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Topic ClosedJacebeauty dilemma

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Kami612 View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 01 2013 at 10:15am
Originally posted by Yesenia_87 Yesenia_87 wrote:

Yeah it looks like I just need to do a refund and call it a day. Plenty of other vendors with Russian hair.

GHOH starts selling their in stock Russian todaySmile
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Ceelopink View Drop Down
Junior Member
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 01 2013 at 10:27am
Who else sells russian hair thats not expensive and in stock?
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biishplz View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 01 2013 at 1:24pm
Originally posted by Princess_S Princess_S wrote:

Originally posted by debg debg wrote:

Originally posted by Princess_S Princess_S wrote:

Did someone say they waited 5 months for hair. so that means this woman had your money for 5 months before delivering a product.. oh FAWK no.

someone wrote on the jace fb wall last week in the comments that they were STILL waiting on there black friday hair they havent got yet................ they asked them when they would finally send it to her

jace deleted the comment  

black friday was thanksgiving weekend !!!    Ouch  Thumbs Down

Dead which means she knows exactly what is going on. smh

Of course she knows what's going on. People JUST got their hair from the Black Friday sale last week. I think she should focus more on getting hair out to her customers quicker instead of what other businesses are doing because she's effing up herself. It makes no sense for a standard order of hair to take 2 months especially if she supposedly has the raw hair in stock. She's buying hair with her customers' money like all the others and then not meeting her deadlines and trying to hide it. 
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biishplz View Drop Down
Junior Member
Junior Member

Joined: Dec 23 2012
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 01 2013 at 1:27pm
Originally posted by Yesenia_87 Yesenia_87 wrote:

So they offered to refund me but not to correct it. She said that when they scrunched up the hair to help it coil up and that when it dried the resting length was 18" and 20-22". So she did know that it wasn't going to be enough smh.

In that long ole video she had about drying hair, I thought she said she uses natural heat to make the pattern in the hair pop? Now she scrunches? Sure. She'll say anything but the truth. Please, get your money back and keep it moving. She's a mes. 
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nattramn View Drop Down
Junior Member
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 03 2013 at 1:54pm
When I got this hair, I honestly hated it. It shed like a wildebeest and it started to look like a natural straight after a few weeks (And that whole fiasco with the vegetable dye in the bundle hahaha) . I was going to do a review on it but i didn't have anything positive to say about it so I left it alone and bought something else from another vender after 2 months straight of wearing the hair.

Last weekend, I dug it out of my stash, sealed the wefts and installed it on a u-part wig, and decided to chalk it up to the person who installed the hair who made me hate it because she cut the wefts. I've been playing with it and I'm getting excited to install it today though! It feels as pretty as I remember it being. Without all of the shedding hahaha.
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Isabela_Brazil View Drop Down
Junior Member
Junior Member

Joined: Feb 18 2014
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 18 2014 at 2:00pm
Hey girlS ! I want to share my BAD experience with JACEBEAUTY Hair I have spent LIKE 1400$ and waited more than 4 months for hair ! I have asked her hair smooth silk, soft, she said me okay, she took so lot of time to senD it, She didn't send me my closure yet. The hair are FRIZZY and very coarse, the texture ISN'T what I asked for.
This hair wasn't "Extraordinaire or beautiful" It's like any chinese hair you can buy from Alibaba or Aliexpress ! And these hair were smell like they be dye and process NO virgin. So Girl, take care of your money, I wanted to share with you my REALLY bad experience.
I was very excited to receive my JACEBEAUTY hair.
But now, my hair is nothing like the pic I got before.
I put water, waited to check its results, the hair turned UGLY.
I washed with Dove shampoo and conditioning, it turned UGLY.
was that what I paid for?
is this really my hair order/type?
when did I ask for dry/damaged hair?
Why it was told to me the closure was a GIFT? if I cant wear that bad 'sample'(thin,small,ugly) closure. I felt it was a NICE GIFT!!... till I got it. It was told to me : wow you got a free closure!
wtf :!!! damn! :@
I have been ignored for days. We were talking trying to fix the things then she left me talking alone...
it was not polite, I needed AT LEAST some thing like ''Isabela you maybe try to use the product xxx'' or ''isabela you may try bla bla'' IM A GOOD GIRL! I deserve a few more of attention. I am not a customer that keep emailing asking for my hair order! I just wait, because I deserve news about my hair oder without to have to ask for it!
I do not like to be ignored when I did a special order and waited patiently for everythings to be right.
YES, WOMAN, I was ashamed to say all that, but the girls who recommended me to buy from them , they said I should post my EXPERIENCE.
I was told :

7/2/2014 16:47

Isabela, this hair is the same hair that ladies email us all the time saying that they absolutely LOVE it after they give it a chance. We sell to many Caucasian women in Switzerland, Holland, and all over Europe. They find the right conditioner that works well with the hair and they really enjoy it. We have customers that have been wearing that same hair for over 3 years now. You can just send the hair back for a refund if you do not like it.'''

THEN, i am the only person in the world that are not satisfied with this DAMAGED hair?
I have nothing with European customers, i am Isabela Cabral from Brazil and my is damaged, dry, frizzy, coarse and I DO NOT LIKE DAMAGED HAIR like Europeans !

You know guys know me well, I am kind and sensitive. If I had received a bit more of attention and was treated with education, I was not posting all that; I do not need my money back, I want good hair. I want my barbie hair. I bought hair to receive hair!
I was very clear with my order. I repeated my order many times to keep on their mind that I could not receive anything wrong. I can not send any thing back whilling i am already paying hundreds with shipping.
Im sad , I feel disappointed and frustratted like I have no value. Or like my money have no value.

I emailed Nicole, look what I said to her:
hi, Nicole.
Im Isabela Cabral. 
It was my first order from you. Hi Isabela, here are your calculations: BUNDLES half bundle 20-22" (shooting for 22") 105 usd half bundle 23-26" (shooting for 24") 115 usd half bundle 23-26" (shooting for 24") 115 usd half bundle 23-26" (shooting for 26") 115 usd half bundle 23-26" (shooting for 26") 115 usd full bundle 28-30" (shooting for 28") 275 usd full bundle 28-30" (shooting for 30") 275 usd TOTAL FOR BUNDLES: $1115 - 15% DISCOUNT= $947.75. CLOSURE silk base closure, 4x4", 18"-20"; (shooting for 20"); light brow skin= $225.00 usd
total with shipping : 1,242.63
PS: With the perfume card value that it was already paid (add extra hair to the order)

I am hurt, I was told Caucasians and all Europeans women love this exactly hair that I received (like every bundles are the same and also people's taste)
But listen to me, When i saw its pic, I liked it, When I received it, It was full of products, then I liked it. 
When I just wet the hair and let it air dry, the hair turned dry, damaged, full of short hairs. All problems were visible.
I decided to shampoo and deep conditioning 1 bundle to check it results, I got the same result.
I was told the European women find the right conditioning then the hair be beautiful. This person from your team even recommended me any product, she even tried to be polite.  Then I bought 150 dollars in hair products to try to find the best for my new hair. Nothing worked. When I touch the hair, it gets frizzy and all the shorts hairs appear. The hair was not hackled, Nicole my soul. My hair is fragile like it was bleached visibly.
I feel hurt because I told many times my order can not come wrong because I am not able to send it back since I am paying hundreds of dollars with fedex, taxes....
I repeated many times what  my order was, to make all clear and unforgettable. I have all copies.
Nicole, I was very pleased to buy from you. I was too good, Nicole. I said I only care of my hair silky, I told I didn't care its pattern(wavier or curlier). I bought wavy/curly. It was told to me that it would be easier then to find me silky, smooth hair because I did not care its pattern. It was going to be my barbie hair texture for my carnival.
I was sent a closure as a gift whiling my silk closure is being made, but sadly this sample can not be worn. What kind of gift was that Nicole?
I can not wear the hair without a closure, I can not wear the hair because it is not good. 
Even the USA girls said me they would never wear this hair,Nicole. 
My thousands virtual friends from the hair groups are supporting me and they care if I am happy.
Some of them were responsible for my decision to buy from you. They were excited to see me rocking your stripper lenghts of 'russian fede satin smooth light color'. They expected to see this hair as much as me. Because the hair gurus already received pretty silky hairs from you. So my friends expected I would receive really pretty ones because I bought a lot of hair and expensive.

Listen to  me, It was told me not to show the closure I received. if it can be not shown for the people, how could I wear it on my carnival?
Im not going to anywhere looking mad, ugly.
I didn't show it for anybody, Nicole.
Because I believed 'every things is gonna be right.'
I am calm, patient, I can wait to get my barbie hair, but I told very clear I can not get anything WRONG.

I am frustrated, sad, hurt.
I feel not welcome to the company, I feel my money has no value either for your company.
I did care much more about my pretty hair that it was promised to me than about how much I spent on it.
I am not rich, but I am picky and I still prefer having what I like.In this way I am able to make effort to get it.
I was so happy when I saw my hair picture, I was already thinking about my next hair type order.
Now, I have no hair for my carnival, no closure. I only got gastritis, expectations and none attention from you.
Before I buy from you, I asked you if I could have a special attention since I am far and every things would be complicated if my order comes wrong.
You told you would care of this to me.

I received a lot of recommendations from the girls: of reporting on BBB, making yt videos, posting on bhm etc etc

I would never decide anything before to contact you, because I am sure I was not talking to you on facebook. I guess it was somebody from your team. Who maybe does not like latins. 
The few times I had a talking to you, I felt great. You were kind and very welcome. I felt confident and I told it to you.
One person from your team said me annoying me that my case has no solution. Only refund. I'm not going to get part of my money back and not having my taxes and shipping paid by youself.
I am not going to lose money and keep with gastrits after all stress and lots of money spent with hair products.

Then Nicole, what you gonna do? is it fair with me? Do I deserve all this and why?
Im super tired and stressed and it should be only about hairs.

 Where were you when I the most needed you?


LOOK WHAT i received from them:

This is Sterling. I am the Director of Marketing and Operations. I also work with Nicole on a daily basis here at Jace Beauty.

Like all of our customers, we take great care and pride in each and every bundle we produce for our customers. Because of the many special requests you had for your order, we took EXTRA care with every thing concerning your order. Looking back at the extensive history of your order, I see that unlike the vast majority of our customers, our technicians took time to send you pictures of bundles to get your approval on what would work for you. Please understand, this is not a common practice here at Jace with our customers because it can be a bit time consuming during production. 

I also see that our technicians spent months (way beyond our standard six week production cycle) sorting through shipment after shipment in search for bundles that met your expectations. As we involved you in the production process, we constantly made changes to make sure you were happy with the product. The person we have handing our Facebook page whose job is to mainly point customer questions to our customer service department went the extra mile for you to answer every last one of your questions and in many ways to act as a liaison between Facebook and our production team for your order. Again, that is not our standard practice. But it is yet another example of lengths we will go to take care of our customers. Each one of your bundles were checked, checked again, and double-checked before we sent you pictures of your final product. The end product was the result of long, hard work by our production team. This is what they do.

So naturally we were all very happy to have initially received word from you that you were very pleased and happy with your bundles (minus the closure--something we had already communicated with you that we would be willing to work with you on). What we sent to you in many ways exceeded what we send to many of our very happy customers. 

But then, we began to receive numerous complaints from you regarding the bundles. There were complaints about smelling dye (which we did not use at all on your hair) to complaints about the hair being damaged (the hair was in immaculate condition when it left our warehouse) and more. Seeing that we could not meet up to your high standards, we gave you the option to send the hair back for a full refund. Again, I want you to be aware that we do not offer full refunds to hair in perfect condition. Since we just spent MONTH constructing your bundles, we are quite aware of the condition of your hair. But in your case, we have opted to give you the choice to send back your order for a full refund. I am still extending that option to you. 

Considering the amount of time and effort, and the fact that you were involved in the process of crafting your order, we will not pay any additional costs if you opt to send your hair back. 

As far as going to the BBB, as a consumer you are more than welcomed to go through that channel. We will also gladly submit to them every correspondence you had with us and the role you played with the selection of your bundles. We have a great relationship with the BBB and we would make sure they have the entire story. Including the fact that we are offering you a full refund (something we do not offer our customers).

As far as creating a YouTube video, again that is your option. We hope and trust that you will include every correspondence you had with us and how we here at Jace Beauty were very responsive to your many requests regarding your order and the time we placed creating your bundles.

So again, if you wish to send the bundles back for a full refund, please let us know so we can keep an eye out for them. Once we have received them and have confirmed that they have not been altered in any way, we will gladly issue your full refund. 

Thanks so much!

girls, This is the most arrogant and,condescending email I have ever read from a seller in my whole life. Masked behind proper language and smoking mirrors he basically said F@*%$  U  to me.
I don't think I have the words for that response from them. The fact that they thought that response was a smart move is appalling. You can send 50 pictures of hair "heat styled in conditioner" and it will all look silky, however, once you wash the conditioner off - the true form of the hair shows. They know this...  I'm just disgusted.
I have too many bad feelings. I didnt deserve it I didnt... Oh my god oh my if i knew they are like that, i would never never in my life buy or have a talking to them. All that and I only asked for silky hair oh my Lord!
they mask the hair and we have TO BE SATISFIED WITH THIS SH&&TTTTTTTTTTT IT IS LIKE WE HAVE TO THANK a lot for that! how is it possible? pls I guess he does not know anything about hair! I guess he didnt even see my hair on its natural state! this bleached hair! damaged hair!
The e-mail has a condescending tone. To point out what they have done for me and not for others is quite rude because according to them "every order is a custom order". The stipulation before issuing the refund is solely based on their discretion which means that they could say that there isn't anything wrong with the hair and just give to me a partial refund.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 18 2014 at 4:08pm
25 inch? thats new lol
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liesnalibis View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 18 2014 at 4:48pm
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Princess Grace View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 18 2014 at 5:43pm
Send that hair back with tracking and signature required + extra insurance and get a refund. Their vendor already outed them in the Weave section upstairs.

You can order directly from them...
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Topaz Moreno View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Feb 18 2014 at 6:33pm
I like Nicole but I would never ever buy from jack. I wish I would wait 4 months for some hair

Brazil could have spent $1200 at ep and got great hair and would have gotten it in a week

I can't with these hair sellers
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