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Topic ClosedDifferent approach to bootay, an its workinnit

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Different approach to bootay, an its workinnit
    Posted: Aug 19 2013 at 8:54pm

Now for those of you ladies who don't like to do squats all the time.. Or ever, you don't have to.
Unless you're already like me and didn't like the thy muscles they build and said no, there must be another get that boootay,.
Although.. I Wouldn't giveup them squats completely now... Just not so maany 

all this entails is a bit of creativity, and a mirror

Now I'm sure you all ladies know that five to 20 seconds of working out will show you temporary but revealing results. Right?
Like say you stand straight up holding a chair for balance and do something like a kickback but instead of bringing your leg back down you leave it upp there and rotate your leg in clockwise or counter clockwise circles for ten to twenty seconds and then feel both sides of your legs an ass right away and you will be able to temporarily tell the difference that it made and if you'd want to continue with that exercise?

Well, that's what i'm talking about. Once you engage a mussel it expands (my opinion) and the fat that you have over it will rise up or round up or shape depending on whatkind of exercise you're doing. So, take squats out of the picture for a while. Also remember that your Back is connected to your Ass, and your ass is connected to your thighs and so on, Work that entire Body so that you become one peace of flexibility. so when youre working your lower back your working your waist and your ass depending on how you move..

Now I just want to get right into it here on this forum topic and tell some a y'all a few of my fast held, although freely shared secrets. For the daring, for the brave, for even if you are white - I Love you

You want a flat tummy?
ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) take one to two tablespoons in a glass of water every morning before you eat Anything. make it a ritual. you eventually build up to more if you feel like it an take more if theres an occasion. start low. stuff is strong
-it also stops bugbites from itching right after it stings for two or three seconds and heals them faster.
heard it's good for hair? Use it sometimes (once monthly) on my face. mix with water.
Coffee is good for dry skin if you have it. depends on the coffee though, raw organic as you can. i do use french vanilla tho.

This TIP is for more of the daring and brave of you.
"I have to be somewhere in a few days, need to look good, fit right in those clothes, want this stomach to Be Gone! what do i do?"  or "i wish to cleanse my body, and awaken more spiritually"
Either or will be usefull.
Daring&Brave. gotta stick with this if you want the actual results. which occur after three days~

1)Fasting. No food no water for the firstday-  Anything that's in your body must work through on its own, drink a little water yeah but let your self dry up and cooldown for a little bit, go at least 16 hours without consuming anything. (=my preference)
2)Second day, drink plenty of water, you can have apple cider vinegar in the morning if you want (helps). eat not a thing.
eating one tiny little crum will lead to it being alright to have a few bits of that rice then a sip of cranberry juice then you call it quits and eat everything. eat not one thing..
3)eat not one thing,  Energy will be low, conserve. exercise a little, try to fast on a day/days off. Think not that you are "not eating" but that you "are fasting" it helps you give up _ in acceptance . thhat you going for your goal. once you do this wont be too bothered with cravings.. I promise.
and it's seems alot like starving yourself, but it's (if you look at it in a certain light) cleansing, flushing your system of toxins, shedding a few pounds and discovering a new form of relaxed stamina.. IME
also, when i get into the fasting :mode:  i tend to eat smaller meals once i return,make healthier food choices, and even maybe fast a day a week for summer months. also it shrinks your stomach so don't eat too much when you get back! =)
one more little note... you can't have coffee unless it's like only one cup black with sugar, adding cream will bloat you and it doesn't absorb right.. not good.  if you have to have your coffee it's really not bad with only sugar .

this is a compiled whole otha beast.
for those of you who fasted tightened your stomach muscles to keep it that way and you wanna gain weight back but then remove it from your stomach and let it go other places..this is for you, and its nothing but goodness. do it right after your fast.
Bake an entire loaf of Pumpkinbread, banana bread or some other kind of bread and eat the entire thing yourself in one day. Laze around, do a couple crunches nothin strenuous. execersise the next day. and then don't eat!  ;p i think we as a species eat too much to begin with. i am also vegan.

Remember thesee are suggesstions and ideas of things that i have done personally. It's easiest to not have a bad opinion of your body as youre putting it through these unusual changes, and to see them for what they are.
I Love fasting, it's one of the greatest things i've ever discovered. I've never been one of those girls who like to go out to eat with her friends all the time though, but i love to cooking and baking all sorts of things. these "exercises" are a forum of different expression that your body, as a pallet can express, and you can own it n shape it to how you feel you would feel most comfortable. whenever you leave the house ladies make sure you dress in clothes that YOU love and you're not just dressing up for some man. the most free & happy women take care of themself for her and her loved ones. experimenting, theres nothing wrong with choosing who you want to BE.
I especially don't like squats, but still find then very usefull SomEtImes... I like originality, and coming up with your own exercises so that you don't turn out lookin' like everyone else doing the same routine is the form of that creativity that I'm talking about.

Kregels = AmazIng Orgasms
a secret that keeps itself
if you want to have what looks like your OWN sexy body . move your body in a sexy way when you exercise. Keep confidence exercise like you already have it -.-  ohh yeah
exercise sexy. arch that back, eat four ounces of pure bitter sweet cacao with honey before bed once in a while, i promise you you will love it. Ghiradelli 100% cacao works GOOD. if you're already a dark chocolate'llknow what i'm talking about, and when you reach those moments of Bliss you will forever remember how to arch that back sensually ;]

here's how to get that ass. so far, I'll update soon - Girls you can too!

Stand straight, squeeze your ass like you already had a big phat one and hold that squeeze bend over or touch your toes.
Don't use weights, i believe you can achieve what you want without them. Always.

get on all fours and do the pissin dog one, experiment will all kinds of ways to put your legs, this will tighten and round, and if you doit right feelin' around your body as you go you can also find the mussel that will make your hips valumptious.

stand straight with something at your side to hold, extend you leg out sideways . work the mussels you choose. this one you're going to have to do about 20 or 30 before you see the results it will give.

Fish Oil!!!!<3 the jiggle!
maca (haven't tried it!) but it works imho.
belly dance more like exotic hip movement with flowy skirts

squat in heals as much as you squat without them.
walking lunges, not so wide steps sexily

I know this is so long winded and selective but i just want to put it all in one place. :) as i've gone through all the relevant pages in these section XD would also like to link - this. ///
and this with a compilation of many.
(hold on i gotta find it)

Remember when i said your back is connected to ur bootay? Never Forget That
try it , sit indian style and do deep hipthrusts. concentrating on the low of your back tail bone area. relax the rest of your body as you can. (balance without arms) then reach back and feel . tell me if it did anything. you can do this anyallthetime cause i know how you like to squeese it.

SO PLEASE!! Add some of your relevant or weird information . . . .
good luck to you all and thanks for reading 8)

have a nice evening ~
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sexyandfamous View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Aug 19 2013 at 9:14pm
Why do you "eat four ounces of pure bitter sweet cacao with honey before bed once in a while"?

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nikkie,. View Drop Down
New Member
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Aug 19 2013 at 9:39pm
Hot chocolatè

Cacao pronounced cahcaowh will bring you deeply in touch with nature,  the Heart of Gaia & Universe

for eating dark chocolate can exhilarate you in waves that expand your soul. . 2 to 4oz is a ceremonial dose.  try not to have eaten much too soon before making hot cacao..
with the right stuff.
i take 4ounces dark chocolate and mix it in hot water,not too hot (it will distroy the goods) and drink it over an hour or so. it has bee used for milena all around as an 'antidepressant' for the amazing qualities it contains

Basically, it shall make you glow from inside your heart and smile so warm. you will feel amazing love from cacoh :)

Edited by nikkie,. - Aug 20 2013 at 5:04am
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Loveeetweet View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Aug 22 2013 at 1:17am
You just loaded me up with good ideas ill be trying ! Thanks girl
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Mina267 View Drop Down
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Aug 30 2013 at 7:03pm
Wow thank you
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nikkie,. View Drop Down
New Member
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Joined: Aug 13 2013
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Sep 01 2013 at 2:35am
I found out what it issssssss!

to get that round under bootay! ahhhh.
(I freak with good cause)

YOu ever like find an exercise that you think to yourself , ``damn. all the women should be doin this one.``

well that was one of the ones i told you about, the one where you stand straight, and hold something to the left of you while you lift your right leg..? that one is mostly just for nice legs....
THIs is one of those too. =D

The Round Plump UnderBootay.. 
this involves hardly working your legs At All, but taking advantage of our butt muscles. and bending into sexy positions!

Ok ok ok ok, ok.
8) ahha OK!
here it is. feel ur butt.
feel the cushion that you have formed with muscle that covers yo bony ass and makes it comfortable when you sit.
Now have you been working on it? like today? it doesn't take much to be able to flex it..or kind of jiggle it. hehe., once you locate themz i want you to squeeze them tight.
just to be sure ;)
, get up! go stand and stretch, touch your toes do whateverr you gotta do.. seriously
I'll be waiting..
Warning, I don't feellike i should be telling you what you can and can't do.
BUT! you should be actively working on your bootay before you try this out.. IMHO
It might not work if you Haven't! your choice, here we go.

you're gonna kill me how simple this is. >:}

listen and act carefully, don't over think it, it's wicked easy.

)Start out by standing, barefoot, stand straight as you can with your hands on your hips back straight up and down (we get into leaning later). Gently slip all ov your weight over to one leg/foot, keep to your souls. Stand on it in a good way, so that you're not accentuating mussels you dont want to in your leg, now, with the other leg resting slightly in mid air , forget about your legs completely and concentrate your attention on the floating legs buttcheek muscle`

))Lean a little forward at this point if you have to so that you can bring floating leg slightly back without hurting your knee giving it more of a floating eaffect still with your foot very close to the ground. (this is the part where its up to you to make the difference) (your leg isn't going tomake your butt bigger your butt is going tomake your butt bugger)

)))Basically pull your leg up with flexation of your booty muscle. it's only gonna move a tiny little bit but that way you know where it is. From there. take your leg, and with the top of your thy pressing  push your booty up ijnto your back and try to keep your back straight. and just inch it. you don't have to lift your leg far at all, don't work your leg really just lift your booteey. Work your way up timewise, start slow, save that for later once you get used to this and you can bring up the routine. personally I only hold for 7 -14 not even 20 seconds before going lower or finding a different position, work up to it ;]

))))From this point on, once you have mastered this you can lower yourself in to more sexy like positions so that when you get down you allready worked it out ;) leaning forward arching your back and slowly bringing up your leg with yo butt mussel

I hope you have wonderful results! Ask if anything is confusing, and then like ramble or something so we can get to the bottom of this :)
I am still so amazed.

Deviations / Notes
use any booty muscle/leg direction
try to make sure your leg can rest/raise fully extended pulling it up with your booty/back then like touch tapping said bootay with the strength from your upper leg.
start at a bent angle or bend once you raise your leg
try touching your toes or putting your hands on the ground and doing it*
*note-you will feel the burn right there.
yay or nay?
Thank you ladies too,
work it like you alreadyy have it.<3

Edited by nikkie,. - Sep 01 2013 at 2:53am
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