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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Acne
    Posted: Nov 25 2013 at 12:00am
cne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is really nothing but the skin defecating and urinating via the skin (body's largest organ of elimination) because the other eliminative channels (colon, kidneys, livers, lungs) are apparently backed up or obstructed and therefore the Body Intelligence causes the skin to compensate for the lack of activity of the other eliminative channels.

Acne is basically toxins coming out via the skin. Your face is defecating via the skin. This is all acne really is, and it is very common in American youth because of all the junk that is eaten in the adolescent and teen years by American youth. It is reported that 80% of all Americans between the ages of 12 and 24 are afflicted with acne.

However, you will find many adults with acne as well.

Because acne targets the skin, acne is a blood disorder just like every other skin disease, including herpes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea.

Always remember that the condition of the blood is manifested in the skin. Therefore with skin diseases, you just don't target the skin and by external means, but you also target the blood as well, by internal means.

Acne is commonly denoted by blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads are the result of sebum combined with skin pigments and the pores become plugged. Whiteheads are the result of skin filled with sebum from scales below the surface of the skin.

Causes of Acne

Diet is the greatest causative factor of acne. Acne cases are highest in the United States because of the SAD (Standard American Diet). I have seen some pretty bad, sad, and horrible cases of acne, mostly in youth. I've seen cases of acne in certain individuals where my appetite was outright spoiled. It's sad for me to see people, especially young people, suffer from acne when they are suffering from acne (as well as other emotions such as low self-esteem) due to ignorance - ignorance of diet, biology, hygiene, etc.

Acne has created a whole industry that exploits Americans, especially American youth. Back in my day when I attended Samuel Gompers Junior High School (1983-1985) and Alain Leroy Locke High School (1985-1988) in South Los Angeles, 'Oxy Pads' were the thing for acne, along with Noxema (which contained pig byproduct), and Artra brand soap.

But it would have been better to know that prevention was better than remedy. We ate horribly in the public fool, oops; I mean 'public school' system. All we ate was junk (sandwiches, boxed beverages, candy bars, refined grain pastries, burritos, etc.), most of which we paid for as we purchased at the cafeteria and/or student store, a legalized crack house on campus.

Hormonal imbalance is also a contributing factor in acne. "Androgen (male sex hormones) like testosterone stimulate the production of keratin and sebum, which leads to clogged pores." - James F. Balch, M.D.

Balch goes on to correctly state:

"The sebaceous glands, located in each hair follicle or tiny pit of skin, produce oil that lubricates the skin. Sebaceous glands are found in large numbers on the face, back, and chest, and shoulders. If some of the oil becomes trapped, bacteria multiply in the follicle and the skin becomes inflamed. Several of these spots can come and go over a period of months or years. Acne is not caused by "dirty" pores, but most likely by overactive oil glands; the excess oil makes the pores sticky, allowing bacteria to become trapped inside."

I have keenly observed a lot of women with acne on the back (upper back). I have personally observed this in a lot of Black women though I have seen it in women of different races and ethnicities. This is a serious sign of toxicity. When a woman starts taking cleansing (detoxifying) and diet seriously, the acne clears up just like her face does.

Healing Acne Naturally

The diet MUST CHANGE! The Standard American Diet must be replaced by the New Diet for America as called by John Robbins. From my person experience with youth, damn near 99% of them would become vegan if given the choice by their parents. Many youth have told me of their desire to become vegan but their parents will not tolerate it. White or Caucasian youth stand a better chance though at the switch in diet than compared to African-American youth. I know this for a fact! I grew up with black parents. Many black parents will threaten to beat the crap out of you for not wanting to eat slaughtered animal flesh anymore. They feel like you're making a statement that you're better than them. You will be looked at like you're crazy and asked how come you want to eat like White people? Funny, but true!

Yes, unfortunately many Blacks have associated eating healthy with eating like White people, as though the majority of White people in the U.S. really eat healthy.

Cut back or cut out entirely all animal products, meat (animal flesh) and dairy products (cow snot/pus). Eradicate all refined grains, event hose tasty pastries (donuts, cookies, and cakes). They may taste good under the illusion of taste but they are no good health and nutrition-wise. It's best to GO VEGAN and/or RAW! A raw vegan diet is best!

Stop consuming caustic and effervescent beverages that are highly acidic, i.e. soda pop! Commercial brand fruit punches, fruit juice from concentrate, hot cocoa, coffee, energy drinks, booze (alcohol), etc. should also be left alone.

Eighty-six (which means to 'eliminate') junk foods, sugary treats, chocolate, pastries, and confectionaries.

Eat more raw fruits and vegetables. These are mostly alkaline, nutritious, and healing.

Drink plenty of water to flush your system. Alkaline water is best (if you can find it). Other good waters to drink include electrolyte enhanced water, structured water, or distilled water.

Abstain from using commercial facial products as these mostly contain harmful chemicals. Wash your face with a good all-natural soap (Nubian Heritage, Kiss My Face, Grandpa's, etc.).

Scrub your face gently with a loofah brush or a wet cotton towel (in a circular motion). Do some deep cleansing action. This will help to open up pores. Beginning water on your face should be warm (helps open up pores) and after cleansing/scrubbing, use cold water (which helps to close pores).

Avoid using alcohol on your skin. The stuff burns because it is a poison. It is made from petroleum and has no business on your skin. Instead, use essential oil of tea tree oil and/or witch hazel (some brands may contain a small amount of alcohol, look for a brand containing no alcohol). Make sure you dilute the tea tree oil with water (whatever amount of water you use).

A good oil to use on your face is’s Oz-Oil which is olive oil infused with ozone which makes this oil very therapeutic. Olive is very similar to the natural oil (found in sebum) the human face produces (called squalene). Dhealthstore.Com customers declare by this oil and it is a great seller.

Always use a botanical oil to use on your face and body, oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip seed oil, olive oil, kukui nut oil, babassu oil, palm kernal oil, or grape seed oil to name a few.

Butters are the exceptions to oils. Or, you can use both. Good botanical butters include shea butter, kpangnan butter, and cocoa butter. Shea and kpangnan are very similar butters but are derived from different trees in Africa. They are the best natural botanical butters available and are highly therapeutic.

Periodically, clay your face with clay, i.e. bentonite clay, French green clay, Moroccan red clay or any other clay located in our Clays & Muds category on our website. Regular red clay can be very harsh on the skin so I don't advise the use of this clay. Bentonite is a more therapeutic clay for cleansing purposes whereas French green clay is rich in nutrients and is a more beautifying clay and Moroccan red clay is a combination of both clays. Ideally you can clay your face once every week or perhaps twice a week. It's your choice! You can also clay your back if acne is present there as well.

Facial steaming is something I highly recommend for skin care and for purposes of healing acne or any other skin disorder. You can buy a little compact unit for about $30.00 - $40.00 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or a major department store. Steaming greatly helps to open up pores and to release toxins from the skin.

Use a good facial astringent on your face periodically. An astringent can be used after deep cleansing your face, claying it, or steaming it. Citrus based essential oils, i.e. lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit peel make for some of the best astringents. Essential oil of Red Myrtle is also a great astringent.

Essential oils can also be added to botanical oils to make healing and beautifying facial oil. Good essential oils for the face include frankincense, rose, neroli, palmarosa, marjoram, calendula, and French lavender. Essential oils are so concentrated that all you need are a few drops (2-3 drops per oil) in about an 8 or 16 ounce amber or cobalt bottle. We use many of these essential oils in our Beauty Oil.

It's best to first clay the face (let it dry and then remove after 10-15 minutes), then wash the face and scrub with a loofah brush (utilizing warm water to open pores and cold water to close them), then steam the face and afterwards pat the face dry with a wet towel (cold water), and then apply facial oil (i.e.’s Beauty Oil)

Metaphysically speaking, facial problems such as acne denote it's time that you face up to something in your life or to face something you have not wanted to face in the past. It's time to come face to face with all that you have attempted to run from, hide, or ignore. It's time to face the music, if you will.

You can heal from acne. It is very easy to do so when you know how. You can have immaculate skin if you so desire and are willing to do what is necessary. You don't have to disguise your face with makeup (cosmetics) like a clown anymore, or spend a fortune going to see a useless dermatologist who will usually prescribe some expensive and worthless soap or medicated facial cream.

You can also say goodbye to 'Proactiv' that makes a monetary fortune on hiding skin blemishes rather than going to the root cause of the skin blemishes (toxic blood).

The 'Proactiv' commercials are reeling in a lot of females like fish on a hook with the use of well-known celebrities like Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Serena Williams, and Alicia Keyes.

To heal the skin you MUST start from the inside out. Period!

To cleanse the blood, use Nature's herbs. Good blood cleansing herbs include Oregon Grape, Manjistha, Yellow Dock Root, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Cleavers, Chickweed, Echinacea Root, Goldenseal Root, Nettle, and Devil's Claw to name a few. products that can assist with healing from acne include our Full Body Detox, Supreme Blood Cleanse, Facial Skin Healing Kit, Supreme Liver Cleanse, Blood and Lymphatic formula, Liver-Gallbladder-Spleen formula, Vitamin C formula, Emerald Greens Cell Food formula, Colon formula and Full Body Detox Companion Tea.

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