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Topic Closedi want more male attention

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loveyessie View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct 30 2012 at 9:25am
WTH I just can't. It sounds to me like you want validation.
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miraclebaby_91 View Drop Down
Junior Member
Junior Member

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 03 2012 at 10:13am
Another thing I want to add is to become comfortable in your sexual skin and exude sexual energy. NO I don't mean become a hoe that's not what I'm saying what I am saying is that when you get around guys think that your the hottest woman walking on the planet even if it means u being aroused around guys and exuding that in a subtle way(YES I said it), as a matter of fact, scratch that, and think and see yourself as the hottest woman walking on the planet when your at home so that when u get in public it won't be difficult for you to think that. Give guys that interest you direct eye contact and eye-f*** them for 10 seconds then look away and act brand new with other words, be hard to get in a seductive way..... if a guy approaches you talk with a deeper, sensual, feminine, sexy voice(like Angelina Jolie and Beyonce does) think seductive or sensual or sexual energy when you talk to a guy, really when you talk to anybody so that it can become a second nature to you eventually. And be sensual. Sensual meaning live in the moment and fully take in what is happening around you. When you eat, savor your food and enjoy and fully take in the tastes of the food in your mouth. When you walk in a party or club fully take in the music and the driving beats and rhythm of the music and let the music wrap other words if you wanna dance, dance. If you wanna just bop your head to the music, bop your head. Do whatever the music makes you wanna do(while remembering that your in public and not in your bedroom so don't act like a stripper or a PICS star in other words in public cuz that will get you a bad reputation). These are just a few examples of how to be sensual. The reason why some girls have guys always on their c**** is because they see themselves as a sex goddess, sex kitten, seductress, etc. I went to high school with this one girl that used to get male attention left and right more than the girls in our grade(she was in my graduating class) and more than the girls from the other graduating classes and still gets it. And one day I figured out why she gets so much male attention: Because she was comfortable with her sexual skin and exuded sexual energy. She exuded confidence and seductiveness and was sensual as all hell and always acted subtly aroused. That's why guys loved being around her and wanted to be with her. And she played hard to get too. She basically acted like Beyonce does on stage. That's why Beyonce is desired by ALL men and by some women(yes I said some women because if you look at some of the comments on alot of Beyonce's videos like the Upgrade U video and the Dance 4 U video for example there are women commenting about how Beyonce turns them on and could make them bisexual or lesbian) And lemme say this: you KNOW that you have reached your goal of becoming a sensual, sexy and seductive ass woman like Beyonce and that girl I mentioned who I went to HS with, when men AND women are talking about how sexy and seductive you are and say or act like they are turned on by your presence or if men and women always compliments your beauty, confidence and sexiness in a way that lets you know that they may have a thing for you. Or if men and women always stare at you with bedroom eyes or smile or drool or lick their lips or bite their lips etc. when you walk by. Or if men always stop what they're doing when you walk by or almost drop(or actually drop) whatever their holding in their hand. Or if a man will empty his bank account just to wine and dine you and date you(and to eventually get some from you). I think you get my point. But feel free to PM me anytime for advice. By the way there is a book that I learned all of this stuff about seduction and sensuality from it's called: The Guide To Becoming The Sensuous Black Woman by Miss T. Get that book, if you can't afford to get it PM me your email and I'll email you a copy of it. Also sensuality and seductive DOES NOT mean acting trashy and slutty like the Twerk Team........cuz that will make you a f-buddy to guys and not girlfriend and potential wifey material to them. Nuff said.
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Becky View Drop Down
Guest Group
Guest Group

Joined: Oct 17 2005
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 2:41am
Umm sorry but ....  think that is over the top advice ... that can be sooo easiliy misconstrued by many of the readers here.
Beyonce and all these celibs .. are making money off their looks etc - this is their JOB  but this is not the path for a young lady to follow. '.. men.... lick their lips when you walk by..? Wow .. I would never pass on such advice to a young person that has yet to find herself. No, this is the surest way to put a person with low self esteem into a position ... that she cannot handle.Shocked
I think the OP .. needs to develop her self esteem, build up her confidence, be in the company of other women who are making something out of their lives (not chasing men, hooking up in THE CLUB, dropping babies, or looking for a payday and certainly not walking down the streets in the hopes that X number of men/women are drawwwwwn to her sexually/sentuallyDead
I think if a girl in high school is operating on that level AT THAT AGE .. ummm something else is going on.Confused Sorry, but these kind of girls usually peak in High School.  After High School they kind of fade away into some mundane life. But she should be peaking wayyyyy into her 40's and  that comes from making some sort of real investment in herself.
Rather ... educated, self assured women that are working toward something substantial should be her goal. This is the sort of behavior she should be modelling so that she can attract men (take them or leave them) that themselves are substantial. No desparate clinging to this or that guy.  All this will take quite some time to achieve.
Not some rap crap urban type dude, with some freaky fantasy in his head that's just gonna use her for sex. Ouch
Then put herself together physically and carry herself like .. she knows where she is going in life. She needs to build a good relationship with herself first ... it's not so IMPORTANT that she gain so much male attention in the first place. DUH!
I say .. make yourself somebody .. on the inside and then let nature take it's course...

Edited by Becky - Nov 04 2012 at 3:04am
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missunfoolish View Drop Down
Elite Member
Elite Member

Joined: Mar 25 2010
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 6:23am
random but i never had to dress slutty to get a guys attention, yay lol
just be yaself tbh
not sayin u a hoe.. but..

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hairfanatic501 View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: Oct 29 2012
Location: Arkansas
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Nov 04 2012 at 6:36pm
Originally posted by babyk94 babyk94 wrote:

Just carry yourself with confidence. Dress nicely and wear things that flatter your shape. Also don't forget to smile and look happy for the most part. I have never dressed provocatively and have gotten my fair share of male attention so, don't feel like you have to dress a certain way.

Do what babyk94 said and wear a pair of heels. Also, make sure your hairstyle compliments your face.
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