which will leave you with an undetectable and unbelievably natural looking hairline. The lace fronts, have monofilament from where the lace ends in the middle of the unit to the nape of the neck. Some of our other pieces have thin skin in the back so it can be trimmed back and glued down (these units can be worn in a ponytail).

A full lace wig is a unit made of all lace, it can be glued down all the way around the perimeter of the unit. You can wear this in a high ponytail. If you did not want to wait 4 weeks for a custom this is the closest you can get.

All of the units are 100% hand-tied and knotted.

How long can I wear the unit?
I have some clients that take their unit off every night, and than others that wear them for weeks at a time. Depending on the holding strength of the glue or tape you can wear it up to a month.

How long will the wig last?
I have units that have lasted for up to three years with proper care. Usually they last up to one year. Depending on various things like, how you take care of it, how often you wear and how you treat it. Comb and brush your wig gently, condition it every once in a while, and it will last for a long time.



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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 14 2006 at 2:33pm
Quote Density (ultra light, light, light-medium or medium) you can have one density or different densities throughout the wig. The amount of hair in a style; may also be referred to as thickness or volume. This choice is definitely up to the customer. Choose a density for the hairline, front of wig and then the base of wig.

To piggyback on this:

If your wig has "too much hair" chances are, it is not entirely a density problem

When hair is cut from a donor's head, there are hairs of different lengths. Just as on your own head, different hairs are at different stages in the growth process. You have some hairs that are longer and shorter than the other.

When wig factories use hair, the hair is sorted (double drawn) so that all the hairs in a particular bundle are the same length.

Double drawn picture here:

Single drawn here:

Explanation here:

Quote Length and make of hair pieces

Single drawn

Every hair piece looks like a ponytail made of different lengths of hair. The very short hairs have been removed.

For example: a hair piece of 20 inches of remi quality and single drawn has hair lengths of 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”.

Double drawn

Every hair piece contains only hair of the same length. This makes this type of hair piece also the most expensive one as this procedure is done by hand, not by machine.

For example: a hair piece of 20 inches of remi quality and double drawn has hair lengths of 20” only. It contains no hair shorter than that.

If your wig appears to be too thick, chances are this is because wigs are usually made with hair all the same length, which usually doesn't have short hairs on it (the short hairs you often see on your wig is actually the folded over hair when the knots are made). So if your wig seems to be too thick, the solution is often not to thin it at the base of the unit, but to mimick the shorter hairs in a natural head of hair.

This is also why the majority of wigs are not made with hair from a single donor. It is not common to obtain enough double drawn hair from one donor to make a single wig. If a wig is truly made with hair from one donor, it will have varying lengths of hair throughout (i.e. will look like single drawn hair).

If you are the type of person who has always felt that wig density is too "wiggy", then you should probably talk with your wigmaker about mixing in different lengths of hair to mimic naturally growing hair, or using single drawn hair. This is easier to accommplish with an American vendor or a Chinese vendor that speaks excellent English and communicates very well in English.

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