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Herbs,Recipes and Uses For Healthy Hair

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    Posted: Jan 13 2012 at 11:40am

Amla(Hindi)/Amalaka (Sanskrit)/Amlaki (Bengali)/ Botanical name: Emblica Officinalis/ Nellikaai (Tamil)/Indian Gooseberry (English)

The Indian gooseberry is indigenous to India. It has been used as a valuable ingredient in various medicines in India and in the Middle East from time immemorial. Shusrut, the great Ayurvedic authority considers it as the best of all acid fruit and most useful in health and disease. It is chiefly valued for its high vitamin C content.

Amla stimulates hair follicles thus promoting hair growth and also improves texture of the hair. It also prevents premature graying of hairs and dandruff. Indian women generally use Amla to wash their hairs, which act as natural hair conditioner.

(1)Hair Tonic:

Take equal weights of Avuri (Indigo/indiofera tinctoria) leaves, Bringhraj (Wadelia calendulacea/eclipta prostrata), fresh amla and hibiscus flowers and grind to a paste. Mix the paste with an equal quantity of coconut oil and heat on a medium fire till the moisture evaporates. Cool, filter and store in a bottle. Rub on the scalp and hair daily.

(2) Homemade shampoo: For clean and shiny hair, make this shampoo at home. Soak Shikakai seeds, soapnuts (ritha) and dried amla overnight. in the proportion of 2:2:1. Next morning, boil them in water for 15 minutes. Remove the seeds and blend the pulp in a mixer. Store this mixture in the refrigerator and use once a week.

3) HAIR OIL WITH DRY AMLA: The amla fruit cut into pieces is dried in shade. These pieces are boiled in coconut oil till the solid matter becomes like charred dust. This darkish oil is an excellent oil to prevent graying.

(4) AMLA RINSE WATER: The water in which dried amla pieces are soaked overnight is also nourishing to hair. This water should be used for the last rinse while washing hair.

(5)Fresh Amla Massage: Regular massage of Amla (fresh) ground to paste and rubbed into the scalp has worked wonders in many cases frequently reversing the process of greying or falling off of hair.

(6)Amla-Milk Paste: To encourage growth of hair and to make hair dark, soak a few amlas in a little milk for a couple of hours, then drain and grind to a smooth paste along with a handful of mehendi leaves, mix well and rub into the roots of the hair one hour before you wash hair (either shampoo or herbal hair wash).


Shikakai (Hindi) / Cikaikaai (Tamil) / Soap-nut acacia (English) / Botanical name:Acacia Concinna /

Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) is a small shrub-like tree, which grows in the warm, dry plains of central India. For centuries the people who have had access to this tree have used its pod-like fruit to clean their hair. They collect, dry and grind this pod into a powder, which is considered a superior cleanser for "lustrous long hair" and has been reported as "promoting hair growth and preventing dandruff". Because of these benefits, this powder was named "shikakai" which literally translates as "fruit for the hair" .

The Shikakai Fruit is famous as the best herbal shampoo to treat dandruff & hair loss. It is used as a hair cleanser, which promotes hair growth and makes hair more healthy and shiny. Typically, shikakai is mixed with water to make a paste, which is worked through the hair. It lathers moderately and cleans hair beautifully. It has a natural low pH, is extremely mild, and doesn't strip hair of natural oils. Usually no rinse or conditioner is used since shikakai also acts as a detangler. This ancient product is probably the world's original pH balanced shampoo. It is very effective in removing oil and dirt from hair.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. (Malvaceae)/Semparuththi (tamil)/Gurhal (Hindi)/Bunga Raya (Malay):
The natives of southern India uses the Red hibiscus for hair care purposes: the red flower and leaves, extracts of which can be applied on hair to tackle hair-fall and dandruff on the scalp. It is used to make hair protective oils. A simple application involves soaking the leaves and flowers in water and using a wet grinder to make a thick paste, and used as a natural shampoo.
Shade-dried and powdered flowers are used for cleaning the hair and to prevent hair loss (alopecia).

Dried hibiscus is used as an ingredient in the Meera Herbal Hair wash powder.

Hair Oil: (taken from a magazine)
Grind hibiscus flowers and take the juice. Take coconut oil in equal quantity to the juice, and boil together on low flame. Before the smell of the coconut oil comes out, remove from fire. Using this oil daily will stimulate hair growth.
If you use this oil with a few drops of vitamin E oil, and massage scalp and use the hot towel treatment on scalp, and then rinse in plain water (twice a week), the oiliness in the scalp will be reduced and you will have shining hair.

Prepare a hair oil with the following ingredients:

a)Coconut Oil / Sesame oil (Which ever you prefer). Coconut oil is better for long term use.

 b)Curry leaves

In an iron skillet mix the following ingredients in the 3:1:1 ratio. that is 100 gms of shoeflowers and 100 gms of curry leaves for 300 gms of coconut oil. Heat on medium flame till it stops forming bubbles. Do not heat beyond this point. Remove from the fire. Cool and strain into a clean bottle using a muslin cloth.
Apply this oil using your finger tips or using cotton swabs on ur scalp. Massage gently for 10 minutes with your fingers. Do not hurt you scalp with your nails while massaging. Wash with cool water after an hour. You can use any mild herbal shampoo or herbal hair-wash powders, while washing.

Hibiscus Hair Pack:
Hibiscus leaves – 10, henna leaves – 20, full Shikakai – 2. Grind all three together and apply on scalp as hair pack. Rinse after 10 minutes. Wash your hair this way once a week. Hibiscus removes the dandruff and makes the hair shiny. The Shikakai cleans the hair.

Homemade hibiscus leaves-shampoo for silky shiny hair:
Boil 10 hibiscus leaves in water. The leaves will become soft. Discard the leaves, add shikakai to the water and use it to wash hair.

Hibiscus Hair Oil
Hibiscus flowers = 10 gm, cinnamon stick – 10 gm, fenugreek – 5 gm, dried champak flowers (Michelia Champaca) – 5 gm. Put them in ½ liter of coconut oil and keep in the sun daily. After a week, the essence will blend into the oil.
Use this oil daily. Hair will be clean, and will start growing well. Hair will be fragrant

Soapnut (English)/Aritha/Reetha (Hindi)/ Boonthi vidhai (Tamil)/ Botanical name: Sapindus Trifoliatus or Sapindus mukorossi

Reetha powder is prepared from dried fruit of Reetha. It can be used as a face pack to improve facial complexion. It is used as a hair application to make hair shiny. It also removes dandruff and lice in hair. It can also be used to clean jewellery and for washing woolen clothes. It is used in Ayurvedic preparations and Herbal Shampoos. Soapnuts are known as excellent hair tonic

Why Wash with Soapnuts?
I've actually found soapnuts to be superior to all commercial products I tried! And shampoo bars, too! Some of the things I love about them are:
-way less shedding!
-nice clean scalp
-gently cleansing
-the SHINE!
-the BODY!
-all natural, and has very little processing
-it's cheap!
-no need for conditioner or acid rinse

How to use:

MIXING YOUR PASTE with Aritha powder :

1: Place required amount of powder in a bowl then add water and mix well to create a thick paste.

2: Gently massage the paste into the hair and scalp rotating with your finger tips.

3: Wait for 2 to 5 minutes.

4: Wash thoroughly with water

With the aritha powder, shikakai powder and amala powder can also be mixed. Equal portions of each can be used.

Making the Soapnut Liquid (for oily hair and scalp) is 1 c. soapnuts (approx. 22 nuts) soaked overnight in 1 c. water. (I just use lukewarm tap water). This will make 8 - 16 washing's worth!
NOTE: Be sure your soapnuts do not have seeds inside - if they do, crack them open with a nutcracker and throw the seeds out.

Strain out the soapnuts (I use a strainer and a funnel)

Add 1 T. fresh lemon or lime juice to the liquid. The lemon/lime helps cut grease, although it also seems to really help add shine and avoid dryness for me too - my hair looks and feels much better with the juice added. FYI -lime juice works really great and is my preference!
The liquid will be a medium brown color and will make 8 oz. total (which makes 8-16 washings!)
Store your liquid in the fridge for best preservation (some ppl even store it in ice cube trays in the freezer - each cube will equal 1 oz.). Some folks have had success leaving it out of the fridge for up to one week.

Leave on between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then rinse out. (If you've oiled, it works well to leave it on longer before rinsing out, as the longer time helps remove the oil). No rubbing or friction needed while rinsing! As the liquid is already acidic, I find no need for conditioner or acid rinses.

And here u get !! Shiny, bouncy, naturally and gently cleaned hair and scalp!!

How long does this liquid last in the fridge? Well, I've never had mine go bad, but I usually use it up within 2 weeks.

Aloevera shampoo recipe for dry hair
1/4 cup liquid Castile Soap
1/4 cup aloe vera gel or juice
1 teaspoon glycerin
1/4 teaspoon sweet almond oil
1 tbsp of honey

1. Mix together all the ingredients;
2. Store in a bottle and always shake well before using;
3. Apply to hair and allow to sit for a few minutes;
4. Rinse well with cool water. Please make changes to it to suit your need.

For aloevera hair oil recipe use aloevera powder ( u can get Hesh brand in any indian grocery store) & combine it with different herbs in a suitable base oil.




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Make your own hair oil..
Take 5% of your chosen herbs/flower e.g amla, brahmi, aloevera, hibiscus petals and infuse into 95% of your chosen base oil that would be 5g to every 100g. Place the herbs/petals and oil into a heatproof dish and heat gently for about 1 hr over a pan of simmering water (the double boiler method) and then strain with a sieve or muslin cloth. Your infusion can then be used as a simple hair oil.
I hope it helps..


Manduki & Brahmi : Centella asiatica (Brahma Manduki )/ Gotu Kala (Singhalese)/Sanskrit:Mandukaparni/Vallarai (Tamil)/Brahma Manduki (Hindi)/Indian Pennywort (English)
It is often confused with Bacopa monnieri which is the more famous "Brahmi"; both have some common therapeutic properties in Vedic texts and both are used for improving memory. It is a brain tonic and stimulates hair growth.

The whole plant possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifebrile, and diuretic properties. It has a positive effect on the circulatory system. It improves the flow of blood while strengthening the veins and capillaries. Relieves stress and depression, energizes flagging mental powers, fights sterility, wards off a nervous breakdown, and improves reflexes. Induces good sleep.

Brahmi taila (Ointment): The leaves of 'Brahmi' or 'Mandukaparni' can be used to make the oil. Leaves of 'Mandukaparni' or Indian penny wort (centella Asiactica) is taken in 2 parts, sesame oil 2 parts, powder of clove 1\8th part and cardamom 1\8th part are mixed together and boiled till all the water evaporates. It is sieved and applied to the scalp. This gives colour to your hair.

To use Brahma Manduki (Centella asiatica) powder for hair, make a hot water infusion with the powder and strain it. The tea can be used to rinse the hair after shampooing.

Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi)/Neer Brahmi (Tamil)/Water hyssop(English)/?
Bacopa monnieri: (Brahmi) Leaves improve memory and is used for brain tonics.

Bacopa has been revered for centuries in the Ayurvedic herbal tradition of India to enhance clear thinking and support memory function. Brahmi is one of the best nervine tonic and is widely used in treating epilepsy, hysteria etc.

The medicated oil of brahmi with triphala (three myrobalans), karcura (Curcuma zedoaria and usira (Vetiveria zizanioides) augments the hair growth

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Curry leaf (Other names: karivepilai (Tamil)/ karibaavu (kannada)/ karipatha (Hindi)/ also called Sweet Neem Leaf/ Botanical name: Murraya koenigii

Uses: It is a tropical tree. The leaves are used in cooking just like bay leaves and are not part of the “curry powder”. It is used in digestive disorders, for diabetes and can relieve pain associated with the kidneys.

Liberal intake of curry leaves is considered beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair. These leaves have the property to nourish the hair roots. New hair roots that grow are healthier with normal pigment. The leaves can be used in the form of chutney or the juice may be squeezed and taken in buttermilk or lassi.

1) Easy Hair Oil to prepare at home:

The best hair oil can be prepared at home.
Take ¼ liter of coconut oil and heat it. When slightly warm add a bunch of curry leaves and a handful of mehendi (henna) leaves to it. Leave until the oil gets the green color and bottle it when cool. This oil helps to darken the hair and acts as a cooling agent.

2) Hair oil (Homemade - to stop hair shedding):

Take a good quantity of coconut oil,
add some castor oil (optional) into it, put it in a iron pot and boil it till it smokes slightly.
Now, make a paste of the following herbs:
5 petals hibiscus,
curry leaves,
- Jeera (cumin seeds) ¼ tsp,
- Dry Fenugreek seeds (methi) ¼ tsp,
- Vettiver (this is a root),
- Vallarai(Brahmi) powder (a little - this is also a herb),
- Karisalanganni (bringhraj)powder (this is a herb which has darkening effects on the hair and it makes the hair voluminous and healthier),
- Adhimadhuram (liquorice root)(this is a herb which cures itch and prevents dandruff).

Add little water and grind it to a paste. Now, switch off the boiling oil, and add this paste slowly.

Here's one more recipe to prevent hair fall :
In a pan, collect the following: shoeflower (Common names: China Rose, Hibiscus, Gurhal गुढ़ल (Hindi)(you can use both the leaves and the flower - if you don't find the flower, just use leaves), fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, pepper powder and cumin powder. Heat the ingredients until the leaves become a little dry.

Add coconut oil and heat over a low flame. When you see oil bubbling (usually a white froth forms), then switch off the flame.

Let the oil cool, preferably overnight. Strain and store in a cool place. Apply on your scalp 30 minutes before a shower.


The original recipe I saw in the magazine also had henna leaves in it. But I don't want my hair to change colour, so I don't use henna. Also, henna has cooling properties, and it's easy to catch a cold when oil is infused with henna,esp. where I'm living.
Another aspect is the pan itself. Traditionally, a heavy iron pan is used for heating hair oil. The oil is left in the pan to cool overnight, it is believed that the iron reacts with the oil, adding some of its properties to the oil. In the same way u can experiment with different herbs as well...

3)To use instead of shampoo:
1 Mix equal quantities of
shade-dried curry leaves, lime peel, shikakai, fenugreek seeds and green gram
Grind them finely

Store and use as substitute of shampoo or soap.

 Curry leaf -Coconut Milk-Hair Pack for Hair Growth:
Needed a handful of curry leaves and 2 tbsp. Coconut milk
Grind curry leaves and coconut milk together and make a hair pack
Wash in cold water. Do this every other day.

6) Coconut oil with herbs:

Ingredients to add:

a)one small cup of freshly ground curry leaves leaves paste.
b)one small cup of Fenugreek (methi) seeds paste(soak methi seeds in pure coconut oil the previous night)
c)one small cup of Gooseberry (amla) extract paste(either frozen-thaw it or fresh)-optional because you may or may not get it in Indian stores. You can also use dry amla (dried Indian gooseberry pieces)
It is good if the ingredients are fresh.

Heat the oil, add Amla (Indian gooseberry) extract slowly, be careful the oil may add slowly, stir for 10 minutes till the essence goes deeply in oil. Add curry leaves extract slowly, stir for 10 minutes..
then Fenugreek (methi)paste and stir the oil till all the moisture evaporates and u will get consistency of ingredients separated from oil(this will definitely takes time so, please be patient). Filter the oil . This oil can be used for up to 3 months or more depending on usage. This hair tonic is very good for hair growth.
The oil is ready. (Note: Be careful when adding the fresh ingredients. Don't overheat the oil before adding ingredients as splattering may occur. So add in medium heat and add slowly.)

7) Coconut oil preparation with many herbs – home preparation:

I) Fresh ponnanganni (Bot.:Alternanthera sessilis/English: sessile joyweed)
(Hindi: Garundi, Guroo • Manipuri: Phakchet • Marathi: Kanchari • Tamil: Ponnanganni • Malayalam: Ponnankannikkira • Telugu: Ponnagantikura • Kannada: Honagonne • Oriya: Madaranga • Konkani: Koypa •Sanskrit: Matsyaksi)leaves - one bunch
a) Fresh bringra.j leaves (karisalanganni in Tamil) - one bunch
b) Fresh curry leaves - one bunch
c ) henna leaves(optional)- a handful (optional)
grind the above leaves into a thick paste and prepare like patties shape in hand(3-4 patties per liter of oil is sufficient),dry it in sun thoroughly. There shouldn’t be any moisture. it should be totally dry. Now these dried pieces are ready to fry in oil…

II. a) Big fresh gooseberries (amla) & cut gooseberries (amla) into pieces removing seeds. Dry the gooseberries (amla) in sun totally for one week in sun. There shouldn’t be any moisture. It should be brown in color.
b) Vetiver( Khus Khus grass- in Hindi)- a handful like a bunch
c) rose petals (baby pink in color) - about a handful, dried thoroughly in sun.
d) Fenugreek(methi) seeds - one tablespoon(The seeds can be used directly - no soaking required)
e)One liter of coconut oil.

Heat the oil not too hot but it should be in medium heat like frying consistency.
First add the prepared and dried leaf patties and deep fry them, so that the oil will turn green.
Do not remove the patties; now add dried gooseberry pieces into the hot oil; the size of the pieces will become three times as big or bigger when it is fried.
Then add Vetiver and deep fry it
Next add dried rose petals in oil
Finally add fenugreek seeds and let it all together mix in hot oil and do not remove them from oil. Lower the heat . Stir slowly for 15-20 minutes, till all the ingredients' essence goes deeply. Don't leave the oil to overheat as the smell of oil will be bad
turn off heat and let it sit for one day
after it has been totally cooled, filter the oil.

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   Fenugreek (English)/Trigonella foenum-graecum/Methi (Hindi)/ Vendhaiya(Tamil)/ Bockshornklee(German)/alholva (Spanish)

(1)HAIR WASH POWDER:Bengal gram (cicer arietinum) 1 part, green gram (phaseolus mungo/ mung bean) 1 part and Fenugreek seeds 1\2 part is powdered coarsely. This mixture can be used to wash your hair, which does not remove the natural oil from the hair thus preventing dryness

(2)Hair Pack for Dandruff: Take fenugreek seeds, lime seeds, little pepper and aloevera, grind it to a paste and use it on the scalp. Using this twice in a week may be beneficial. Do not keep it for longer hours on the scalp, since it may be so very cooling.

Take 100 gm of methi seeds,and soak this in 500 ml of aloevera juice.( remove the skin of the aloevera leaves, take out the pulp and with the blender or juicer take out the juice). Keep the mixture covered with a net, and keep in a shaded place. After four or five days it will start sprouting. Take out the methi only and keep in sun. In the evening put the methi again in the old aloevera juice. Repeat this until all the juice is soaked by the methi. When the methi sprouts are dry, powder it and keep in a airtight container.

Take a tablespoon coconut oil and 1 teaspoon methi powder, and double boil the mixture. Strain the fenugreek powder and discard. Apply the oil to entire scalp and massage scalp lightly. After 30 minutes, wash with herbal shampoo(or shikakai).
Washing the hair with Hibiscus leaves & buds ground together or shikkakai powder gives a better result.

An alternative method: The seeds of 'Methika' or fenugreek (Trigonella foenum) is soaked in coconut oil and kept under direct sunrays for 7 days and applied to the scalp, which prevents hair loss.

Another hair oil recipe to prevent hairfall:
Coconut oil-1 cup
Sesame oil-1/4 cup
Fenugreek seeds / Methi seeds - 4 tsp
Henna powder- 3 to 4tsp
Amla - 3 to 4

Method :
Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight / 5 to 6 hrs. Remove the seeds from fresh amla. In a blender, add presoaked fenugreek seeds,henna powder,chopped amla. Grind into a fine paste.( u can add little water if needed)

Then leave this paste overnight / 6 to 7 hrs. so that all the ingredients blend together.Then in a deep wok add coconut and sesame oil.

heat the oil at low flame, when the oil starts heating add the paste.

after some time u'll see froth coming from the oil so be careful,don't stir the oil,other wise more froth will form,after few mins the froth will decrease and then the paste will settle down, then stir carefully.

repeat the process till all the bubbles have gone, which means the oil has absorbed all the moisture from the paste.

This process takes 30 to 40 mins, when the oil gives nice aroma turn off the flame, let it cool & then with the help of muslin cloth or clean hankerchief drain the oil into a clean bottle.
the paste will settle on the cloth, tie the cloth and squeeze out the oil as much as you can & then trash the paste.
Whenever applying the oil on hair, just warm the oil & massage it to the scalp and hair.This is the best exercise for hair and helps to improve blood circulation.

Wash and clean a bunch of Methi leaves in water. Without adding water, add black pepper, a few drops of lemon and salt to taste and boil. Churn this in a mixer or juicer and drink this concoction. Drinking this regularly will increase hair growth.

Ingredients used

Henna: 1 teacup
Cumin seeds- 1 teaspoon
Methi seeds- 1 teaspoon
Water- as per requirement

Method of preparation:
Cumin and methi seeds are fried till golden brown on a pan and soaked in water overnight. Next morning a fine paste of it is made and mixed with henna and applied to the scalp for 2 hours.
(Here, the henna acts as a dye and a conditioner that helps in building the melanin and retention of hair color from the root base. Cumin seeds are responsible for improving the blood circulation and hence promote hair growth. The methi seeds help in cleaning the scalp from the dirt accumulated on the scalp).

Make a paste by grinding fenugreek seeds with water. Massage on the scalp after oiling the hair and leave it for one hour before washing. Repeat it every morning for a month.

To control hair loss, try this home-made hair growth and anti-dandruff pack: 6 tsp Feenugreek seed paste (soak the methi seeds overnight and grind them into a fine paste) 4 tsp green gram flour (sabut moongdal powder) 3 tsp curry patta paste 2 tsp fresh lemon juice 2 tsp amla powder 2 tsp shikakai powder
Mix all the ingredients and grind them finely. Store the mixture. Use it as a hair pack. Leave it on for 15 min. and wash it off. This paste prevents hair fall and dandruff

(9) Fenugreek-Sesame Oil

Take a bunch of fresh green methi (fenugreek) leaves and grind smoothly. Make them into small balls and keep in the sun for two days or more (till the moisture evaporates). Heat Sesame oil (gentle heat) and put in the dried fenugreek-leaves balls. Keep on slow fire. Cool the oil. Keep aside. After ten days, strain out the fenugreek-balls and use the oil. This is good for luxuriant hair growth.


Take one cup of warm milk and add a teaspoon of yoghurt to it and keep it outside (not in fridge) and add fenugreek seeds and curry leaves to the yoghurt. Next morning, drink this yoghurt on empty stomach. This is good against shedding. Buttermilk also may be used instead of yogurt.

fenugreek leaves has a unique mix of constituents such as proteins, vitamins & minerals like vit C & K, iron, calcium etc. which contributes to maintaining healthy looking hair & well nourished scalp. One can not have long hair if suffering from various hair problems like dandruff, white flakes, split ends & premature hairfall, fenugreek helps in solving these problems & thus indirectly promotes hair growth. it is thought to work by dialation of blood vessels to the scalp, thereby improving blood circulation & nutrient supply to the scalp.

Coconut (Cocos nuicfera)/ Thengaai (Tamil)/ Narial (Hindi)

The coconut is known as the "Wonder Food". It is a near perfect diet, as it contains almost all the essential nutrients needed by the human body. Coconut is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and sulphur. The protein content of coconut is of high quality, containing all the amono-acids.

Coconut Oil improves the texture of hair and helps in hair growth.

Coconut milk is made by processing grated coconut with hot water or milk, which extracts the oil and aromatic compounds. It should not be confused with coconut water, and has a fat content around 17%.When refrigerated and left to set, coconut cream will rise to the top and separate from the milk. The milk is used to produce virgin coconut oil by controlled heating and removing the oil fraction.

Coconut Milk Soak: Apply coconut milk on your scalp. It feels cool and relaxing and regular use would make your hair silky and also improves hair growth.

Coconut Milk-Hair-Pack II: Squeeze the milk out of a half a coconut, add the juice of half a lime and massage into the scalp. Leave it on for 4-6 hours. Wash it with a mild shampoo or crushed hibiscus leaves mixed with a tablespoon of crushed fenugreek (methi) seed and made into a paste.

Coconut Milk- Hair-Pack III: Mix Amla powder (1 tsp), fenugreek powder (1 tsp), Henna powder (t tsp) in 2 tsp of coconut milk and apply on hair as hair-pack. Rinse hair in one hour. Do this once a week for black hair (or to retain the color of your hair)

Herbal hair Oil Preparation:
Take equal weights of Avuri (indigofera tinctoria), Henna leaves, Bringhraj (Eclipta prostrata), Amla and Hibiscus flowers in equal quantity of coconut oil and grind to pase. Mix the paste with an equal quantity of coconut oil and heat on a medium fire till the moisture evaporates. Cool and filter and store in a bottle. Rub on the scalp and hair daily

Remedy for Itchy Scalp: Add 1 teaspoon of camphor to half a cup of coconut oil and store it in glass container.
Dosage: Massage this oil into the scalp before bed.



Beetroots have as much as a third of its weight in starch and gum. Other constituents are saponiside, phytosterol, betaine, leucine, tyrosine, betacyanin, beta carotene, manganese, potassium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C.

The juice of the red beetroot was traditionally used for its astringent and antiseptic properties. It was believed to have a cleansing effect.

Beetroot has been used as a blood building food and to treat anemia since long ago. The beetroot's organic iron will not cause constipation or irritation.

Beetroot is good for treating the headache and all brain disorders. It is also recommended to prevent against baldness and hair loss.

Beetroot can make the skin and hair shiny and is used in hair care treatments.

1)For coloring hair/shiny hair: Grind a bunch of avuri leaves (indigo leaves) soaked in beetroot juice. Apply this as hairpack and wash hair after half an hour. Grey hairs will become blue-black & shiny too.

2) To stimulate hair growth and for cooling scalp:
Needed: Adhimathuram powder (liquorice root powder) – 1 tablesp.
Fenugreek powder- 1 tablespoon

Grind the above 2 ingredients in beetroot juice. Apply on scalp and wash after half an hour. The fenugreek powder is cooling. The adhimadhuram (liquorice root) powder stimulates hair growth. Beetroot juice makes the hair shiny and soft.

3) Against Dandruff:
Keep 2 teaspoonful of castor oil in a small metal bowl, and place in a vessel with boiling water. Remove from fire, when it is moderately hot. Mix 2 teaspoon of beetroot juice. Add fenugreek powder to it, enough to make a paste. Apply all over scalp. Wash hair. As final rinse, use a mug with lime mixed in water. This can be done twice a week, for removing dandruff and for shiny hair.

4) Henna + Beetroot – Hair Coloring (For black/dark hair)- (Note: Not sure how it would turn out for blond hair or other lighter hair types ):

a) Boil 25 gm tealeaves in water. With that add 50 gm Henna powder, 5 gm Tulsi powder, 5 gm Haritaki powder and keep in a vessel. After half an hour, place this vessel in another larger vessel with boiling water, till the smaller vessel containing the henna powder mixture gets heated up.

b) When cooled, add half cup of beetroot juice, one lemon juice.

c) Next day, in the same way as previous day, boil the mixture in the smaller vessel, placed in a larger vessel with hot water. Now add some hibiscus powder to it. Remove from fire.

d)Add this paste to hair and keep for maximum 3 hours and minimum ½ hour. Rinse hair. It gives a cool burgundy color to the hair. The hair feels soft too.

5) Grate a medium sized beetroot and boil it in a cup of water with half a tsp of kattha .Strain and mix it with a cup of henna powder. Add a heaped tsp of coffee powder (pure) to it .Leave it overnight in an iron vessel .Add 1/4 -1/2 cup of curd to it in the morning. Apply it to the scalp and wash it off after 2-3 hours for an auburn tinge.

For dark brown shade, mix half a teaspoon cloves powder (or powder 3-4 cloves) in the morning to the henna mixture.

For rich copper color, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the henna mixture in the morning.

For silky hair, beat an egg and add to the henna paste in the morning

Note: Do not go for chemical hair dyes as they might cause allergies. Mix sikkakai with juice of 1 beetroot and wash your hair with this mixture. Do this regularly once in a week.
Henna gives a deeper color if it is left on the hair for more time.

  Henna (Lawsonia Inermis):

Henna leaves have been used to dye hair for thousands of years . They have red-orange dye molecule, lawsone, which penetrates skin and hair and bonds to the keratin. Henna dye blocks UV so your hair doesn’t become sun damaged, strengthens your hair so it won’t get split ends, makes your hair glossy and shiny, eliminates dandruff and ringworm, and kills head lice and nits. Allergic reaction to henna is extremely rare.
Indigo has also been used as a hair dye for thousands of years ,it has a dye molecule which turns blue in contact with the air. Henna and indigo used in combination dye hair from warm brown to blue-black safely, without any chemicals .
Benefits of using henna on hair :

Henna has some undeniable benefits for hair, which is why so many people use it and love it. Some of the benefits include:

o    Stronger Hair - The lawsone (dye) molecule goes into the hair it penetrates the hair shaft some, binding with the keratin in the hair. This makes hair stronger, but also is one of the qualities that makes henna removal near impossible. Henna also coats the hair and fills in rough spots on a frayed cuticle. This adds a second layer of strength, but it does not lock out moisture.

o    Smoother, Shinier Hair - Henna, as stated above, does coat the hair, but it is a permeable coating that does not lock moisture out. The henna helps fill in rough spots on the cuticle. With the cuticle rough edges smoothed over the hair feels smoother and the cuticle takes a lot less damage during combing and manipulation. It takes several days for Henna to stabilize. It becomes more flexible and durable as it oxidizes and cures--it is in fact a plant resin that is flexible and solvent enough to penetrate the hair at the cuticle, carrying pigment with it.

o    Non-Fading Red- Anyone that has used red chemicals dyes knows how badly they fade. Henna may fade a little after the first application, but after the second application fades very little.

o    The Absence of Chemicals - Chemical dyes are not only very damaging to hair, they can also cause cancer so be careful.

How do you mix henna and indigo for your hair? First, mix your henna.

o    Mix henna with enough lemon juice to make a paste as thick as mashed potatoes. If your skin is sensitive to lemon and is itchy after using henna, use orange juice, grapefruit juice, or some liquid less acidic than lemon juice.

o    Cover your henna with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight at room temperature, 70 F or 21 C. As your henna rests, it will release dye. The dye must be released from the plant leaf so it can migrate into your hair. This slow, acidic release will get you the best results. If you’re in a hurry, put it in a warm place, but not a hot place! Your henna will be ready in two hours at 95F or 35C.

o    When you’re ready to dye your hair, mix the indigo, put your indigo powder into a bowl. Stir enough water into the indigo to make a paste as thick as mashed potatoes.

o    Mix the henna paste and indigo paste together. Add some water or fragrant tea or other herbs to make it as thick as stirred-up yoghurt. Indigo has to be used immediately. Do not wait for dye release. Mix your indigo with water just before you’re ready to use it. Do not add lemon juice to indigo. Just use water.

o    Comb clean, dry hair and section it. You can use squeeze bags or squeeze bottles to apply the henna/indigo mix, but you can also smear it in by hand.

o    Wrap your hair in plastic and clean off your ears and hairline. Keep the mix on your hair a few hours.

To make a medium brunette color mix equal amounts of henna and indigo. You can make a warm brunette color by mixing 2/3 henna and 1/3 indigo. You can make a dark brunette color, by mixing 1/3 henna and 2/3 indigo.

Henna & indigo mix ratios:

Mix henna and indigo to dye hair reddish brown:
Do the same as above, but use two parts henna to one part indigo.
Mix henna and indigo to dye hair dark brown:
Do the same as above but use one part henna to two parts indigo.
Mix henna and indigo to dye hair very dark brown:
Do the same as above but use one part henna to four parts indigo.
Mix henna and indigo to make henna look less coppery red:
Do the same as above but use four parts henna to one part indigo.

mix henna amla and indigo for a cooler brown hair dye:
when your henna is ready to mix with the indigo, Mix 1 part amla into 3 parts henna, then stir in enough water into the mix to make it as thick as yoghurt.

Mix Components: Powders/Herbs:

o    Cassia- has neutral coloring.

o    Indigo- Blue coloring, often needed for browns and blacks

o    Amla- though Amla does not have a dye of it’s own, it has properties that help with the uptake of dye. It also tends to tone down the red in henna and make it more brown. Amla is also acidic, so you can refrain from adding an additional liquid acid if you use amla. Amla may also combat the curl reducing properties of henna. Amla in large amounts has been found in inhibit the uptake of henna into the hair, so if used it should be restricted to a smaller amount.

o    Other herbs-There are lots of other things you can add to your henna mix to help alter the color. Be warned, it takes a LOT to push the color of henna one way or other.

o    Acids( like lemons, oranges or grapes )- They may speed dye release, too much acid in a mix may lead to dry hair. Use only a little. Newer research has shown that lemon actually inhibits the lawsone molecule, so while lemon juice does help keep the henna color lighter, the same results could be achieved by simple dilution with conditioner or cassia. More information has also shown that indigo does best with a PH around PH 8, while henna likes something a bit closer to neutral (PH of 7). Acids also can dry out the hair and scalp, potentially leading to dandruff irritation or other scalp sensitivity.

o    Teas - Many teas can be used. True tea (white, green or black) does have some acid in it, as well as tannins. To much acid or tannins can contribute to dryness in hair. Herbal teas (chamomile, rooibos, etc) may be used in the mix, but tend not to be as drying as true tea.

o    Scents - Some people dislike the scent of henna mixes. If you choose to add something to alter the scent, please use an Essential Oil.

Waiting for Dye Release:

Henna takes time to release its dye after it is mixed. The warmer the liquid you add, and the warmer the place you put your henna to sit, the faster you will get dye release. Note that using boiling water may be enough to kill the dye outright, or at least cause the dye to demise quickly in some hennas. If your henna is in a bowl, look for the henna to be darker on the surface. Once scraped away there should be a lighter green underneath. Another method to determine dye release is to put the mix into a plastic bag and place a white paper towel underneath. If the paper towel shows yellow or orange, the henna is ready. Spot checking on skin is also effective. Place a small dot of henna on your skin and allow it to sit for 30 seconds or so. Rinse. If there is a pale orange spot, the henna is ready to go.

Post Henna Hair:

o    Texture

Right after you henna your hair may feel dry, thick, and just…strange. Do not panic, that’s perfectly normal. Your hair has been smoothed and coated with henna. Henna has bound to the keratin, and it will take the oxidation process for it to completely settle down. During the rinsing process, you have also taken off any remaining oils on your hair. Take a small amount of oil or a leave in conditioner, apply to the ends, and damp bun your hair. It should adjust within a few days.

o    Oxidation

Expect your color to change, specifically, to get a little darker and less orange. The oxidation process takes about 3 days and then you will know your final color. So if your hair is a little shocking, calm down and give the color time to settle.


o    Everybody’s allergic to something …. And no matter what it is, somebody’s allergic to it. Test first!

o    Lemon juice is your best bet for henna, but it might be too harsh for your scalp and hair. If your hair seems dry or your head itches, switch to orange juice.

o    Don’t add boiling water to your mix. That will make your henna will fade fast.

o    Don’t use vinegar or wine to mix your henna unless you can cope with a really stinky mix.

o    Freeze your extra henna powder and extra henna paste. Frozen henna is food for many months.

o    Do not freeze your indigo powder. That will kill it. Keep your indigo powder in a dark drawer. You cannot save leftover indigo mix. It will demise within one hour.

o    Do not use terps in your mix. It doesn’t help the stain in hair (only on skin) and it will give you a headache.






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For Skin:
Besan= Flour from chickpeas/garbanzos

A complexion lightening mask

Take four almonds with a teaspoon and a half of gram flour, a teaspoon of milk and four drops of lemon juice. Mix it and apply it on your face. Leave it on for the bleach to take effect.

Take lemon juice, mixed with gram flour, milk cream and honey for dry skin. Replace milk cream and honey with sandalwood powder and curd for oily to normal skin. Apply it on your face to ensure a clear complexion.

Add milk, rose water, carrot juice and cucumber juice to the above to remove freckles. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

A complexion revival mask

Mix together a teaspoon of gram flour with a pinch of turmeric powder, a few drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon each of olive oil and milk. Apply it on your face. Remove after 10 minutes.

A face wash

Take a teaspoon each of turmeric powder, milk cream, sandalwood powder and besan. Use it daily.

Removing unwanted facial hair

Take a teaspoonful of gram flour and make a paste by mixing water in it. Apply it daily and scrub it off when dry.

Whitening the knees, neck and hands

Mix lemon juice and gram flour and apply it on the knees, hands and neck to whiten them.

A besan pack

Take one spoonful of besan, a pinch of turmeric (haldi), half a spoon of honey and half spoon of olive oil. Mix it well and apply.

A cooling mask

Take a spoonful of besan, two spoonfuls of curd. Mix well, and apply it on the face. Let it stay for half an hour and wash off.

For pimples

Add curd to gram flour to make a paste and apply it on the face. Completely rub it off before it dries. Repeat every two days. This is also good for removing blemishes. Make curd out of skim milk for oily skin.

Warm some honey and add some besan to it. Apply this paste to your face. Wash with warm water after it dries

For blemished skin

Add cucumber juice to some besan to form a paste. Apply it to the face and wash off after it dries. This will also tighten the skin pores.

Besan for oily skin

Make a thick paste out of curd and besan. Just apply it on your face and leave it to dry for a few minutes.

Besan for dry skin

Use full-cream milk instead of curd to make a paste with besan. Apply a mixture of the milk and gram flour onto your skin and leave to dry.

To take care of chronically dry skin, mix a teaspoon of milk cream with gram flour and a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this regularly on your face.

A skin glow mask

Soak tamarind root for some time. Grind and mix it with a little gram flour and apply it on your face, hands and other parts of your body. Your skin will have a golden glow after you wash this off after 10 minutes.

For healthy hair (all types)

Mix a cup of curd, two teaspoons of besan, an egg white and the juice of half a lemon. If you have very dry hair, substitute the egg white with a teaspoon of olive oil.

Body scrubs

Mix together a tablespoon each of besan and corn flour. Use this mix to wash your face and body. This is an excellent scrub and will remove your dead skin cells, leaving you feeling clean and glowing.

Mix some fresh cream and besan. Apply this paste on to your body. Avoid the area around the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Shower after five minutes. This will make skin smooth.

Unwanted facial hair

Apply a mixture of fenugreek powder and besan on the unwanted hair. Let it dry and rub off.

Mix besan, milk and turmeric (you can add lemon juice and sandalwood powder) and apply on face. Let it dry and rub off in a circular motion.

Mix besan, lemon juice and malai. Apply on areas with excess hair and rub off....


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Archives of Dermatology (1998; 134:1349-1352) finds that aromatherapy can promote new hair growth and safely and effectively treat temporary hair loss due to alopecia areata. The study was performed by Scottish researchers who had half of their patients massage thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils onto their scalps each day. The other patients massaged in "carrier" oils jojoba and grapeseed oil.

The Results
After seven months of treatment, 44% of the patients using the essential oils showed significant improvement in hair growth. The group using carrier oils showed just 15% improvement. In addition, the aromatherapy caused no significant side effects. Researchers concluded that not only did the aromatherapy work, it was also far safer than traditional alopecia treatments including conventional steroids. The results included one man who regrew a full head of hair from an almost completely bald scalp, says Isabelle C. Hay, MRCP, the medical doctor and specialist in dermatology who spearheaded the study. The above comments were excerpted from Prevention Magazine.

BIOENERGISER EXTRACT - Pelvetia canaliculata laminacia digitata -
available from Aromantic

"A natural remedy for temporary hair loss. Bio-energiser is a red-brown liquid made from two brown algae (Pheophycaes) found in the Brehat archipelago in Brittany, France and extracted by a hydroglycolic solvent. Activity tests have shown that when used in Hair Care products (twice a day for two months) it increases the number of hairs by 10% while increasing hair growth by 27%. Use 5% in your recipe and reduce water accordingly. "

Herbal remedies increase circulation, disinfect the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Horsetail is a good source of silica. Silica keeps your hair strong and shiny looking.

Stinging Nettle
Studies show that loss of hair in both women and men is connected to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. Though there have currently been any studies conducted on the effects of nettle on hair loss, some research points to the fact that nettle root.

Dong Quai
Dong Quai contains substances known as phytoestrogens. Studies have shown that these substances can stabilize and sometimes even reverse the effects of genetic hair loss.

Red pepper-
This herb can be mixed with water and applied to the affected areas of the scalp. The pepper irritates the skin and causes the release of histamines in the area. These histamines can alter cell division and encourage hair follicle production.

Rosemary and sage-
These two herbs can be boiled together to make a rinse that promotes hair growth. After steeping strain the water form the herbs and use it as a rinse after shampooing. The rinse will help stimulate hair follicle production and end extended resting phases in the hair growth cycle.

Aloe, Arnica, Birch, Burdock, Catmint, Chamomile, Licorice, Marigold, Parsley, Marshemallow Root, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba and Southernwood, are other major herbs that are used for hair growth.

**Licorice is the herb that prevents hair loss and helps in the thickening of hair.
**Horse tail is a herb that makes the hair strong and shiny. It is a good source of silica which helps in making the hair stronger from the root.
**Rosemary is used to fight dandruff and destroy it which is also a major cause of hair loss.
**Burdock and marshmallow powder tea is to be taken daily which is a medicine for dry hair.
**Aloe, nettles, stinging nettle, birch leaves and watercress are excellent blood and skin cleaners
**Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea. This helps hair grow.
**Catmint or chamomile infusions used as a final rinse can help with itchiness, a source of hair loss.
**Nettle, rosemary, birch, and horsetail to massage your scalp regularly for stimulating the hair growth.
**Tea made from burdock and marshmallow is good for dry hair

Ayurvedic Herbs: Brahmi, Jatamamsi, Dashamoola , Bhringaraj, Aloe, Amla, Henna, Yastimadhu. Tulsi, Nimba, Satavari, Ashwaganda

Chinese herbs for hair growth. They are the Psoralea seeds, Mulberries and the Oyster. Psoralea seeds when exposed in UV rays will stimulate hair cells.


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Kapoor Kachli - promotes hair growth, thickness and lustre

Aritha (Soapnut powder) - as a natural shampoo, recommended for oily hair, also improves texture

Amla - natural astringent and toner for hair and skin, strengthens hair, helps prevent premature greying

Bhringaraj (Maka) - hair growth, darkens the hair, helps with premature greying of the hair

Jatamamsi (Indian Spikenard) - hair growth, helps maintain colour

Lemon peel powder - tightens and tones the skin, sebum (oil) regulator

Lodhar - for mild skin infections, irritations and spots

Maka - clears the scalp of build up, dry skin; also used for skin problems

Manjistha - improves blood circulation, useful for wrinkles, blemishes

Neem - antiseptic, removes excess oil from the skin or hair, useful for dandruff, prickly heat, rashes, spots and is a natural deodorant

Harde - helpful for skin conditions - itchiness, dull skin

Orange peel powder - cleansing and stimulating to the skin, clears the pores, good for acne, spots and blemishes. Helps to make the hair soft, shiny and supple

Shaikakai - clears dandruff, powerful astringent to the skin and scalp, strengthens hair roots and promotes growth

Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil) - antibacterial, protects and moisturises the skin, useful for dandruff

Rose Petal - coolant for skin, so useful for hot, inflamed and irritated conditions

Brahmi Leaves (Indian Pennywort/Gota Kola) - helpful for hair loss, hair thinning, premature greying, strengthens the roots, clears dandruff.

They can be used in different ways

**Mixed up with water and applied as a Herbal Hair Treatment Pack, Scalp/Hair Cleanser....if you use them this way, make sure you do a deep condition afterwards...they can also be mixed up with water and applied as a face or body mask

**Mixed with Oils and heated up to make a herbal hair infusion, strain with a sieve or muslin cloth. I normally do about 5% Herbs to 95% Oils, place them all in a heatproof dish (I use a Stainless Steel Balti dish used for Indian cooking), place on top of a pan of simmering water for about 1 hr, then strain and pour into the bottle

**Couple of teaspoons added to your deep conditioner

**Mixed with Oils and used as a Scalp Exfoliator
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Clay Hair Mask

Brahmi 10g
Amla 10g
Hibiscus 10g
Methi 10g I have these ayurvedic herbs already mixed together in a big jar
Fullers Earth/Multani Mitti 30g
Bentonite Clay 30g

Mix with enough Water or Floral Water (I am using Sandalwood and Rose) to make the mask
Add any essential oils @ 2% (always check for safety when using essential oils)...I used Rose and Sandalwood

I have pre-poo'd my hair overnight with Coconut Oil, apply the mask to dry hair and wash out, followed by a deep condition.


50% Aloe Gel, 10% Rose Water, 20% Glycerine heat and melt in a double boiler/bain marie

20% Virgin Coco Oil, 3% BTMS (Behentrimonium Methosulphate - a conditioning, detangling emulsifer to enable the ingredients to bind)
heat and melt in another double boiler/bain marie

Whisk, add a pinch of Guar gum or Xanthan gum to thicken
whisk some more
if your Aloe Gel already contains preservative (most of them do) then you will be OK
if not, add a preservative of your choice - otherwise it will grow mould and bacteria very quickly


Henna/Indigo Gloss...with Cocoa Butter and Macadamia Oil

This is a recipe based on a product from one of the natural product big boy/girl companies

60g Cocoa Butter
10g Macadamia Oil
heat on a double boiler

25g Henna
25g Indigo
2 tbs lemon juice
mix together and then add the heated butter and oil

allow to set, this wil make a really interesting solid product
once you're ready to use, reheat and apply to freshly washed hair
I then slapped my deep conditioner over the top as I didn't want to do the Gloss and then wash and then deep condition

Flaxseed Gel for Curl Definition and Frizz Taming

OK, so I tried this before and I couldn't strain it so ended up binning it!!! However, this time it worked
with a muslin cloth to old tight/stocking (clean!) would also do the trick
As always, I have a video in the videos section

½ cup of flaxseed, 2 cups of water, boil and strain once it's turned to gel,
Add 2 tsp of Guar Gum to thicken, 1 tbs of Castor, Jojoba and Glycerine, Blend just to get a smoothe consistency
Add Preservative, Lavender and Rose Geranium Essential Oils


Moisturising Hair Spritz and Conditioner for Growth

These are both request recipes using a selection of herbs, distilled water, aloe juice, shea butter, coconut oil
several carrier oils and hair growth promoting essential oils.

I loved making these two products and tried them both yesterday and they felt lovely, very moisturising and refreshing due to the herbs and essential oils I used.

25g each of Brahmi, Methi, Fenugreek and Hibiscus Powders
2 tbs of Rose Petals infused in some water for 20 mins, add to the Powders and stir
7 tbs of Olive Oil
2 tsp of Honey
Rose, Geranium and Vetivert Essential Oils

I am going to use this as follows:
Pre poo overnight with Oil
Shampoo Hair in the morning
Apply the Hair Mask for about 1 hour
Rinse and see if I need to Deep Condition or Conditioner Wash it out (the Ayurvedic Powders can be drying and leave grit in the hair and scalp)

Ayurvedic Shampoo and Hair Spritz

Shampoo - I did 250ml
1 part Organic Liquid Castille Soap 87ml
2 parts Rose Water infused in Amla and Shikakai and Honey Powder - I did 1 teaspoon of each in about 166ml of Rose Water

First, put the herbs and honey powder and rose water in a heatproof dish and place over a pan of water on the stove, allow the mix to heat and the herbs to infuse
Remove from heat
Add the Rose Herbal mix to the Organic Liquid Castille Soap

Add any other bits and pieces
I added 0.5% Preservative and Ylang Ylang, Orange and Patchouli Essential Oils
1tsp of Glycerine and 2 tsp of Olive Oil
You could also add Silk, Panthenol etc

Ayurvedic Hair Spritz
Use Distilled Water or Floral Waters (e,g Rose Water) and add your Herbal Powders
Do the same as above to infuse the herbs
Remove from heat, add Glycerine and more water if its too thick or pongy!!!
Add Preservative and any other bits and pieces you fancy

Henna and Indigo for New Growth of Grey Hairs

1/2 Henna, 1/2 Indigo (50g total) - I put more Indigo in as the Henna is starting to go a bit tooooo red for my taste
2 tsp of Amla, Brahmi, Methi and Fenugreek (available on my online shop com)

I prepared the Henna first with a little lemon and warm water
After dye release (overnight), I added the Indigo and Herbal Powders, a touch of Olive Oil, 1 tsp of sugar (to smoothe out the consistency) and slapped it on freshly shampoo'd hair (kind of dampish), hood for 30 mins with plastic cap then wrapped in an old towel for another 1.5 hrs
Rinsed off with cheap conditioner, followed by DC and my normal rinse.

Homemade Vatika Oil

These are the Original Ingredients for the Dabur Vatika Oil, I havn't got all of them and don't want to put Henna in, so am going to have to do a little mix up ting that is slightly different:

Coconut oil (Cocos nucifere oil)
Neem (Azadirachta indica Leaf extract)
Brahmi (Centella asiatica Plant extract)
Fruit extracts of Amla
Bahera and Harar (extracts of emblica officinalis Terminalia belirica and Terminalia chebula),
Kapur kachri (Hedychium spicatum rhizome extract)
Henna (Lawsonia inermis leaf extrac)
Milk (lac)
Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis oil)
Lemon oil (Citrus limonum oil)
TBHQ (t-butyl hydroquinone)

Anyways, here goes my own version
Solid Coconut Oil 70%

Avocado, Fractionated Coconut and Olive Oils 30% (all penetrate the hair shaft due to their low molecular weight...bit of chemistry there!)
1 to 2 tsp of each herbal powder, heat these first on a double boiler (heatproof dish over a pan of water, bring the water to boil then simmer) for about 1 hr
Maka (Brhingaraj)
Kapoor Kachli
Once heated and infused, strain.....then add the infused Oils
to the Solid Coconut Oil, mix in well and even whisk once it starts to go go solid again if you like for a Whipped Vatika

I did try mixing the Solid Coconut Oil with the liquid Oils and herbs all together, heat and strain but it went a bit mushy
So I prefer to do the liquid Oil infusion first, strain it and then add it to the Solid Coconut Oil

Once the mix has cooled down at 2% Total:
the hair growth promoting mix

Homemade Shampoos & Cleansing Hair Masks

1) Shampoo Bar - wayyyyy to stripping even though it was full of lovely butters and oils

2) Water with Surfactants - boy, getting the moisture/bubble/cleansing/thickness mix is a far, I have got the cleansing and thickness, but not the moisture...If I add too much oil, the cleasning goes down and in reverse, it the experiments continue

3) Organic liquid castille soap...lovely lovely lovely...very mild, non stripping, gentle bubbles and cleansing...I added panthenol, liquid silk and essential oils

4) Liquid Black soap, added the same bits as no 3) this was a lot more foamy and slightly harsher, did not strip, but still not as gentle as no 3

**Hibiscus Rhassoul Clay Hair Mask
1/2 cup hibiscus water
1 cup water
2 tablespoons rhassoul clay
2 tablespoons irish moss powder

Hibiscus Hair Mask
3 oz Hibiscus Powder
3 tsp Honey
6 tsp Aloe Gel
Coconut Milk and/or Full Fat Plain Yogurt to mix

**Rose, Banana, Honey, Olive Oil Mask
Soak half a cup of rose petals in hot water for fifteen minutes then strain
Take one packet of Pure Banana Baby Food (or one whole, ripe mashed banana but I do hear it gets stuck in the hair),
one tablespoon of honey, and a
tablespoon of olive oil.

Blend all the the ingredients in a blender. Massage well into your hair and scalp, and leave the treatment on for about half an hour. If you can wrap a warm towel around your head the treatment will have a better effect. Wash off the conditioner thoroughly with a mild shampoo

**Curly Nikki’s recipe a la Anita Grant
1 can of coconut milk
2. 1 heaping tablespoon of organic cocoa powder
3. 2 heaping tablespoons of rhassoul clay
4. 3 heaping tablespoons of honey
4. (Optional) 1 splash of vanilla extract
5. (Optional) 1 tablespoon of whey protein

Just heat (on a low heat) add the honey, clay and powders....a little Xanthan or Guar Gum would thicken this up, just a pinch at a time and whisk
Add the vanilla once cooled
I think thei recipe would be nice with a tbs or so of Hibiscus Powder too

Indigo Gloss

I love my full Henna treatments and Henna Glosses, but wow the greys are going like coppery gold and the red is coming out really intense
So I like to tone that down a little with the Indigo Gloss, its really easy to do

3 tbsp of Deep Conditioner
4 tbs of Indigo (this was a bit too much, next time I will just add 2 to 3 teaspoons)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add more slip to the mix

Slap it on, plastic cap, heat 20 mins, wrap in turbie towel for a couple of hours (still with cap on)
Rinse off, you may need to Co Wash rinse it off


Natural Hair Growth Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fractionated Coconut, Avocado Oil mixed with Seaweed Powder (for growth) - I add about 10% Seaweed powder and 90% Oil.
Heat on a low heat for about 30 mins and strain with muslin cloth
Once cooled, add Essential Oils: Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and Cedarwood - all hair growth promoting.

I use this at night, drop some onto my Scalp, massage in and follow with my normal nightime routine...little moisturiser or spritz if needed
Satin scarf and Bonnet.

I have revised this (see videos section) and based it on the
**Moe Growth Oil - a lot of positivie feedback about this one...

Nettle leaf extract (just leaf for infusion)
6oz of jojoba oil
2oz aloe vera juice/gel
2 tblsp of horsetail (shavegrass) herbs

Prepare the Herbal infusion first, I just add herbs and oil to a heatproof dish, place on top of a pan of simmering water for 1 hr and strain
Then once cooled a little, add your Aloe Gel/Juice - not sure how this will mix in, so will see.

I ended up adding a whole heap of hair growth promoting herbs and subbed the aloe vera juice/gel for powder to make it easier to mix up. Will put the video in my vids section

Henna Gloss Cubes using Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk Henna Gloss Cubes
1/2 can of coconut milk
dash of lemon
3-4 heaped teaspoons of henna

mixed up and poured into ice cube trays, popped in freezer. Will put into my deep dish the night before Hair Play Day.
Lasts for up to 3 months in the freezer.



Yogurt Pre Poo Treatment for New Growth or Transitioning

A new mix up, inspired by the ladies who use yogurt to soften and loosen their natural curl pattern.

To make up enough for 2 treatments - long, thick hair
6 tbs full fat natural yogurt
1 tbs each of honey, glycerine, avocado, fractionated coconut and extra virgin olive oils
1 tsp each of amla, brahmi and cassia
6 drops total of peppermint and rosemary

combined, these ingredients will:
loosen and soften the curls, add and help draw moisture to the hair, strengthen the hair, stimulate the scalp and therefore hair growth

Henna Mix

I have done two full Henna Treatments now and this is my mix:

1 tbs Lemon, 1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp sugar (to help smooth the consistency)
3 tbs of EVOO
100g Henna
Hibiscus/Water infusion for the main mixing ingredient

Just add it all together, leave overnight on top of my storage heater.
Apply to Hair, leave on for 3 hrs or so, Co Wash out x 3 or 4 times
Deep Condition and Air Dry with Styling Products

To make the Hibiscus infusion, I add about 5tbs of Hibiscus to about 500ml of water, put in a pan on the stove.
Bring to the Boil and then simmer for 20 mins, strain into a measuring jug.
Once cooled a little, add to my Henna mix, just a little at a time.
Any Hibiscus Infusion I have left over, I pour into ice cube trays and freeze.

Hibiscus is good for strengthening the hair, softness and shine.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hibiscus and Honey Rinse

I use this as my Final Rinse after DC'ing.

To Make

1) About 5 tbs of Hibiscus in 500ml of water, put in a pan, bring to the boil, simmer for 20 mins and strain
2) Add 500ml of Apple Cider Vinegar
3) Plenty of Honey, I don't measure, but about 5-6 tbsp

Voila! When I come to use it, I just add about 200ml of the mix to 800ml of water to dilute it a little
Pour over my Hair after rinsing the Deep Conditioner off
Leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse with Cool Water.

Helps to Close and Seal the Cuticles, Adds Shine and Tones the Scalp.

Staple Homemade Hair Products


**Organic liquid castille soap...lovely lovely lovely...very mild, non stripping, gentle bubbles and cleansing...I added panthenol, liquid silk and essential oils and did not water down

**Liquid Black soap, added the same bits as above this was a lot more foamy and slightly harsher (althought does not strip) so I use this as a clarifier

HAIR OILS - for Pre Poos

**25% Coconut Frac, 10% Avocado, 20% Soyabean, 10% Jojoba, 20% Castor, 5% Glycerine
1 tsp of Kapoor Kachli, Amla, Orange Powder, Brahmi
Pinch of silk powder; Triple Tea, Pseudo Collagen, Sea Silk

**1 tsp nettle, comfrey, coltsfoot, marshmallow root, sage, ½ burdock root, 100ml fractionated coconut, 100ml EVOO unfiltered, cold pressed

**1tsp amla, Brahmi, nettle, comfrey, sage, burdock, coltsfoot, 2 tsp marshmellow, 50% Grapeseed dispersable, 50% avocado/calendula infusion, frac coco and unfiltered EVOO, 2% Sea Silk, 5% Bio Energiser, Eos: Lavender, Geranium, touch of Sandalwood

**Homemade "Vatika" - Virgin Coconut Oil, about 2/3, mixed with one of my liquid Hair Oils and then whipped...I lurrrrrrve this...because the Coconut tones down the strong smelling Herbal Oils...I also sometimes add Hair Growth (Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood) or Scalp Stimulating/Toning (Ginger, Rosemary, Lemon) Essential Oils to the mix

CO WASH MIXES - love these two products, if I need a mid week Co Wash....first I pre poo with Oil overnight, apply one of these in the morning with plastic cap for 30mins, wash off in the shower.....

**Caramel Treatment
1/4 cup coconut oil - used organic virgin
1/4 cup wheatgerm oil
1/4 cup shea butter - used unrefined
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar - I subbed this for Coconut Milk
3.5 oz banana baby food or 2 overripe bananas - I used Organic Banana and Apple Baby Food
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup molasses
water (as needed to thin) - I didn't need any water
I also added 1 tbs of Emulsifying Powder as it really did not want to mix up!

Some recipes say use Corn starch, I will not be using that. Love this, great for Transitioning Hair as it makes the two textures look more uniform.

**Coconut Cream/Milk Curl Loosener

OK, I am over the moon about this new Coconut Milk Pre Poo that could easily be used as a Deep Conditioner, maybe with a few more bits and pieces added.

1 can of Coco Milk
4 tbs of Coconut Oil, 4 tbs of Coconut Cream
2 Limes
1 tbs Xanthan Gum (to thicken and avoid the drippage)
1% Panthenol and 10% Glycerine, 1% Preservative
Heated gently on the stove, added the Xanthan Gum, then Whisked. Added the Panthenol and Glycerine and then Refrigerated
Hoping that the preservative and refrigeration will prevent mould and bacterial growth, but keep an eye on it if you make a big batch ladies, we don't want no nasty Scalp infections :0)
Am wondering whether to add just a little Liquid Silk Amino Acids as well, but not sure yet.

If you live in a Cool Climate and leave your mix overnight/in the fridge, you may have to heat up the mix very gently before you use it as the Coconut Oil may turn hard and bitty. Alternatively, you could just slap it on with the bitty bits in and go under the Hood dryer, the Coconut Oil will soon melt with the heat.



60% Distilled Water OR Floral Waters OR Aloe Juice, 15% butters ( e.g Shea, Mango, Coconut), 12% liquid oils (e.g Macadamia & Avocado), 5% Glycerine, 5% Emulsifying Wax, 3% Cetyl Alcohol, 0.5% preservative, 2.5% Fragrance Oil

I also like adding herbal powders to my DCs...normally add 1 tsp of each like Cassia, Oatstraw, Henna etc with maybe 1ts of honey and/or blackstrap molasses and a little oil to make the mixture at bit easier to apply


2 dollops of Deep Conditioner
1 tsp Brahmi, Maka, Amla, Orange Powder, Kapoor Kachli, Red Henna
Drizzle of Hair Oil
1 tsp of egg powder, 1tsp of Brewer’s Yeast Powder
1 tsp of Molasses

Applied with mask brush like a relaxer to new growth up to the demarcation lineSHEA/ALOE
1/3 Unrefined Shea Butter, 1/3 Aloe Gel, 1/3 Grapeseed Oil, Splodge of Glycerine and a little Serum. Melted the Shea down a little first, mixed the Aloe and Grapeseed Oil in. Added the Glycerine and Serum last.

MOISTURISING SPRITZES to pep up the hair during the week

**¼ Fractionated coconut, Solubiliser, Distilled water, carrot seed, geranium, sandalwood, lavender essential oils

**3% Hibiscus Extract, 3% Oats Extract,
1% Panthenol, 5% Honey Quat, 5% Glycerine,
5% Bio Energiser, 3% Sea Silk, 50ml Dispersable Grapeseed Oil (in 150ml bottle) and water to make up to the 100%

**1/2 a teaspoon total of amla, brahmi, methi, hibiscus, brhingaraj and kapoor kachli mix ( I store the mix in a jar so its already blended) mixed with about 50ml of water, heat and strain.
Add 50ml of Rose Water, 20ml Glycerine, Essential Oils and Preservative.


Water 30% Aloe Juice 33% Glycerine 10%
12% Butters:
15% Oils:
3% Conditioning Emulsifier
2.5% Panthenol, 2% Triple Tea – both with water phase
Tiny, tiny pinch of Guar Gum
0.5% preservative



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