This is a question that we get asked all of the time so we want to give the most detailed answer we possibly can so that you may understand why it takes some time. To begin, our vendor is overseas – to put that into perspective for you, their business opens when it’s around 3:00 – 4 AM for us. Due to the varying time zones, sometimes it takes anywhere from 2-3 days to for us to get in touch with each other to confirm the order, place it and confirm payment. There are no shopping carts to put the hair in or anything like that. We have to literally speak with the vendor about our order and then pay by bank transfer. Upon receiving our order, the vendor has their workers sort through hundreds of kilos of hair to customize our order to our standards, picking out highly textured, patterned hair, as we’ve requested to satisfy our customers’ desires. This process alone takes anywhere from 3-4 days for them to process our order. They ship our order to us which takes about 5 days or so for us to receive, but sometimes it can take longer, up to 1 ½ weeks. At this point, we’re already up to a little over a week, leading up to two weeks! Then of course, the hair has to be wefted, which is a time consuming process. By the time we get the wefted hair back, another 1½ weeks or so has passed. Then, we clean the hair and allow it to air dry and package it, which takes another two days or so. As you can see, it is a lengthy process and we have to rely on our vendor, wefter, and the postal system to get the hair from one place to another and back to us and those things can take time and delays are occasionally experienced. Though it may take some time for us to get your order to you, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving authentic, virgin hair that’s been checked for accuracy multiple times, thoroughly cleaned, and fitted with a strong, durable weft which will minimize shedding and diminish the possibility of tangling. From top to bottom, every measure has been taken to ensure that your hair exudes quality, which is something that simply cannot be rushed; often, rushed work means lessened quality and we want nothing but the best for our customers because we value each and every one of you!