Update: Shortly after this story posted, someone texted from a telephone number known to be used by Shamika Young, saying she was not involved in the altercation and that the individual who was acted in self-defense.

WUSA9 was unable to verify the identity of the texter.

A judge issued a temporary protection order Monday in response to claims from Relisha's grandmother, Melissa Young, that Shamika Young attacked her own mother.

"My daughter physically assaulted me with the help of…" Melissa Young names two others in the alleged fight, but WUSA9 is withholding their names because the court did not issue protection orders against them.

The grandmother says the assault occurred at 8:00 pm, Saturday night at 1900 Massachusetts Ave. S.E., which is the address of the DC General Homeless Shelter.

The temporary order requires Relisha's mother to have no contact with the grandmother or her husband George Turner "in any manner" including "telephone, text" or "social media" even "through a third party."

As a temporary protection order, it will only be in effect until a hearing where Relisha's mom will have the opportunity to give her side of the story.

The hearing for an extended protection order is scheduled for June 2nd